What we see in co-operative ownership

If you’ve been keeping up with Lunik this summer, you’ve probably seen our exciting new renovations to the cafe. It’s definitely still a work in progress, but so far we have completely ripped out the bar in the back kitchen! Pretty crazy right? But apart from the pure aesthetics, what’s the deal with the drastic reno?

The idea to tear out the bar is based on co-operative ownership. This year, we really want to encourage the idea that Lunik is first and foremost a student space, and that everyone has equal access to and responsibility for it. We are all partial owners of Lunik, that is what makes it a true co-operative. But being an owner of the space means more than just paying into it through student fees. It is up to each of us to play an active role in caring for the space and maintaining its mission on campus.

The bar in the kitchen created a very specific type of feel in the cafe, one which isn’t inherently bad, but which a lot of us felt didn’t fit in with this idea of cooperative ownership. The space itself was divided in two – on the one side you had the student space and then behind the bar you had the cafe. Volunteers at the cafe were essentially separated from the rest of Lunik, as if there was a particular distinction between volunteers and other students in the space. Ultimately, this is not the feeling that we should be going for.

no bar

While we will still have volunteers to help out in the kitchen, everyone should feel welcome in the cafe at all times. The kitchen is a free and open space for all to use, and a large construction sitting in the way of that simply makes people feel otherwise. We hope that by removing the bar everyone will feel comfortable using the kitchen, and consequently feel more comfortable taking ownership of the space. By creating an environment that welcomes everyone to use it, we hope that we can also encourage a community that plays an equally large part in caring for the space.

You are a partial owner of Lunik – the way that the space looks and the way that you use it should reflect that. We hope that this year everyone will truly feel comfortable taking ownership of our little co-op, through increased freedom and responsibility in the space. For so many of us Lunik has become a home on campus, and we want to ensure that this will continue for years of Glendonites to come.

Spotlight: The Media Co-op

Lunik is a part of a larger community of thriving co-ops in Canada, and we wanted to spotlight one that we think is a great representation of this unique business model.


Property of Toronto Media Co-op

The Media Co-op is a Canada-wide organization, which happens to have a branch right here in Toronto. Relying on a dedicated membership base, and freelance contributors reporting on local, national, and global events, the Media Co-op provides grassroots reporting both online and in print to a wide readership. By diffusing the responsibilities of writing, and encouraging ownership in the co-op, they reduce the costs of upkeep for what is a rapidly diminishing field.

On top of all this, the non-hierarchical structure of a co-op allows the organization to avoid many of the biases that come with larger media outlets. With so many people contributing, the Media Co-op strives to offer equitable and diverse points of view on a variety of issues. What you end up with is a democratic reporting process, that looks quite different from the same regurgitated lines we are used to seeing in mainstream news.

Check out more on the Media Co-op, and perhaps even consider getting involved with the local branch. What a great model for other cooperatives!



Community Garden– Sharing the responsibility, sharing the bounty

It’s spring, which means time to get the garden into full swing. As many of you may know, out back on the terrace Lunik has a lovely plot of land for planting all sorts of nature goodies. Like with the cafe, which relies on volunteers to stay operational, the space back there is a Community Garden. So what exactly does that mean, and how can you get involved?

planting 1

In the same way that Lunik is a student space, the back is maintained by dedicated students. Which means that the responsibilities for tending the garden fall on the community, rather than a single “gardener” in charge of the space. But it also means that anyone can help themselves to the produce that we grow. Hanging around Lunik mid-summer and need something to spice up a salad? Grab some arugula from your Community sprouts 11Garden. Planning a potluck at your house? Grab an eggplant or two and enjoy!

To spread out the responsibilities we rely on the initiative of volunteers. Keeping up a garden requires constant maintenance, so the more folks we have keeping an eye on the garden the better. Fortunately, volunteering in the garden is super flexible, so anytime you want to put in a little outdoor work you can pop over and pull up some weeds. It’s a great way to enjoy the terrace and give back to your campus co-op.

If you are interested in volunteering in the garden this summer, shoot us an email as lunik.cooperative@gmail.com. We want to put together a few working groups to teach people about what we grow and how best to help, so keep your eyes out or let us know when you’re free. Soon enough we’ll all get to enjoy the summer bounty!


Lunik as a social space: more than a café!

Lunik représente beaucoup sur campus : un coopératif conduit par les étudiants, un espace social et alternatif, un café, un lieu de l’événement, etc. With all these roles going on, it might seem hard to keep track of what our sweet little space is actually for. So let’s quickly go over what a social space really looks like, and how that encompasses some of Lunik’s other roles.

general lunikIl est super important de souvenir que Lunik est premièrement un espace social. There happens to be a volunteer run cafe in the back, and clubs often run amazing events here, but the space itself is public. This means that it isn’t someone’s job to keep Lunik clean and tidy, it is all of our responsibility. Contraire du café favori de votre quartier, Lunik n’a personne pour recueillir vos plats quand vous aviez fini – seulement vous ! As a participant in a community space, cleaning up after yourself is entirely your job

Everybody at Glendon has equal access to Lunik, which means we have shared responsibilities. So next time you’re down in that lovely little space, enjoying coffee with friends, please remember to show Lunik the love it deserves! Cleaning your dishes, picking up your garbage, it’s all super easy. C’est une façon simple d’exprimer comment Lunik est important de vous!

Bienvenue from Lunik!

The new school year is upon us! With it comes a wave of new Glendonites (welcome!), a bundle of fresh courses, and the re-opening of our favourite student-run café!

Nous à Lunik sommes drôlement prête à commencer l’année. Et nous avons une nouvelle équipe des coordinateurs pour accueillir-vous à l’année. On behalf of the Coordinator Team, I want to say how excited I am to work with you, the Glendon community, to make this year at Lunik truly amazing. Meet the whole team, here!

Quels d’autres sont nouveaux à Lunik? Well if you are reading this, that means you are on our brand new blog. The Lunik Blog is all a part of our News Centre, where we hope to put the concept of a student space up online. Everything from events going on in the space to photos taken by students can make it onto our News Centre. And the most important part is that YOU can get involved, and get your stuff up in front of the Lunik community.

Comment pouvons-nous faire ça? Easy, just contact me! My name is Caroline, and I am the External Communcations Coordinator. I speak for Lunik when it comes to things like our Facebook page, Twitter profile, and this right here. I don’t want anyone to think of Lunik as being some anonymous group of people. This space belongs to every member of the Glendon community, and as a coordinator it is my job to be here for you to talk to about it.

If you have a great recipe you want to share, an opinion about the food on campus, wrote a poem about Lunik, or anything else worth sharing, let us know. Email your entries to me, Caroline, at lunik.cooperative@gmail.com, or come up to me anytime to chat about your ideas. And don’t forget to keep following the Lunik New Centre for more on what’s going on in our little café.


Caroline – External Communications Coordinator


That’s me wavin’…
So come say hi! I am happy to talk about most anything

Congratulations and Welcome to the new team of coordinators for 2013 – 2014!

After dedicated board members Kaela Greenstien (outgoing General Coordinator and Glendon grad) and Aaron Doupe (Manager of Student Affairs at Glendon) reviewed all of the applications for the coordinator positions for the upcoming school year, they agreed that the following people were the most ideal candidates for the job!

Please welcome the new team!

Nazampal Jazwal (General Logistics)

Brynn Leger (General Space)

Vicky Brooks (Volunteer and Events)

Caroline Kamm (External Communications)

Meghan Merkley (Financial)

Michelle Sciuk (Environment and Facilities)

A big thank you to all of the applicants! Your valued and continued involvement with Lunik does not go unnoticed. We look forward to seeing and working with all of you in the coming school year!

Also, let’s give a big thanks to the outgoing team of Lunik coordinators! You all worked incredibly hard to develop the Lunik community and keep it going strong this past year! It was a joy to work with each of you! (You can read all about these wonderful people on our Who are the Coordinators page!)


The 2013 – 2014 team of Lunik coordinators is a strong group of motivated, enthusiastic and intelligent Glendonites and Luniktics and I, for one, am very much looking forward to what the new  year will have in store!

– Brynn

(P.S. Keep your ears and inboxes open for news about our annual retreat coming up later in the summer. More info to come!)