Lunik as a social space: more than a café!

Lunik représente beaucoup sur campus : un coopératif conduit par les étudiants, un espace social et alternatif, un café, un lieu de l’événement, etc. With all these roles going on, it might seem hard to keep track of what our sweet little space is actually for. So let’s quickly go over what a social space really looks like, and how that encompasses some of Lunik’s other roles.

general lunikIl est super important de souvenir que Lunik est premièrement un espace social. There happens to be a volunteer run cafe in the back, and clubs often run amazing events here, but the space itself is public. This means that it isn’t someone’s job to keep Lunik clean and tidy, it is all of our responsibility. Contraire du café favori de votre quartier, Lunik n’a personne pour recueillir vos plats quand vous aviez fini – seulement vous ! As a participant in a community space, cleaning up after yourself is entirely your job

Everybody at Glendon has equal access to Lunik, which means we have shared responsibilities. So next time you’re down in that lovely little space, enjoying coffee with friends, please remember to show Lunik the love it deserves! Cleaning your dishes, picking up your garbage, it’s all super easy. C’est une façon simple d’exprimer comment Lunik est important de vous!

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