Meeting Minutes – February 7

Chair: Caroline
Secretary: Brynn


1. Position Revision (Naz)
– Naz finished descriptions, adding characteristics portion
– All to read over by Sunday
– Naz and Brynn meet Monday and send to Aaron and Mike (Aaron to promote)
– Caroline spread on social networks
– Meghan to make posters
– All to talk to volunteers

2. Recap meeting with Colvin (Vicky)
– cap dinner at 50
– entrance donation, dinner fee
– Colvin to send poster and food order
– to sign contract Feb 25

3. Friday closing hours (Vicky)
– officially change hours to close earlier on Friday
– 5:00 pm

4. Closing after events (Caroline)
– Thurs AM – groups paying for clean-up
– booking closing education – focus on kitchen (cups, pouring out coffee, garbage)
– Brynn send GLGBT an email

5. Regenesis meeting (Brynn)
– Brynn send email for next meeting

6. History Club LNL
– Jocelyne to bartend, Brynn for first part, Vicky in library on call
– Caroline and Brynn to pick up liquor Tuesday – taxi
– look into liquor delivery (8 cases of beer, four bottles of wine)
– Naz to leave SOP in Events folder for Caroline

7. ONFC order (Caroline)
– sugar, powdered milk, 2% if available

8. LOFC participation (Naz)
– conference where food cooperatives go
– no one can go but read Darryl’s emails

9. Knitting Club (Meghan)
– Meghan met with Ines from GCSU
– joint GCSU-Lunik Event
– Tuesday afternoons
– bring materials or charge for wool
– lesson plus knitting/crochet – 1 or 2 hours
– once a month – Feb 25th (2-4)
– collaboration on board game night?

10. Dishwasher
– check plug/fuse
– Meghan make sign
– Jocelyne ask Natalia where we got dishwasher

11. Surge Protector
– Jocelyne talk to Bahman about electrical
– Talk to electrician that talked to us before

12. Dinner ideas
– first week of March – Mar 5 – Vicky contact Ekklesia
– soup as starter (root veg and curry, broccoli and brie)
– app guac with gf chips
– eggplant parm (vegan cashew parm cheese)
– Dillon to help out with dinner (Andie?)
– quinoa and kale salad
– quinoa and black beans with apricot or pomegranate paste

13. Pay

Next Meeting: Naz gone, Brynn and Meghan singing. Online meeting.
Closing on Friday, write something clever.


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