Meeting Minutes, November 16th 2013

Meeting November 16th 2013, 6:00 pm
Present: Nazampal, Brynn, Vicky, Jocelyne, Meghan, Caroline
Chair: Brynn
Minute Taker: Nazampal

1. Clothing Swap (extension?) – Jocelyne (10 min)
-Successful, lots of clothes and people
– Fairly low maintenance.
-donate stuff for winter
-LMAG can take stuff
-Extending this event– move towards a monthly Clothing Swap
-For now: Vicky will sort on Monday
-Jocelyne will locate shelters looking for clothing donations and donate.

2. Speakeasy/Events with liquor update (meeting with Aaron) – Vicky and Naz (15 min)
-York Policy – we have control of alcohol and only we are allowed to request SOPs.
-We should encourage groups can organize activities when we have the SOP.
-Brynn meet with Vicky next week to discuss handling of events
-Brynn to edit policy and send out to coordiators.

3. There needs to Better clean-up: seperating garbage and recyclables
-We need better signs – Meghan

4. Lunik on YUConnect – Vicky (10 min)
Brynn will send an email David

5. Anti-O Training – Naz and Brynn (5 min)
Thursday at 3pm, 3 hours
Everyone else can come
Vicky will send out the email to volunteers
Brynn brought it up to SOR
Brynn will send out Doodle Poll for December for Anti O and Consensus

6. New finance system/Bookkeeper update – Naz (15 min)
Naz will send Meghan update
Naz will buy materials for bookkeeping and meet with Ro V.
RBC statements and invoices
Meeting with Auditor in two weeks.
New honouraria system.

7. Keeping Lunik tidy – Naz (10 min)
Encourage volunteers to keep the space clean.
Ask Zara’s about food expiry – Naz
For all coordinators:When you’re in the space- see what needs to be done.
Print out opening closing and make down time to do lists – Meghan.
Meghan will buy coloured paper.

8. Meeting Schedule – All (20 min)
Schedule meetings for each meeting.

9. Tablet computers – Jocelyne (10 min)
-rent out tablets for students.
– good long term goal
-Brynn will ask about extra cascading computers

10. Improv night event – Vicky (10 min)
-Dean J.
-Combine with a late night lunik in January
-We can charge cover – PWYC, reccomended $5, pa each an honourariam.
Vicky will follow up for their tuesday availability
Caroline will follow up about her friends availability

11. Exam period/Holiday events? (15 min)
Study Space/Social space – no food but tea and coffee.
Open and close an issue
Contact GoSafe to make sure it’s closed.

12. Decorating
Naz will talk to kelly about Friday night decorating for Lunik with RezLife.
Craft table – stressbuster for exam time.

13. Jocelyne will contact facilities:
floor (primary)

14. Tuesday Night:
Server: Brynn or Caroline w
Buying alcohol: Naz and Jocelyne
Jocelyne will pick up N at 12. We will pick up plastic cups

15. Art
Jocelyne will do call out for art work. Brynn will give contact info to Jocelyne.

16. Google Doc meeting for Friday (Naz)
Board meeting: Tuesday @3pm

Next meeting: Friday 29th, 3:30PM
Chair: Nazampal


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