Meeting Minutes – March 7

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Caroline
Minutes: Nazampal

Check-ins: pplz are great.

Brynn: emailed the board about meeting; talked to Gilles, Blair, Alex about the floor – will be fixed during the weekend.
Vicky: No toner yet, but will happen (Jocelyne will try to get it as well); lots of events and requests;
Naz: placed orders and met with Hiring committee
Jocelyne: Working on a dinner; positive working with Dylan;
Meghan: Up to date wtih hours – yay! Talked to Ines and moved knitting to 18th, 2-4pm. Tues afternoon.
Caroline: Lots of posting for hiring live at lunik, created an event page for dinner; got a videographer for Live at Lunik: Mwanzi. made posters which are up.

1. LIVE at Lunik Updates
-advertising is good: FB, on campus
-Mwanzi will video-record
-First band on at 7.30 – encouraging ppl to come earlier
-Not as much time to promote but ppl are expressing interest in person
-Need to reach out to Radio Glendon for sound equipment – Brynn can bring equipment, first band doesn’t require a lot of sound tech
-Set-up at 6:30
SOP: Issue with getting permit: Brynn will call today to make sure we have a permit.
Bartending: 6:30-9 – Brynn and Megha
9-11: Jocelyne and Vicky

2. Spring Dinner updates
Name:Dégel Printanier: Lunik’s Revitalizing Spring Feast
Dyllan’s compensation?
This dinner’s budget: current cost is $220; Coordinators agree that costs need to be reduced to about $5 pp. Refer to previous budgets
Brynn will bartend
Jocelyne will be in class from 6-8.30; Dylan
Caroline and Naz getting alcohol (for both events) – need to bottles of white for sangria
Alcohol purchase is apart from ticket price.
Naz will sell tickets

3. Possible improv event (Vicky)
Apr 3rd possible.
Should we still do this?
-We agree to wait to pick up on this in the next school year.

4. Events update (Vicky)
-Convo cafe
-Film Crew for 29th
-Events for Liquor:
Phil Department: March 20th, 4-6pm – Logistically expensive and not feasible. Could also do on the 27th where there is already a permit. Wait on Aaron’s response re: alcohol for events that are open
Cafe Chantant: March 25th, 7-10pm – Jocelyne and Vicky
ProTem: March 27th: Meghan and Teshini
Mikaela: Fundraiser for teaching abroad – March 28th. – Vicky will  email her with following:
-Event is okay but not with alcohol
-Logistically not possible and liability issues witht he natur eof the event.

Alcohol Events:
Separate page on info about this: Alcohol is up to our discretion; these events are in collab. with us and we decide this; Next year have more of a system – More consistency and less arbitrary. Educational video.

5. Alcohol consumed in the Space
Brynn found empties in the space this morning
Last night was pub night
Not sure who closed.
Brynn will talk to Aaron about solutions
-security bulletin

6. Pro Tem Article
Feature on Principal McRoberts
Lunik story about how he has supported Lunik
Naz will write it with Caroline – 500 words by March 15th.

7. Hiring committee
Due March 16th.
Naz will update

8. Pay

Next Meeting: March 14th, 1:00pm
Chair: Naz:

Meeting Minutes – February 28

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Brynn
Secretary: Caroline

Task Updates
-Vicky: nothing significant to report
-Naz: ONFC order, Glendon Theatre 24 hour play
-Caroline: LIVE at Lunik event page and promotion, Newsletter for upcoming events
-Meghan: knitting club will do 18th afternoon, posters for hiring
-Brynn: SOP today, talked to Blaire we have tiles delivered and they will install on a Friday, Sunday is Discover GL so facilities will be cleaning floors, supposed to talk to Aaron but haven’t yet, need to deposit money

1. Harvest Dinner/Upcoming SOPs
-Date for Harvest Dinner, March 12
-if it doesn’t go on, shouldn’t impact the SOP
-we will keep liquor in the back in between events
-philosophy event we also suggested they combine with another event. March 27 Pro Tem
-Call it Spring Equinox Dinner

2. Late Night Lunik Mar. 11
-getting liquor and bartending- Brynn can do one shift, Vicky can bartend earlier, will see if Jocelyn can, Megahn can do earlier. Naz and Caroline to get alcohol
-Oolong 7 first then the Bam Bams
-video through Crepot, Khushy and Mwanzi were interested. $30 honorarium and 2 drink tickets
-10 cases beer, 6 wine (people liked Chardonnay and Merlot)
-sound person: go through RadioGL first, if can’t find someone should be okay
-Caroline will post task list, making sure space is kept clean

3. Monday closing
-talk to Go Safe, maybe Gillian too

4. Fruit fly problem
-vinegar traps out
-talk to Jocelyn about dumping compost more often
-sticky traps from Canadian Tire. Vicky can get
-also sidenote: toner. Jocelyn

5. Board Meeting/AGM
-need to talk about hiring and general stuff, resigning, who’s up for reelection.
-need to give two weeks notice. Wednesday March 19, at 3PM
-AGM when to do it to meet quorum? Friday, April 4, 2PM
-don’t get paid for any of that stuff
-what do we need to at AGM: present audit/finance stuff; reelections; board members
-should make effort to have non-coordinator members part of board. Positions like President, is that up for re-election every year?
-Brynn will send email to board

6. Upcoming Events
-We have lots! Some with alcohol
– Zaras delivery for Colvin’s event, it’s a lot of stuff to store for the week, can we have it delivered on Thursday?
-Week of the 10th have 3 night events in a row, we need liquor permit
-Week of 24 also need an SOP for Cafe Chantant, Philosophy, Pro Tem. Only Tuesday and Thursday will require bartenders
-talk to Kayla about how it would work having alcohol in the space with other people. Will talk to Aaron about it as well.
-Vicky will send an email to all these groups that we have a lot of events and they need to do a really good job cleaning up
-how groups pay us for SOP events: if we get profit, they don’t pay. If not, then they cover costs of bartending, SOP, liquor.

7. Update budget and audit
-Naz got last of what Ro needs, will go to auditor soon.
-Sue Min says that fieldwork takes 2 weeks, does this require her coming in or just going in documents once we have sent them all?
-Naz thinks she would need to come in anyway
-after all this, we need to do September reconciliation and then can go back to SCLD and get the rest of our levy
-this can go on over summer, need to be in contact with Ro for a smooth takeover. Would she have someone to recommend? Brynn will talk to her.
-can we start working in the summer on next year’s audit? So we wouldn’t be backed up anymore. Will talk Sue Min about that too
-should talk to Board about what happens in Lunik for the summer. Also has to do with coordinators. Will someone be paid.

New coordinator:
-timeline of when we have new coordinators: end of March, April transition (start contacting training people), summer retreat at some point.
-position specific, coordinators should put together a transition packet by April 18. Caroline will put together template
-people want to know if they can apply for more than one position. Yes, for position specific questions use word count for each position. Caroline will post.

Next Meeting: Friday, March 7 at 1


Meeting Minutes – February 7

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Caroline
Secretary: Brynn


1. Position Revision (Naz)
– Naz finished descriptions, adding characteristics portion
– All to read over by Sunday
– Naz and Brynn meet Monday and send to Aaron and Mike (Aaron to promote)
– Caroline spread on social networks
– Meghan to make posters
– All to talk to volunteers

2. Recap meeting with Colvin (Vicky)
– cap dinner at 50
– entrance donation, dinner fee
– Colvin to send poster and food order
– to sign contract Feb 25

3. Friday closing hours (Vicky)
– officially change hours to close earlier on Friday
– 5:00 pm

4. Closing after events (Caroline)
– Thurs AM – groups paying for clean-up
– booking closing education – focus on kitchen (cups, pouring out coffee, garbage)
– Brynn send GLGBT an email

5. Regenesis meeting (Brynn)
– Brynn send email for next meeting

6. History Club LNL
– Jocelyne to bartend, Brynn for first part, Vicky in library on call
– Caroline and Brynn to pick up liquor Tuesday – taxi
– look into liquor delivery (8 cases of beer, four bottles of wine)
– Naz to leave SOP in Events folder for Caroline

7. ONFC order (Caroline)
– sugar, powdered milk, 2% if available

8. LOFC participation (Naz)
– conference where food cooperatives go
– no one can go but read Darryl’s emails

9. Knitting Club (Meghan)
– Meghan met with Ines from GCSU
– joint GCSU-Lunik Event
– Tuesday afternoons
– bring materials or charge for wool
– lesson plus knitting/crochet – 1 or 2 hours
– once a month – Feb 25th (2-4)
– collaboration on board game night?

10. Dishwasher
– check plug/fuse
– Meghan make sign
– Jocelyne ask Natalia where we got dishwasher

11. Surge Protector
– Jocelyne talk to Bahman about electrical
– Talk to electrician that talked to us before

12. Dinner ideas
– first week of March – Mar 5 – Vicky contact Ekklesia
– soup as starter (root veg and curry, broccoli and brie)
– app guac with gf chips
– eggplant parm (vegan cashew parm cheese)
– Dillon to help out with dinner (Andie?)
– quinoa and kale salad
– quinoa and black beans with apricot or pomegranate paste

13. Pay

Next Meeting: Naz gone, Brynn and Meghan singing. Online meeting.
Closing on Friday, write something clever.


Lunik as a social space: more than a café!

About, Volunteers

Lunik représente beaucoup sur campus : un coopératif conduit par les étudiants, un espace social et alternatif, un café, un lieu de l’événement, etc. With all these roles going on, it might seem hard to keep track of what our sweet little space is actually for. So let’s quickly go over what a social space really looks like, and how that encompasses some of Lunik’s other roles.

general lunikIl est super important de souvenir que Lunik est premièrement un espace social. There happens to be a volunteer run cafe in the back, and clubs often run amazing events here, but the space itself is public. This means that it isn’t someone’s job to keep Lunik clean and tidy, it is all of our responsibility. Contraire du café favori de votre quartier, Lunik n’a personne pour recueillir vos plats quand vous aviez fini – seulement vous ! As a participant in a community space, cleaning up after yourself is entirely your job

Everybody at Glendon has equal access to Lunik, which means we have shared responsibilities. So next time you’re down in that lovely little space, enjoying coffee with friends, please remember to show Lunik the love it deserves! Cleaning your dishes, picking up your garbage, it’s all super easy. C’est une façon simple d’exprimer comment Lunik est important de vous!

Meeting Minutes – January 31, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Meghan
Secretary: Caroline

Tasks update:
Brynn: talked to Gilles about crumbling hole, he thinks it’s not a problem but will check; talked to him about wall, he said it’s for new plumber and will eventually be gotten rid of; bartending for event
Meghan: met with Ro and Naz about quickbooks, added vendors and coordinators, organization, bartending, added things to board
Caroline: LIVE at Lunik prep, talking to Pro Tem
Vicky: tabling, figured out YU-Connect
Jocelyne: talked to Colvin about Clothing Swap and will follow-through, helped at LIVE at Lunik, planting teapots, repotted little plants

– discussion of dirtiness problem in Lunik. Signs don’t really work because the people who are messy also probably aren’t very observant.
– Jocelyne had idea for origami sign
– how to get across point that it is a social space first and foremost, and then a cafe
– make signage more coherent, too much stuff on walls so people don’t look at any of it

1. Record Sheets- Naz
– New pay record, really important that everyone fills out final pay record
– We have a policy now from the Board that if you exceed hours you have to get them approved by Board
– procedure: go onto general pay sheet and subtract hours with PAID, then go onto final pay S2 in same folder which asks for number of hours

2. Pro Tem Event- Vicky
– Teshini is meeting with Aaron, we want one or two coordinators to be there
– Date set: Thursday, March 27
– need to make sure it fits with event policy, can’t look like particularism. Vicky and a general coordinator will meet with Teshini to talk about it
– if a coordinator is in charge of alcohol then it should be sufficient

3. Film Crew During Reading Week- Vicky
– wanted to a web series but weren’t able to the last time. Wondering if they could do so during Reading Week.
– Caroline will be available, just need to open and walk the through closing process. Leave them number
– they were going to donate a certain amount to Lunik.  How much? We will put in Event policy, maybe $100-200?
– outside Glendon people? promote our mission statement, abide by Safe Space Policy

4. Roots and Shoots Event- Vicky
– Seminar/fundraiser/live music/Birthday Party: what? Main purpose was Roots and Shoots to have a sustainability thing
– entrance fee would be $10, going to 3 different charities.
– in past years it has been, please bring a donation to these charities instead of Birthday present. This is firmer, normally we do PWYC. This makes it less economically accessible to people
– maybe you pay for a plate of dinner and then actual donation is PWYC
– suggest a meeting to make sure no confusion
– concerns about market as public vs. private: okay if individual is putting it on but can’t be private. Must serve for general Glendon public
– make sure Colvin is not taking on too much, seems like it lacks focus
– do they really need to have money going 3 places?

5. Late Night Lunik February 11- Vicky
– Permit has been gotten
– most people seem to be able to bartend

6. Crépot- Brynn
– initiative started by Sarah and Kelly, creative people on Glendon campus that do multimedia and art. Idea is that clubs and people putting on events can find someone to take videos, take photos, etc.
– we can post our needs, maybe get our youtube active

7. Hiring- Naz
– Naz and Brynn have been going over positions for next year, not many changes
– changed External Communications to “Promotions and Communications”
– some changes: external communications: remove YU-Connect and volunteer emails and add to Volunteer. Add networking with clubs
General space: remove membership drive, add to volunteer. Signing authority for logistics. Monitor signage, policy role
Events: Add explicitly a link between general space, remove social media, add membership drive
Finance: distinguish from bookkeeping and logistics, logistics does audit, finance does deposit, books, more training for transition. 5 hours
Environment: 5 hours
– for the application, keep written part but add an interview.
– put a list of characteristics that this position should have
– Naz will type all this out, we can make changes in different font and name stamp for input
– do a better job with promotion, find clever ways of doing it. In space promotion for sure. Facebook posting.

8. Quick Talk of Issue- Naz
– Greg’s harassment case, not connected with Lunik. BUT considering our Safe Space Policy, it is important for us to take into account online discretions
– Brynn and Naz think it’s best to minimize involvement with Greg, at least professionally by contract
– for instance the nursery is his and anyway hasn’t gotten together, we should probably give it back
– Logo concern? It is his intellectual property, but we purchased it so it is actually ours. So we can keep using, not a continued involvement.
– we need to know that the issue exists should concerns come up about the logo
– good to keep in mind with events generally, who we hire for things is a reflection of our mission, make sure that they understand Policies

9. LIVE @ Lunik
– things learned, will put together list and share with Vicky.
– longer sets don’t work as well, mix up type of music, or even spoken word to break up sets.
– in the future open it up so that people can send their music in to perform
– talk to Radio Glendon
– fire capacity: legally 200, in actuality we have no idea. We way we can seat 50 comfortably
– returns: 2 trollies and a suitcase, Naz, Brynn, Vicky will take care of it.
– Jesse’s invoice $45, how to compensate time? $65, he will send bill

10. Social Media Requests
– send requests: pictures, text, etc
– Jocelyne: post about people cleaning up after themselves
– R2D2 sad face next to sad face, shame them, rubbish robot.

Caroline chairing next meeting, pay next week.

Meeting Minutes – January 10

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Vicky
Minutes: Nazampal

All in attendance

1. Bookkeeping (Naz)
-Should be done by Feb.
-Naz Meghan and Ro set up a meeting. Get sept. reconciliation done
-Jennifer finished set-up for quickbooks; Ro will pick up

2. Feedback forms:
Discuss for future: meetings, conflict resolution and positions in febuary. Start hiring early

3. Oppression Awareness: Brynn will email following to Ray
Move the date: Jan Thurs 23rd noon
Sessions: Jan, March and one for new coordinators in April

4. Live Music
Ongoing event, once a month on Late Night Tuesday
-invite local bands and record their performance
-Two bands for 28th.
-Compensation: $30 for each person; $50 per 1+ group, 2 drink tickets per person
-Liquor license for night – Naz will get this
-Meghan will do posters by the end of next week.

5. Clothing Swap
-Monthly Basis rigth now, change to seasonal basis – do two more.
-Talk to L-mag and roots and shoots

6. Mice in the sugar, quinoa and flour
-Mouse traps: Vicky will get ‘mean’ traps (10)
-Keep food off the floor, put everything in plastic bins
-Naz will replace sugar

7.Caroline double checks if sweeteners are vegan

8. Dean’s performance
-Compensation:what was decided above + tips(polka dot hat)
-Vicky will update calendar and dates – push group for a Tuesday night in February

9. Naz to call ONFC about milk and payment

10. Protem: New beginnings. Forward suggestions to Caroline, otherwise Caroline will write for Lunik and include upcoming events (swap, dinner, art, anti-o)

11. Post schedules up and Brynn will find a meeting time. Post by the end of the weekend

Jocelyne will chair next meeting

Lunik is bringing the Toronto music scene to you

Upcoming Events

The really neat thing about Lunik being an alternative space on campus is that it can adapt to meet the needs of students. As a co-operative it is totally run by the Glendon student-body, so anyone can get involved in new projects in the space. A few of us got to thinking that this semester would be a great time to expand on our role as a social-space.

C’est pour cette raison que nous présentons “LIVE at Lunik,” une série persistant des concerts qui présentent des artistes de Toronto. Nous espérons que cet événement se passerait régulièrement (un ou deux fois par mois) et cela veut-dire que nous avons besoin de l’appui de la communauté de Glendon !

The first show is on Tuesday, January 28. “LIVE at Lunik presents: Reveillez,” will feature performances by two local musicians, PORT and Lion Detective Club. C’est une façon merveilleuse pour soutenir la scène musicale de Toronto, même que découvre les artistes nouveaux de notre ville dynamique.

There is so much cool stuff going on in our city, and we want to bring that straight to you!

tumblr_mxeb6fhLLO1sy3i2io1_500Headliner Thaniel Johnson-Bury of the band PORT, released his EP “Barlow” in November. In addition to collaborating with a number of Toronto musicians, Thaniel has been adding some more experimental work to his folk-inspired sound. With guitar, looping, and echoes abound, expect a good mix of the new and old at the show!

Opening for PORT is Lion Detective Club, a soloist who’s been known to partner up with other Torontonians. When he moved from Guelph to Toronto, Paul Harper brought to the music scene his folksy acoustic guitar and unique voice, which dips soulfully and floats back up again, breathy and melancholy. Lion Detective Club was even featured on the Toronto Arts Collective after the release of his 2004 EP “Haunt Me.”1479311_10152089963773544_1418364915_n

The two will finish up the show by playing a set together. If you’ve never been to a jam session before this is one to catch. They’ve gotten in some solid collaboration together and it’s definitely going to come out in the last set of the show!

Les portes ouvrent à 19h et la musique va se passer de 20h-22h. Cet événement est pour tous les âges avec la bière et le vin avec une carte d’identité. Et la partie la meilleure? Contrairement à la plupart des concerts à Toronto, les billets sont complètement gratuit!
Doors open at 7 and music will run from 8 until 10. It is an all-ages event with beer and wine for sale with ID. And best of all, it is totally free!

Don’t forget to check our the event page on Facebook, there will be plenty more information to come to get you pumped for this new side of Lunik.

Here’s some more info on the bands in the meantime.

It’s a new semester et une bonne année!

What's Happening at Lunik?!

We hope you all had a lovely and restful winter break. Sure, things have been a little bit dramatic lately, what with ice storms and temperatures dipping below Mars standards. But somehow it still feels good to be back. Time for us all to get into our Glendon grooves, Lunik included.


After a quiet break for our little café, it is so nice to be back and feeling the Glendon love again! Lunik est maintenant ouvert, avec les mêmes heures que le semestre passée. De plus, ce semestre nous espérons qu’il y ait plus d’occasions ici pour la communauté de Glendon : la musique, les séminaires et beaucoup d’autres évènements. Nous souhaitons que vous pouviez nous joindre et si vous avez une idée pour quelque chose à Lunik, n’hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos!

We always love to hear from folks at Glendon, so if there’s something you are interested in seeing or doing at Lunik, definitely let us know! You can contact us at, and of course keep your eye out for updates on our Facebook page. Get yourself ready for a great semester Glendon! It may be off to a frigid start, but there is always a lot of cozy love waiting for you in Lunik.

Meeting Minutes – December 2, 2013

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Nazampal
Secretary: Caroline

Check-Ins – 15 minutes
Task Updates

– picked up supplies for signage in Lunik
– didn’t meet with Natalia at RBC.

– set up events system with Brynn, two tiered system where Vicky responds to emails and then Brynn does paperwork and meetings.
– Volunteer appreciation party this Friday. $100 budget for volunteer appreciation dinner.

Brynn: met with GME people about event on December 11, facilities came about outlets but no one was here, talked to Gilles about floor and he is talking to facilities. Speakers were borrowed for Mikhaela’s dance group, have been returned and wires were sorted out.
– are we ordering milk over the break? We have so many milk alternatives, may as well just go through that.
– can we sell boxes of tea? Yes, seems reasonable.
– talked to David and we’re back on YU-Connect, but lost all our members. They reset our account
– no response from IT about extra computers and printer
– gave Jocelyn contact info for art at Glendon, she will be going into art classes for call out
– got Smart Serve

-went to RBC, got statements, all of the invoices…waiting on ONFC to get back to her. Got statement from RBC
-Ready for reconciliation and general ledger. Lots of work – aiming to get it done by the time she leaves.
-Updates sent to bookkeeper and Meghan
-Purchased quickbooks, need to install via ITS. But sent them an email.
-Put in last orders
-need to check mail, draft honouria sheet and start on reconciliation

– Social Media posts, events, art call out
– advertising in Pro Tem for Lunik
– talked to friend about Late Night Availability

– Marc Odette emailed back about art submissions from his class, Jocelyn will go in and talk to his classes, waiting to hear back about when
– cleaned out compost bin – Naz will buy biodegradable bags
– cleaned floors

1. Coordinator Duties (5)
– Reading minutes, make sure you know your tasks well
– being consistent when talking to people about Lunik, make sure you are representing everyone
– December reviews, Naz will set up document with description of your position and then everyone will add what the position has looked like this semester, we will note parts of position that we have been neglecting. Due December 31.

2. December Open and Close (15)
– Official Closing date: December 18th
– Just tea and coffee, prioritize selling things that will go bad, selling food we have left but kitchen won’t be open and no volunteers.
– Caroline will advertise
– get rid of perishables at Volunteer dinner, SOR meeting
– put things on sale if they are towards end of date
– how to open and close, volunteers who are interested can get key from principals office. Vicky will meet with them to go through opening and closing and set up Doodle poll
– Coordinators will open and close whenever they are on campus
– Someone will talk to Go Safe about helping out
-Semester Clean Up: December 18 everyone will come in
– stairs leading to Lunik weren’t salted, should that be Facilities responsibility? Brynn will talk to Gilles, if that is our property.

3. Res Life Crafts in the space (10)
– booked for December 10, 4-7 with Res Life
– they will donate for drinks and whatnot

4 . Language Day (5)
– if there isn’t a facilitator it doesn’t work very well
– idea was that it would happen twice a day, but haven’t been able to have either Jocelyn or Thomas present for both times.
– possible to revamp next semester by getting language clubs involved.
– Brynn suggested bilingual committee study group, maybe they could help out with that too.
– Jocelyn will get in touch with clubs on campus who might be interested in collaboration
– over the break get a committee of people, find out who can continuously work for us, Doodle poll where people can commit to things. Reach out to volunteers as well.
– Naz things having two separate times confuses people, should stick to the afternoon because Tuesdays we have events, more consistent

5. Binder System (Naz) (5)
– requisitions folder, will all be part of doing pay at meetings
– finance folder, where to put the check? Let volunteers know that it is in the folder, keep it consistent
– get a duotang to keep checks in
– Vicky will add deliveries to volunteer training, update the volunteer handbook.
– for first time volunteers maybe they should have a buddy? Last year Brynn had first time volunteers always sign up with someone else. Vicky will add this to training as well.
– events folder will eventually be organized into a binder so everything has a record

6. Coordinator Get Together and Gift Exchange (10)
– night out in Little Italy! Monday December 16, 8:30
– Gift exchange, do we have time? Maybe do a martini exchange, what we think suits each person. Everyone agrees.
– Caroline will send link to place
– Naz will do online name draw

7. Pay (15)
– Brynn will add Naz onto bank account


Meeting Minutes, November 16th 2013

Meeting Minutes

Meeting November 16th 2013, 6:00 pm
Present: Nazampal, Brynn, Vicky, Jocelyne, Meghan, Caroline
Chair: Brynn
Minute Taker: Nazampal

1. Clothing Swap (extension?) – Jocelyne (10 min)
-Successful, lots of clothes and people
– Fairly low maintenance.
-donate stuff for winter
-LMAG can take stuff
-Extending this event– move towards a monthly Clothing Swap
-For now: Vicky will sort on Monday
-Jocelyne will locate shelters looking for clothing donations and donate.

2. Speakeasy/Events with liquor update (meeting with Aaron) – Vicky and Naz (15 min)
-York Policy – we have control of alcohol and only we are allowed to request SOPs.
-We should encourage groups can organize activities when we have the SOP.
-Brynn meet with Vicky next week to discuss handling of events
-Brynn to edit policy and send out to coordiators.

3. There needs to Better clean-up: seperating garbage and recyclables
-We need better signs – Meghan

4. Lunik on YUConnect – Vicky (10 min)
Brynn will send an email David

5. Anti-O Training – Naz and Brynn (5 min)
Thursday at 3pm, 3 hours
Everyone else can come
Vicky will send out the email to volunteers
Brynn brought it up to SOR
Brynn will send out Doodle Poll for December for Anti O and Consensus

6. New finance system/Bookkeeper update – Naz (15 min)
Naz will send Meghan update
Naz will buy materials for bookkeeping and meet with Ro V.
RBC statements and invoices
Meeting with Auditor in two weeks.
New honouraria system.

7. Keeping Lunik tidy – Naz (10 min)
Encourage volunteers to keep the space clean.
Ask Zara’s about food expiry – Naz
For all coordinators:When you’re in the space- see what needs to be done.
Print out opening closing and make down time to do lists – Meghan.
Meghan will buy coloured paper.

8. Meeting Schedule – All (20 min)
Schedule meetings for each meeting.

9. Tablet computers – Jocelyne (10 min)
-rent out tablets for students.
– good long term goal
-Brynn will ask about extra cascading computers

10. Improv night event – Vicky (10 min)
-Dean J.
-Combine with a late night lunik in January
-We can charge cover – PWYC, reccomended $5, pa each an honourariam.
Vicky will follow up for their tuesday availability
Caroline will follow up about her friends availability

11. Exam period/Holiday events? (15 min)
Study Space/Social space – no food but tea and coffee.
Open and close an issue
Contact GoSafe to make sure it’s closed.

12. Decorating
Naz will talk to kelly about Friday night decorating for Lunik with RezLife.
Craft table – stressbuster for exam time.

13. Jocelyne will contact facilities:
floor (primary)

14. Tuesday Night:
Server: Brynn or Caroline w
Buying alcohol: Naz and Jocelyne
Jocelyne will pick up N at 12. We will pick up plastic cups

15. Art
Jocelyne will do call out for art work. Brynn will give contact info to Jocelyne.

16. Google Doc meeting for Friday (Naz)
Board meeting: Tuesday @3pm

Next meeting: Friday 29th, 3:30PM
Chair: Nazampal