Meeting Minutes – February 28

Chair: Brynn
Secretary: Caroline

Task Updates
-Vicky: nothing significant to report
-Naz: ONFC order, Glendon Theatre 24 hour play
-Caroline: LIVE at Lunik event page and promotion, Newsletter for upcoming events
-Meghan: knitting club will do 18th afternoon, posters for hiring
-Brynn: SOP today, talked to Blaire we have tiles delivered and they will install on a Friday, Sunday is Discover GL so facilities will be cleaning floors, supposed to talk to Aaron but haven’t yet, need to deposit money

1. Harvest Dinner/Upcoming SOPs
-Date for Harvest Dinner, March 12
-if it doesn’t go on, shouldn’t impact the SOP
-we will keep liquor in the back in between events
-philosophy event we also suggested they combine with another event. March 27 Pro Tem
-Call it Spring Equinox Dinner

2. Late Night Lunik Mar. 11
-getting liquor and bartending- Brynn can do one shift, Vicky can bartend earlier, will see if Jocelyn can, Megahn can do earlier. Naz and Caroline to get alcohol
-Oolong 7 first then the Bam Bams
-video through Crepot, Khushy and Mwanzi were interested. $30 honorarium and 2 drink tickets
-10 cases beer, 6 wine (people liked Chardonnay and Merlot)
-sound person: go through RadioGL first, if can’t find someone should be okay
-Caroline will post task list, making sure space is kept clean

3. Monday closing
-talk to Go Safe, maybe Gillian too

4. Fruit fly problem
-vinegar traps out
-talk to Jocelyn about dumping compost more often
-sticky traps from Canadian Tire. Vicky can get
-also sidenote: toner. Jocelyn

5. Board Meeting/AGM
-need to talk about hiring and general stuff, resigning, who’s up for reelection.
-need to give two weeks notice. Wednesday March 19, at 3PM
-AGM when to do it to meet quorum? Friday, April 4, 2PM
-don’t get paid for any of that stuff
-what do we need to at AGM: present audit/finance stuff; reelections; board members
-should make effort to have non-coordinator members part of board. Positions like President, is that up for re-election every year?
-Brynn will send email to board

6. Upcoming Events
-We have lots! Some with alcohol
– Zaras delivery for Colvin’s event, it’s a lot of stuff to store for the week, can we have it delivered on Thursday?
-Week of the 10th have 3 night events in a row, we need liquor permit
-Week of 24 also need an SOP for Cafe Chantant, Philosophy, Pro Tem. Only Tuesday and Thursday will require bartenders
-talk to Kayla about how it would work having alcohol in the space with other people. Will talk to Aaron about it as well.
-Vicky will send an email to all these groups that we have a lot of events and they need to do a really good job cleaning up
-how groups pay us for SOP events: if we get profit, they don’t pay. If not, then they cover costs of bartending, SOP, liquor.

7. Update budget and audit
-Naz got last of what Ro needs, will go to auditor soon.
-Sue Min says that fieldwork takes 2 weeks, does this require her coming in or just going in documents once we have sent them all?
-Naz thinks she would need to come in anyway
-after all this, we need to do September reconciliation and then can go back to SCLD and get the rest of our levy
-this can go on over summer, need to be in contact with Ro for a smooth takeover. Would she have someone to recommend? Brynn will talk to her.
-can we start working in the summer on next year’s audit? So we wouldn’t be backed up anymore. Will talk Sue Min about that too
-should talk to Board about what happens in Lunik for the summer. Also has to do with coordinators. Will someone be paid.

New coordinator:
-timeline of when we have new coordinators: end of March, April transition (start contacting training people), summer retreat at some point.
-position specific, coordinators should put together a transition packet by April 18. Caroline will put together template
-people want to know if they can apply for more than one position. Yes, for position specific questions use word count for each position. Caroline will post.

Next Meeting: Friday, March 7 at 1


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