Lunik is bringing the Toronto music scene to you

The really neat thing about Lunik being an alternative space on campus is that it can adapt to meet the needs of students. As a co-operative it is totally run by the Glendon student-body, so anyone can get involved in new projects in the space. A few of us got to thinking that this semester would be a great time to expand on our role as a social-space.

C’est pour cette raison que nous présentons “LIVE at Lunik,” une série persistant des concerts qui présentent des artistes de Toronto. Nous espérons que cet événement se passerait régulièrement (un ou deux fois par mois) et cela veut-dire que nous avons besoin de l’appui de la communauté de Glendon !

The first show is on Tuesday, January 28. “LIVE at Lunik presents: Reveillez,” will feature performances by two local musicians, PORT and Lion Detective Club. C’est une façon merveilleuse pour soutenir la scène musicale de Toronto, même que découvre les artistes nouveaux de notre ville dynamique.

There is so much cool stuff going on in our city, and we want to bring that straight to you!

tumblr_mxeb6fhLLO1sy3i2io1_500Headliner Thaniel Johnson-Bury of the band PORT, released his EP “Barlow” in November. In addition to collaborating with a number of Toronto musicians, Thaniel has been adding some more experimental work to his folk-inspired sound. With guitar, looping, and echoes abound, expect a good mix of the new and old at the show!

Opening for PORT is Lion Detective Club, a soloist who’s been known to partner up with other Torontonians. When he moved from Guelph to Toronto, Paul Harper brought to the music scene his folksy acoustic guitar and unique voice, which dips soulfully and floats back up again, breathy and melancholy. Lion Detective Club was even featured on the Toronto Arts Collective after the release of his 2004 EP “Haunt Me.”1479311_10152089963773544_1418364915_n

The two will finish up the show by playing a set together. If you’ve never been to a jam session before this is one to catch. They’ve gotten in some solid collaboration together and it’s definitely going to come out in the last set of the show!

Les portes ouvrent à 19h et la musique va se passer de 20h-22h. Cet événement est pour tous les âges avec la bière et le vin avec une carte d’identité. Et la partie la meilleure? Contrairement à la plupart des concerts à Toronto, les billets sont complètement gratuit!
Doors open at 7 and music will run from 8 until 10. It is an all-ages event with beer and wine for sale with ID. And best of all, it is totally free!

Don’t forget to check our the event page on Facebook, there will be plenty more information to come to get you pumped for this new side of Lunik.

Here’s some more info on the bands in the meantime.

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