Meeting Minutes – March 7

Chair: Caroline
Minutes: Nazampal

Check-ins: pplz are great.

Brynn: emailed the board about meeting; talked to Gilles, Blair, Alex about the floor – will be fixed during the weekend.
Vicky: No toner yet, but will happen (Jocelyne will try to get it as well); lots of events and requests;
Naz: placed orders and met with Hiring committee
Jocelyne: Working on a dinner; positive working with Dylan;
Meghan: Up to date wtih hours – yay! Talked to Ines and moved knitting to 18th, 2-4pm. Tues afternoon.
Caroline: Lots of posting for hiring live at lunik, created an event page for dinner; got a videographer for Live at Lunik: Mwanzi. made posters which are up.

1. LIVE at Lunik Updates
-advertising is good: FB, on campus
-Mwanzi will video-record
-First band on at 7.30 – encouraging ppl to come earlier
-Not as much time to promote but ppl are expressing interest in person
-Need to reach out to Radio Glendon for sound equipment – Brynn can bring equipment, first band doesn’t require a lot of sound tech
-Set-up at 6:30
SOP: Issue with getting permit: Brynn will call today to make sure we have a permit.
Bartending: 6:30-9 – Brynn and Megha
9-11: Jocelyne and Vicky

2. Spring Dinner updates
Name:Dégel Printanier: Lunik’s Revitalizing Spring Feast
Dyllan’s compensation?
This dinner’s budget: current cost is $220; Coordinators agree that costs need to be reduced to about $5 pp. Refer to previous budgets
Brynn will bartend
Jocelyne will be in class from 6-8.30; Dylan
Caroline and Naz getting alcohol (for both events) – need to bottles of white for sangria
Alcohol purchase is apart from ticket price.
Naz will sell tickets

3. Possible improv event (Vicky)
Apr 3rd possible.
Should we still do this?
-We agree to wait to pick up on this in the next school year.

4. Events update (Vicky)
-Convo cafe
-Film Crew for 29th
-Events for Liquor:
Phil Department: March 20th, 4-6pm – Logistically expensive and not feasible. Could also do on the 27th where there is already a permit. Wait on Aaron’s response re: alcohol for events that are open
Cafe Chantant: March 25th, 7-10pm – Jocelyne and Vicky
ProTem: March 27th: Meghan and Teshini
Mikaela: Fundraiser for teaching abroad – March 28th. – Vicky will  email her with following:
-Event is okay but not with alcohol
-Logistically not possible and liability issues witht he natur eof the event.

Alcohol Events:
Separate page on info about this: Alcohol is up to our discretion; these events are in collab. with us and we decide this; Next year have more of a system – More consistency and less arbitrary. Educational video.

5. Alcohol consumed in the Space
Brynn found empties in the space this morning
Last night was pub night
Not sure who closed.
Brynn will talk to Aaron about solutions
-security bulletin

6. Pro Tem Article
Feature on Principal McRoberts
Lunik story about how he has supported Lunik
Naz will write it with Caroline – 500 words by March 15th.

7. Hiring committee
Due March 16th.
Naz will update

8. Pay

Next Meeting: March 14th, 1:00pm
Chair: Naz:

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