What we see in co-operative ownership

About, What's Happening at Lunik?!

If you’ve been keeping up with Lunik this summer, you’ve probably seen our exciting new renovations to the cafe. It’s definitely still a work in progress, but so far we have completely ripped out the bar in the back kitchen! Pretty crazy right? But apart from the pure aesthetics, what’s the deal with the drastic reno?

The idea to tear out the bar is based on co-operative ownership. This year, we really want to encourage the idea that Lunik is first and foremost a student space, and that everyone has equal access to and responsibility for it. We are all partial owners of Lunik, that is what makes it a true co-operative. But being an owner of the space means more than just paying into it through student fees. It is up to each of us to play an active role in caring for the space and maintaining its mission on campus.

The bar in the kitchen created a very specific type of feel in the cafe, one which isn’t inherently bad, but which a lot of us felt didn’t fit in with this idea of cooperative ownership. The space itself was divided in two – on the one side you had the student space and then behind the bar you had the cafe. Volunteers at the cafe were essentially separated from the rest of Lunik, as if there was a particular distinction between volunteers and other students in the space. Ultimately, this is not the feeling that we should be going for.

no bar

While we will still have volunteers to help out in the kitchen, everyone should feel welcome in the cafe at all times. The kitchen is a free and open space for all to use, and a large construction sitting in the way of that simply makes people feel otherwise. We hope that by removing the bar everyone will feel comfortable using the kitchen, and consequently feel more comfortable taking ownership of the space. By creating an environment that welcomes everyone to use it, we hope that we can also encourage a community that plays an equally large part in caring for the space.

You are a partial owner of Lunik – the way that the space looks and the way that you use it should reflect that. We hope that this year everyone will truly feel comfortable taking ownership of our little co-op, through increased freedom and responsibility in the space. For so many of us Lunik has become a home on campus, and we want to ensure that this will continue for years of Glendonites to come.

It’s a new semester et une bonne année!

What's Happening at Lunik?!

We hope you all had a lovely and restful winter break. Sure, things have been a little bit dramatic lately, what with ice storms and temperatures dipping below Mars standards. But somehow it still feels good to be back. Time for us all to get into our Glendon grooves, Lunik included.


After a quiet break for our little café, it is so nice to be back and feeling the Glendon love again! Lunik est maintenant ouvert, avec les mêmes heures que le semestre passée. De plus, ce semestre nous espérons qu’il y ait plus d’occasions ici pour la communauté de Glendon : la musique, les séminaires et beaucoup d’autres évènements. Nous souhaitons que vous pouviez nous joindre et si vous avez une idée pour quelque chose à Lunik, n’hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos!

We always love to hear from folks at Glendon, so if there’s something you are interested in seeing or doing at Lunik, definitely let us know! You can contact us at lunik.cooperative@gmail.com, and of course keep your eye out for updates on our Facebook page. Get yourself ready for a great semester Glendon! It may be off to a frigid start, but there is always a lot of cozy love waiting for you in Lunik.

Lunik <3

What's Happening at Lunik?!

Lunik is a space open to all students ten(!) hours a day, 10am – 8pm (and 11pm on Tuesday’s). Through the hard work and determination of many Glendonites, Lunik is operating for (only!) it’s second year on campus. Lunik is a co-op, a type of business model completely different then a “typical” model. Rather than being run on the premise of aiming to maximize profits by extracting the most amount of money from “customers”, we are run by our members for our members. As a co-operative, running Lunik and providing more services for Glendon is possible only through the involvement and dedication of the community. With more and more people involved, the better and better we function as an alternative space to study and spend time with other community members on campus!


Lunik’s mandate:

The Lunik Co-operative strives to increase food options for the Glendon College community by providing environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable alternatives. Lunik is an equitable and inclusive common space that is democratically governed by its members in accordance with its Safe Space Policy.

Blog: Trouble & Daughter and Late-night Tuesdays at Lunik

What's Happening at Lunik?!

Recently, the amazing acoustic trio Trouble & Daughter were at Lunik!

Less is more: our flyers for the event – from my Instagram

They played at our recent Late-night Tuesdays at Lunik event, where we’re open until 11:30 pm with local and organic beer and wine ($4).

When Naz and I went around campus to hand out our flyers for the event, most people gave us a polite but doubtful “okay, thanks!” An hour later, the cafe was crowded and it looked as though our face to face promotions were effective.

Awesome vibes in the cafe… – taken by Natalia

The show was filmed, and we’re working on getting that up some time… in the meanwhile you should check out their website, YouTube, and bandcamp.

Late-night Tuesdays at Lunik are our versions of pub nights, a chill cafe atmosphere much like what it’s like during the day except with dimmer lights and local wine and beer. Sometimes we have a main event and sometimes we don’t. They’re decided on a week to week basis so check back on our website and follow our Twitter to keep up with what we’re planning!

Local and organic beer and wine at our Late-night Tuesdays | from my Instagram

A Late-night Tuesday on the night of the US elections – we streamed it live in the cafe!

– Sarah

Blog: Thanks, but we can do it just as well.

What's Happening at Lunik?!

Go away Starbucks.

I found myself repelling away from Starbucks during the last couple of months. I want to say it was the aggregate outcome of the obsession over the Starbucks gold card by my friends along with my working and spending most of my time at a co-operative café. There has been a real focus on transparency with where the food we consume is coming from, and what exactly goes into it.

Despite distancing myself from the corporation I found myself crawling back to them for their holiday flavours. Although I can honestly say that I don’t care for their “cute, red holiday cups” (I can’t even see them when they’re all covered up with the sleeve), peppermint lattes are my absolute weakness. The pile of whipped cream with sprinkles floating on top of the minty flavour that somehow manages to leave a cool taste in your mouth through the hot milk and cream aftertaste… its heaven in my mouth.

Take my money…


Starbucks Caramel Brulée latte – from my Instagram

… until now.

At our café we have an espresso machine. It delivers espresso shots as well as steamed milk. With foam.

Go away Starbucks. Be gone Tim Hortons. Bye bye Artisano.

Naz and I were experimenting with the latte making process and discovered that we could make our very own chai tea and peppermint tea lattes that pretty much tasted the same as any of them other cafés, but we know exactly what went in them and they’re completely organic. Plus, they would be sold at Lunik for a dollar.


A vanilla milk latte made in Lunik! – From my Instagram

One Canadian dollar. 

Just one dollar and anyone can experiment with our huge tea selection and steamed milk (which also comes in three flavours – regular organic, almond, and vanilla soy). For regular lattes we have special espresso roast beans from Gus’ Coffee ($1.50) and we also have cinnamon and chocolate powder to sprinkle on top! You can’t beat that.

Sorry Starbucks, I’m done.

– Sarah

Late Night Lunik – Election Day!

What's Happening at Lunik?!

Hey Lunik’ers, 

As you may have already heard, we’ve started hosting beer+wine evenings every Tuesday’s from 6pm – 11.30pm. Tuesday November 6th is a big day for our neighbours to the South and we know a lot of you are pretty interested in bearing witness to the 2012 US Election.  For all you political junkies out there, this week’s Tuesday night will feature election coverage streaming on our projector. Come hang out with your fellow students, grab a beer and let your political commentary run free! 


Meet Our Coffee Farmer: Gus at Lunik Tuesday Oct. 9th 6pm

What's Happening at Lunik?!

Hey! Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend and sunny Monday in Toronto! We are super excited to be hosting our coffee farmer, Gus Santos, tomorrow October 9th at 6pm for a special presentation. We’ve had relatively short notice to plan and advertise our event so we decided to document the process to share online.  We’ve already posted three videos you can check out here :

Part I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9X1MR0buwDw&feature=relmfu

Part II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFonLrnKzWY&feature=relmfu

Part III: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ6ICJ3A6GM&feature=youtu.be

We will be filming the event tomorrow evening and posting more videos soon!

So remember! Tomorrow Oct.9th, 6pm with beer and wine for 19+ served until 11.30pm @ Lunik Co-op!

There will be our coffee farmer, Gus. There will be free coffee. There will be free food. There will be drinks for purchase. There will be conversations about coffee. There will be Glendon Alumni and Ethical Coffee Co-op founders Yoani Kuiper and Adam King. There will be fun. There will be learning. THE END.


What's Happening at Lunik?!

Checj out our vimeo! Gus at Lunik

Lunik Co-op is thrilled to welcome our Nicaraguan coffee farmer, Gus Santos, to talk about his experiences growing for Starbucks and his transition to working with Ethical Coffee Co-op. Hear directly from your coffee farmer about the trials and tribulations of growing for your morning cup. Learn first hand from our coffee farmer about the industry, the lives of those in the coffee trade and how you can directly support coffee farmers and workers.

Join us for a special presentation and Q+A on Tuesday October 9th at 6pm with Gus Santos, along with Ethical Coffee Co-op founders Yoani Kuiper and Adam King.

The official presentation with Gus will be followed by Lunik’s first late night with wine and beer (for sale until 11.30pm), so come with your questions about your coffee’s taste and sustainability and have a drink! 

Sept 19th Update

What's Happening at Lunik?!

Hello everyone!

School is back in full swing and we are excited to announce our new co-ordinator and chair positions! Thank you to everyone who applied for the positions and we hope to work with everyone interested in being involved with Lunik this year. The final decision for the applications was made by Aaron Doupe (member of our Board of Incoorporators and Manager of Student Affairs). Here are the new staff positions at Lunik :

Co-ordinators: Nazampal Jaswal and Kaela Greenstien

Social Chair: Sarah Yu

Volunteer Chair: Brynn Leger

Environmental Chair: Natalia Jakubek

Financial Chair: Wendi Yuan

We are all super excited to be working at Lunik Co-op this year and to make our second year open our best yet! 😛

Our new staff will be meeting on Friday and we will update you soon with more info about Lunik.

A lot of you are keen to start volunteering and put Lunik to good use! Now that we have established our staff positions, we will be able to start fully accommodating regular opening hours, volunteers, event bookings etc.

Super important info for anyone interested in volunteer at Lunik!

We will be holding two official volunteer info and training meetings on Sept 24th at 12.30pm and Sept 25th at 11am. Both of the meetings will have the same info, you only need to come to one! These two meetings will have all the new info you need for volunteer. Make sure you come out! And remember, volunteers get points and points = free food!

Thank you for everyone’s patience as we work out setting up for our second year on campus! We hope to see everyone soon at Lunik for some ethical coffee and vegan muffins 🙂 !


Opening hours tomorrow, Sept 20th will be 11am until 6pm.

Welcome back Glendon!

What's Happening at Lunik?!

Hello and welcome back to school!

Since our co-ordinator positions will not be decided on until next Friday we will not be opening up officially until September 17th. We will keep you updated on our website, Facebook and twitter about opening hours! Make sure you check out our post about co-ordinator positions if you are interested in Lunik and have the time for a part-time job this year.

Just a note to all clubs or students hoping to host events at Lunik in September:

If your group/club would like to use Lunik for a meeting anytime after September 17th, contact us at lunik.cooperative@gmail.com to book our new group meeting tables.

At the moment however, we do not have the capacity for anymore special event intakes because of all the tasks we need to get in order for a solid relaunch of Lunik and smooth sailing for second year. We will not be doing anymore event intakes for September [unless your club had approached us prior to this decision].

As we are using September to complete projects in the physical space, planning a semi-annual where we need to pass all aspects of the framework for Lunik which we see as incredibley important before we move into doing any events, finish our hiring process for coordinator positions, and set up a new council and volunteer model, we will hold off on hosting anymore events until October. Around this is time is also when we will officially relaunch the space.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

Also if you wish to host an event in the future, please go to our website and view the Group Use Policy as well as the Safe Space Policy to be familiar with our event guidelines.

Thanks everyone and we look forward to seeing you all soon!!