Meeting Minutes – December 2, 2013

Chair: Nazampal
Secretary: Caroline

Check-Ins – 15 minutes
Task Updates

– picked up supplies for signage in Lunik
– didn’t meet with Natalia at RBC.

– set up events system with Brynn, two tiered system where Vicky responds to emails and then Brynn does paperwork and meetings.
– Volunteer appreciation party this Friday. $100 budget for volunteer appreciation dinner.

Brynn: met with GME people about event on December 11, facilities came about outlets but no one was here, talked to Gilles about floor and he is talking to facilities. Speakers were borrowed for Mikhaela’s dance group, have been returned and wires were sorted out.
– are we ordering milk over the break? We have so many milk alternatives, may as well just go through that.
– can we sell boxes of tea? Yes, seems reasonable.
– talked to David and we’re back on YU-Connect, but lost all our members. They reset our account
– no response from IT about extra computers and printer
– gave Jocelyn contact info for art at Glendon, she will be going into art classes for call out
– got Smart Serve

-went to RBC, got statements, all of the invoices…waiting on ONFC to get back to her. Got statement from RBC
-Ready for reconciliation and general ledger. Lots of work – aiming to get it done by the time she leaves.
-Updates sent to bookkeeper and Meghan
-Purchased quickbooks, need to install via ITS. But sent them an email.
-Put in last orders
-need to check mail, draft honouria sheet and start on reconciliation

– Social Media posts, events, art call out
– advertising in Pro Tem for Lunik
– talked to friend about Late Night Availability

– Marc Odette emailed back about art submissions from his class, Jocelyn will go in and talk to his classes, waiting to hear back about when
– cleaned out compost bin – Naz will buy biodegradable bags
– cleaned floors

1. Coordinator Duties (5)
– Reading minutes, make sure you know your tasks well
– being consistent when talking to people about Lunik, make sure you are representing everyone
– December reviews, Naz will set up document with description of your position and then everyone will add what the position has looked like this semester, we will note parts of position that we have been neglecting. Due December 31.

2. December Open and Close (15)
– Official Closing date: December 18th
– Just tea and coffee, prioritize selling things that will go bad, selling food we have left but kitchen won’t be open and no volunteers.
– Caroline will advertise
– get rid of perishables at Volunteer dinner, SOR meeting
– put things on sale if they are towards end of date
– how to open and close, volunteers who are interested can get key from principals office. Vicky will meet with them to go through opening and closing and set up Doodle poll
– Coordinators will open and close whenever they are on campus
– Someone will talk to Go Safe about helping out
-Semester Clean Up: December 18 everyone will come in
– stairs leading to Lunik weren’t salted, should that be Facilities responsibility? Brynn will talk to Gilles, if that is our property.

3. Res Life Crafts in the space (10)
– booked for December 10, 4-7 with Res Life
– they will donate for drinks and whatnot

4 . Language Day (5)
– if there isn’t a facilitator it doesn’t work very well
– idea was that it would happen twice a day, but haven’t been able to have either Jocelyn or Thomas present for both times.
– possible to revamp next semester by getting language clubs involved.
– Brynn suggested bilingual committee study group, maybe they could help out with that too.
– Jocelyn will get in touch with clubs on campus who might be interested in collaboration
– over the break get a committee of people, find out who can continuously work for us, Doodle poll where people can commit to things. Reach out to volunteers as well.
– Naz things having two separate times confuses people, should stick to the afternoon because Tuesdays we have events, more consistent

5. Binder System (Naz) (5)
– requisitions folder, will all be part of doing pay at meetings
– finance folder, where to put the check? Let volunteers know that it is in the folder, keep it consistent
– get a duotang to keep checks in
– Vicky will add deliveries to volunteer training, update the volunteer handbook.
– for first time volunteers maybe they should have a buddy? Last year Brynn had first time volunteers always sign up with someone else. Vicky will add this to training as well.
– events folder will eventually be organized into a binder so everything has a record

6. Coordinator Get Together and Gift Exchange (10)
– night out in Little Italy! Monday December 16, 8:30
– Gift exchange, do we have time? Maybe do a martini exchange, what we think suits each person. Everyone agrees.
– Caroline will send link to place
– Naz will do online name draw

7. Pay (15)
– Brynn will add Naz onto bank account


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