Meeting Minutes – January 10

Chair: Vicky
Minutes: Nazampal

All in attendance

1. Bookkeeping (Naz)
-Should be done by Feb.
-Naz Meghan and Ro set up a meeting. Get sept. reconciliation done
-Jennifer finished set-up for quickbooks; Ro will pick up

2. Feedback forms:
Discuss for future: meetings, conflict resolution and positions in febuary. Start hiring early

3. Oppression Awareness: Brynn will email following to Ray
Move the date: Jan Thurs 23rd noon
Sessions: Jan, March and one for new coordinators in April

4. Live Music
Ongoing event, once a month on Late Night Tuesday
-invite local bands and record their performance
-Two bands for 28th.
-Compensation: $30 for each person; $50 per 1+ group, 2 drink tickets per person
-Liquor license for night – Naz will get this
-Meghan will do posters by the end of next week.

5. Clothing Swap
-Monthly Basis rigth now, change to seasonal basis – do two more.
-Talk to L-mag and roots and shoots

6. Mice in the sugar, quinoa and flour
-Mouse traps: Vicky will get ‘mean’ traps (10)
-Keep food off the floor, put everything in plastic bins
-Naz will replace sugar

7.Caroline double checks if sweeteners are vegan

8. Dean’s performance
-Compensation:what was decided above + tips(polka dot hat)
-Vicky will update calendar and dates – push group for a Tuesday night in February

9. Naz to call ONFC about milk and payment

10. Protem: New beginnings. Forward suggestions to Caroline, otherwise Caroline will write for Lunik and include upcoming events (swap, dinner, art, anti-o)

11. Post schedules up and Brynn will find a meeting time. Post by the end of the weekend

Jocelyne will chair next meeting

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