Meeting Minutes – November 7, 2013

Meeting Minutes

1. Late Night Lunik
– partner with other groups (e.g. History night, Cafe Chantant)
– we get licence, they bring people
– live music(Caroline)
– volunteers stay until six, coordinators as bartenders
– min. 1 coordinator with SmartServe present when someone without SmartServe is bartending for the first time
– next date: November 19th (Naz to get licence)

2. Final Pay Record S1
– fill in document by end of weekend up until now

3. Liquor Permits/ Special Occasion Permits
– ask Kaela about proof of non-profit status (could get Public Special Occasion Permit) (Naz)
– can keep getting Private Special Occasion Permits (can advertise, social media, but not publicly)

4. Ticketing for Halloween Harvest Dinner
– got signatures, have stubs and $$ in separate envelope
– write policy for SCLD (Brynn) on Event Procedures
– make spreadsheet to record totals for events (Meghan)

5. Speakeasy Event
– groups charging cover for event? case by case?
– ending times for events? 11 pm unless coordinator or board member present at event
– advertising? Lunik approval? send PDF of poster to Lunik email before posting
– Vicky: send email about specific concerns: cover, liquor, Thursday, time, posters, title, perception as pub night – see response

6. Clothing Swap
– try to bring clothing before the day of – one ticket per item of clothing
– Wed-Thurs (Nov 13-14) – 12-7
– if no clothing, pay $2.50/item or donate time to Lunik/LMAG (1/2 hr per item)
– leftover clothing donated to fashion show where people make clothing – half there and half to women’s centre/clothing donation bin
– bring 3 red tables in – do another coat on two outdoor tables (Naz and Brynn)

7. Anti O training dates
– Naz put dates in conversation
– $900 total ($225 per session)
– partner with other groups
– send email out to other groups (Brynn)
– Caroline and Vicky promote to volunteers
– Naz send blurb about Oppression Awareness

8. GWTC and Ekklesia Scheduling Conflict
– resolved

9. Weekly Meetings
– table

10. Womyn’s Nite
– does anyone else want to take it on? Think about it!

11. Tablet computers
– table

12. Bookkeeping
– We have bookkeeper can start!!
– invoices should be organized by end of this weekend
– needs to get trained, concerned about new process – can do training $75 (one hour) with woman who works for bookkeeping services
– need computer for bookkeeping software – look for open source version
– follow up with ITS about computer (Brynn)
– will meet next Friday (Naz, Meghan, Brynn, Ro)

13. Milk
– no order this week – can’t do under $200 (under $400 = $20 delivery charge)
– Jocelyne bought milk
– Shoppers is what we need
– Look at what you want in catalogue – make note by Tuesday!

14. Pay

Next meeting: Saturday, November 16th at 6:00 pm at CSI Coffee Pub

Chair: Brynn
Secretary: Naz

Meeting Minutes – October 25, 2013

Meeting Minutes

Attending: Brynn, Jocelyn, Vicky, Caroline


Status of facilities in Lunik
– just fixed the last pipe, need Monday to put in new floor.
– so closed for all next week
– Task: Vicky will call LCBO to see if liquor licence date change possible
– Brynn asked about insurance: covered on expenses over $5000
– liability insurance?
– aim to open Monday November 4th, after co-curricular days
– Task: Caroline will post updates about opening and such, pictures, etc.
– Task: Vicky will ask Aaron about selling food in the Breezeway, 12-5 Monday and Tuesday

Rescheduling Harvest dinner
– Thursday? Conflict with Pub Nights
– Task: Caroline will update facebook with date change
– Task: Someone will make Facebook event
– Decided: Thursday November 7
– selling tickets in Breezeway while selling food
– Task: Jocelyn will make new tickets

First Late night Lunik
– Tuesday after co-curricular
– Caroline will borrow car to pick up alcohol and bring to Lunik. Vicky probably needs to come because her name on licence. Will try for Sunday beforehand.
– who is in charge of this, Vicky or Naz? Brynn says probably Naz because Vicky is more external events
– what to do with extras? Can’t keep it at Lunik, can you return them? Ask Naz.
– Task: Vicky will ask Naz about numbers, products, what to do with extras
– Task: Caroline will promote on Facebook

Silk Screening
– Brynn talked to Gilles, he says it is totally fine to use dark room in basement.
– look at dates so Brynn can clear it with Gilles in writing
– Task: Brynn will contact Xavier, how long he needs space, can we do a “Lunikifying” event, when is he available?

Lunik during Co-curricular
– will be closed but working on setting space up to reopen after break

Consensus and Anti-O
– shift to next meeting

Next Meeting
– Megan will chair and Brynn act as secretary
– decide date over facebook, first week of November

Language Days at Lunik!



Une nouvelle méthode de vivre bilingue (ou multilingue), une nouvelle journée à Lunik !

Language lovers come to Glendon because they want to learn, and live, in another language. Here’s the thing though, we as a campus could be doing a much better job of that. Lunik lovers have found a place where they feel welcome at any time, and we’re ready to extend that welcome to an opportunity that is a little lacking on campus.

Starting next week, Lunik will be hosting language days every Tuesday. Nous aurions deux chaque mardi, 11h à  13h et 17h à fermeture. Le but et d’apprendre entre nous, dehors la classe et par des discussions détendus. Découvrir une langue doit être passionnant, pas stressant, et par se ressembler nous espérons que vous pouvez rester calmes et apprendre au même temps !

Alors, qu’est-ce qu’il marche? Anyone is welcome, we’ll provide resources like newspapers and dictionaries, but we hope you’ll bring some of your own. But if you just show up with a pen and paper, you’re good to go!  Each session will involve chatting about the resources provided, as well as anything you feel like bringing to the table.

And Language Days aren’t limited to French! If there’s another language you want to practice, post on our Language Day Facebook page (coming soon!) which language you speak, so folks know that they can practice it if they like. Nous écrivions en haut la table aussi que vos langues sont dispensable pour pratiquer et nous espérons que quelqu’un va joindre. Plus nous serons, meilleur ce sera !

These lovely little journeys into bilingual or multilingual life are only possible if folks get involved. So come out and help us create a Glendon dialogue. Venez-vous et commencer à parler !

Meeting Minutes – September 13, 2013

Meeting Minutes

Present: Jocelyne, Brynn, Meghan, Vicky, Naz, Pavan
Sept 13, 2013, 3:30

1. Check-Ins (5 min)

2. Tasks Update (10 min) -Questions on policies bylaws etc?
– Meghan– Met with auditor, did bio
-Brynn– read policies, did bio, didn’t talk to IT yet because Giles was on vacation didn’t send email about board meeting yet.
-Caroline: Wondering about council, clarification about constitution and by-laws, did website stuff, did bio stuff, created email tags, social media stuff, active with GCSU and Radio Glendon,
– Vicky: Volunteer manual, how the coffee machine works
-Jocelyne: Talked to Natalia, worked on the garden, forgot to read policies and procedures
-Naz: Got lock for fridge, looked into finding divider for the kitchen, talked to UNICEF, got promo stuff, maintenance stuff, got the saris fixed, did little things around the space

3. Group Use Policy Update (5 min)
-Discuss policy or keep current one?
Come into the space at 5:30/6:00 set up but don’t let the event itself start until 7pm. Unless they don’t need a microphone
Meghan– Girl who asked about personal booking. Last year we were approached to do a birthday party– response was no based on the fact that it wasn’t contributing to the community as per policy. Answer is no.
UNICEF– Vicky to email them to confirm details. If UNICEF wants to book in the future, we will have to specify the group use policy and that is has been just decided.

4. Oppression Awareness Training and consensus training – Naz (5 min)
-3 hour workshop. We were sent questions to answer.
What does the organization hope to accomplish with this workshop? Abstract to concrete
This year the fee is $300 (up from $100 last year). Maybe we can negotiate  $150/session.
-training opens our minds to what oppression really is.
-Caroline suggests splitting the cost with another organization within Glendon (excellent idea!)
-All volunteers must attend anti-O training (mandatory or only marked as such to get the majority of volunteers trained)
Available the weekend of the 23rd. Needs a 3-hr timeslot.
Friday 27th– 1/2hr meeting and replace meeting with training.
Are we interested in consensus training?
-we’ll ask Naz’s roommate Thom about consensus training for free.

5. Policy on Work Vs. Volunteer Work (15 min)
brainstorming session:
Vicky– solicited vs unsolicited work?
-Volunteers have expectations and know that they’re going into the position as a volunteer; if they want to take on something extra, they should expect not to be compensated for it
Deciding on a project and whether there is something beyond our own skill set that we can compensate for is a 2-step process that takes place at our weekly meeting
-special skills/projects that we solicit is paid and agreed upon prior to soliciting that project

6. Language Day, Clothing Swap, Fire place Reno – Jocelyne (10 min)
Break – 10 min

7. Green Clubs Initiative / Green Officer position (7 min)
-Green clubs exist– workshops for getting green club status
-Green officer– Jocelyne? Caroline? Attend meeting once/month

8. GWTC joint project (5 min)
-Tabled for next week (Jillian not here).
-Get pads, tampons for Lunik
-First Aid kits should be visible and well stocked

9. Inventory System (15 min)
Meghan will work on inventory

10. Signage in Lunik (5 min)
Meghan and Jocelyne will work together on signage
font is courier new

11. Weekly Clean-ups, open and close and meeting schedule (5 min)
-break down clean-up into tasks; tasks will rotate, Brynn and Naz will make schedule and it will be cute

Future Meetings:
We’ll have meetings every Friday at 3:30 unless one person can’t make it– in that case, we’ll arrange a time that best suits everyone

12. Finance Policy/Meeting Results
We have all the funding we can get right now (one full year plus 25% of the second year). We have four more milestones that we need to meet (fairly simple) to get the other 25% from 2011-2012

office hours

closing clean up

Next chair: Jocelyne
Next meeting: Friday, September 19, 9:30 AM


It’s good to be back!


I don’t know about you, but now that we’re into our second week, Lunik is definitely getting back into the swing of things. This Monday we had our first volunteer training sessions and it was amazing to see so many enthusiastic new faces, excited to get involved in our co-op café.

Notre bénévoles sont très, très nécessaire pour le succès du café, et nous apprécions tout l’aide que nous recevons. En même temps, nous aimons bien l’occasion d’enseigner un nouveau groupe au sujet des modèles coopératives, et le grand but de Lunik comme un espace unique pour des étudiantes.

Futre-volunteers get to know one another at the start of Orientation.

Futre-volunteers get to know one another at the start of Orientation.

Vicky gives the volunteers a kitchen run-down.

Vicky gives the volunteers a kitchen run-down.

Our new Volunteer Coordinator Vicky did a superbe job giving folks the Lunik rundown. Can’t wait to see all these new faces behind the counter!

If you weren’t able to attend, fret not! We will be having a number of training sessions in the next few weeks at different times to ensure that you can get your orientation in. Like our volunteer facebook page for updates on when they will be held. The next one is Wednesday, September 18, at 11AM. And of course, if you have any questions about training, or Lunik Co-op in general, shoot us an email at

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer!

Meeting Minutes – September 7, 2013

Meeting Minutes

Present: Jocelyne, Brynn, Meghan, Vicy, Caroline, Nazampal

1. Outside Commitments:

-naz: LSAT Oct 5th, Zine, radio
-Vicky: PT Job

-Brynn: PT Job

-Meghan: all course on Keele Campus

-Jocelyne: PT job, evening classes

2. email Caroline content for newsletter one week before

3. Decision to open kitchen from 11pm-3pm the week of Sept 16th. based on this week, hours will for the year will be decided in the following meeting.

4. Meghan on signing authority list.
Coordinators unanimously decide for a credit card with Alterna. Brynn will ask the board to draft a letter.

5. Board: Require new coordinators to be on the board.

6. Club’s Day Monday, 11-1pm. Brynn will be there. Naz to order from Sweets from the Earth



All: Review policies, constitution and by-laws; submit first person bio to Caroline; post class schedule on google docs; open and close schedule

Brynn: next student org roundtable info; following up on computer from IT; call Board Meetin

Vicky: condense policies into a volunteer handbook; meet with Brynn;

Naz: buttons, fridge lock, meet with Meghan, dividers, upload promo materials, call 1-800 Junk for the back room

Caroline: email labels, update web

Meghan: review last year’s budget; meet with Charmaine on Thursday.

Bienvenue from Lunik!


The new school year is upon us! With it comes a wave of new Glendonites (welcome!), a bundle of fresh courses, and the re-opening of our favourite student-run café!

Nous à Lunik sommes drôlement prête à commencer l’année. Et nous avons une nouvelle équipe des coordinateurs pour accueillir-vous à l’année. On behalf of the Coordinator Team, I want to say how excited I am to work with you, the Glendon community, to make this year at Lunik truly amazing. Meet the whole team, here!

Quels d’autres sont nouveaux à Lunik? Well if you are reading this, that means you are on our brand new blog. The Lunik Blog is all a part of our News Centre, where we hope to put the concept of a student space up online. Everything from events going on in the space to photos taken by students can make it onto our News Centre. And the most important part is that YOU can get involved, and get your stuff up in front of the Lunik community.

Comment pouvons-nous faire ça? Easy, just contact me! My name is Caroline, and I am the External Communcations Coordinator. I speak for Lunik when it comes to things like our Facebook page, Twitter profile, and this right here. I don’t want anyone to think of Lunik as being some anonymous group of people. This space belongs to every member of the Glendon community, and as a coordinator it is my job to be here for you to talk to about it.

If you have a great recipe you want to share, an opinion about the food on campus, wrote a poem about Lunik, or anything else worth sharing, let us know. Email your entries to me, Caroline, at, or come up to me anytime to chat about your ideas. And don’t forget to keep following the Lunik New Centre for more on what’s going on in our little café.


Caroline – External Communications Coordinator


That’s me wavin’…
So come say hi! I am happy to talk about most anything

Congratulations and Welcome to the new team of coordinators for 2013 – 2014!


After dedicated board members Kaela Greenstien (outgoing General Coordinator and Glendon grad) and Aaron Doupe (Manager of Student Affairs at Glendon) reviewed all of the applications for the coordinator positions for the upcoming school year, they agreed that the following people were the most ideal candidates for the job!

Please welcome the new team!

Nazampal Jazwal (General Logistics)

Brynn Leger (General Space)

Vicky Brooks (Volunteer and Events)

Caroline Kamm (External Communications)

Meghan Merkley (Financial)

Michelle Sciuk (Environment and Facilities)

A big thank you to all of the applicants! Your valued and continued involvement with Lunik does not go unnoticed. We look forward to seeing and working with all of you in the coming school year!

Also, let’s give a big thanks to the outgoing team of Lunik coordinators! You all worked incredibly hard to develop the Lunik community and keep it going strong this past year! It was a joy to work with each of you! (You can read all about these wonderful people on our Who are the Coordinators page!)


The 2013 – 2014 team of Lunik coordinators is a strong group of motivated, enthusiastic and intelligent Glendonites and Luniktics and I, for one, am very much looking forward to what the new  year will have in store!

– Brynn

(P.S. Keep your ears and inboxes open for news about our annual retreat coming up later in the summer. More info to come!)


Coordinators meeting – April 26th, 2013. 2pm

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Kaela
Secretary: Natalia  
Attending: the above, naz, sarah, wendi, brynn    


Garden planting party
Potentially dates (watching weather), june 1 or may 18th
Treat bags haha
Allie Macdonald
Bluegrass band !
Brynn bringing her guitar
We want: Chocosol, Jacob morely kearland  

Policy review review
Went over meeting policy, safe space, membership, contract for summer, environmental, few changes made and in the google docs.
Contract for groups to be looked over and need to make a hiring policy – Brynn
Brynn will also translate the policies and website into french over the summer 🙂  

Lunik positions for next year:
Last day to apply is april 30 Lots of people applying and inquiring 🙂 What to do if no one applies for the financial coordinator position?
Auditor suggested hiring someone from the outside, ask darryl reed, if this occurs. Would prefer a student. Will consider if no one applies.

Dont say goodbye, say so long.

Meeting Friday, April 5

Meeting Minutes


Chair: Natalia
Secretary: TBD

1. Mood checks – 5 min

2. Post-AGM review and follow ups – 10 min
-Separate meeting for vacancies filling- approve new board members in fall meeting
-Meeting will be in Sept
-Print out by-laws and sign,

3. Events from last week follow ups and upcoming events prep – 10min
Student Recruitment for
Transition Day: Incoming and Outgoing club leaders training day
April 12, 2013, 9am
Lunch in Lunik Co-op.
Get new board members to go and applying coordinators

4. Audit review – 10min
Draft Given: Qualified
New Auditor Needed

5. Pay – 5min

We have had an intense week with the AGM meetings and finals, lets have a short meeting and put non-essentials to next week.
Best of luck on all your end of year exams and assignments!