Disappointing News


Disappointing News:

We are sad to report our cash box has been stolen.

After debating notifying the public, we realized that as owners of the space, you all deserve to know. Lunik thrives as the result of students like you being generous and giving back what you take from the space, so for that: Thank you!

Lunik currently offers all food either at cost or at a subsidized cost (we pay part on your behalf!), so it is the students that are directly affected in situations like this.

We understand that times may be tough, but please be honest! If you have it, or any details surrounding its disappearance, please let us know or just drop it by Lunik, no questions asked. There are other options for your financial needs, and taking from your fellow students should not be among them. We want to make sure that Lunik stays a place where we feel safe and can enjoy the benefits of having a student co-operative honestly and without worry.

Thank you again for ensuring situations like these are rare issues! Lunik appreciates all your amazing support so far!

If you have any details surrounding this issue, please e-mail us at: lunik.cooperative@gmail.com

Meeting Minutes – July 22

Meeting Minutes

1) Frosh Kit
– let Ines know by August 4, in kit August 22
– ideas: notebook (Specter and Co), wildflower papers
– 400 items
– ask YFS about funding, talk to Naz
– try for $1000 for frosh budget
– Brynn gone 31-August 7

1.2) Frosh Carnival – 2nd of September
– instead of clubs day, talk to Ines about what she has in mind for us
– could maybe open terrace, or gardening (fall garden)

1.3) Pro Tem article
– back to school article in Frosh kits, check date

2) Reno
– tearing down the bar today!
– electric is actually happening
– new fridge and freezer will fit next to dishwasher, getting bunch of outlets along side wall, another one above dishwasher
– fixing side kitchen track light, LED in kitchen
– fine for money, will be better when audit is done (just need to submit at Keele)
– coffee maker has special outlet which takes twice as much voltage, we need a new one. Make sure we get one that works for regular outlet.
– Kritika could price things out
– also look into new caraphs, with heater and such
– fridge people will give estimate for delivery and picking up old fridge
– service request put in for bin, should be in by the end of the week for clearing things out.
– hiring someone to help out with reno, help build table and shelves. Brynn’s friend Noah will help
– Gilles and Brynn looked at red shelf, very sturdy and attached directly to wall by hinge. If we made the new ones like that it should work fairly well. Put appliances and things on that, have other side as food prep and such
– going to wait to build table until Brynn is back and she will look at cottage for barn board (100 budget for that)

3) Retreat
– August 16-17, whoever can’t come can deal
– make sure all of the manuals are on the drive
– Make it all day Saturday instead of doing overnight (Saturday 16)

4) Pay
– Cheques are signed

5) Volunteer compensation
– Money lost on food: about 50% of what we spend
– $13,000 spent on food, total revenue about 6800, projected revenue was more like 1300
– events revenue wasn’t deposited (cash)
– audit wants to know what is events and what is food
– volunteer compensation was budgeted at 5000, if you take that out then we only lose 20%
– volunteer compensation should be revamped, probably giving them too much particularly since they will be doing less
– inventory in the new system will need to be rethought as well. Inventory at the beginning and end of day and right that down. Even weekly or biweekly, should be more of coordinator responsibility
– sidebar: draft a key policy
– volunteer accountability with food, new volunteer coordinator should definitely hear about all of the new policies (food, money, signage, etc.)

6) Bulk food
– snack foods, things like granola or trail mix. Sell by case or individually

7) New signage
– Meghan is working on it, Brynn can ask about it this weekend
– need to figure out new volunteer expectations before new signage

What we see in co-operative ownership

About, What's Happening at Lunik?!

If you’ve been keeping up with Lunik this summer, you’ve probably seen our exciting new renovations to the cafe. It’s definitely still a work in progress, but so far we have completely ripped out the bar in the back kitchen! Pretty crazy right? But apart from the pure aesthetics, what’s the deal with the drastic reno?

The idea to tear out the bar is based on co-operative ownership. This year, we really want to encourage the idea that Lunik is first and foremost a student space, and that everyone has equal access to and responsibility for it. We are all partial owners of Lunik, that is what makes it a true co-operative. But being an owner of the space means more than just paying into it through student fees. It is up to each of us to play an active role in caring for the space and maintaining its mission on campus.

The bar in the kitchen created a very specific type of feel in the cafe, one which isn’t inherently bad, but which a lot of us felt didn’t fit in with this idea of cooperative ownership. The space itself was divided in two – on the one side you had the student space and then behind the bar you had the cafe. Volunteers at the cafe were essentially separated from the rest of Lunik, as if there was a particular distinction between volunteers and other students in the space. Ultimately, this is not the feeling that we should be going for.

no bar

While we will still have volunteers to help out in the kitchen, everyone should feel welcome in the cafe at all times. The kitchen is a free and open space for all to use, and a large construction sitting in the way of that simply makes people feel otherwise. We hope that by removing the bar everyone will feel comfortable using the kitchen, and consequently feel more comfortable taking ownership of the space. By creating an environment that welcomes everyone to use it, we hope that we can also encourage a community that plays an equally large part in caring for the space.

You are a partial owner of Lunik – the way that the space looks and the way that you use it should reflect that. We hope that this year everyone will truly feel comfortable taking ownership of our little co-op, through increased freedom and responsibility in the space. For so many of us Lunik has become a home on campus, and we want to ensure that this will continue for years of Glendonites to come.

Farmer’s Markets Galore!


It’s that time of year again, when Toronto is chock full of lovely Farmer’s Markets. So time to get your fix with some local bounty, and hopefully even broaden your culinary horizons a bit. Not sure where to go for your produce this summer? Here are just a few favourites that you might try checking out.

Evergreen Brickwork’s Farmer’s Market

If you’ve never been out to the Brickworks,  it’s definitely worth a visit. And during the summer, it happens to be the home of a wonderful farmer’s market. From vegan ice creams to fresh produce and all sorts of baked goodies, it is definitely worth a visit. And nestled right in Chorley Park it is perfect for a day trip: get your shopping done and then enjoy the hiking trails along the way. Every Saturday, from 8 AM to 1 PM.

Leslieville Farmer’s Market

Ever wanted to venture East in Toronto? Well hop a Queen streetcar and head out to the Leslieville Farmer’s Market, located in the Ashbridges Park. With live music every week, and a nice relaxed vibe, it’s a great weekend tri
p. Sprawl out in the middle of the park once you’ve grabbed a bite to eat and enjoy the day! Every Sunday from 9 AM to 2 PM.

Stop’s Wynchwood Barn Farmers’ Market

A little market on Christie Street in downtown Toronto, but nonetheless a favourite of mine. Some personal highlights are the freshly baked breads and raw cocoa stalls, definitely not sometime to miss. Every Saturday from 8 AM until noon. Garden 9-4

But best of all, there are so many markets for YOU to discover yourself! Here’s a longer list, try a couple out just to compare. There’s bound to be something near you, and nothing says summer like that local food vibe. So enjoy!

Spotlight: The Big Carrot


Let’s look at some more successful Toronto co-ops shall we? The Big Carrot has been an established part of the Toronto co-op community since 1983, as well as a front-runner as a provider of sustainable food products (near and dear to Lunik’s mandate!) and community outreach.

So what makes the Big Carrots so special? Well, they are a worker owned co-op, which means that each full time worker owns a share of the business. This diffusion of ownership gives each worker a say in how the business operates, as well as entitlement to the profits (read: they don’t all line the pockets of some CEO). 70% of profits goes straight to the workers, allocated based on hours worked and years with the business, so it fosters a genuine community within its workers, rather than a revolving door system of part-time wage labour.

Photo property of the Big Carrot

Photo property of the Big Carrot

In addition to a more equitable labour system, the Big Carrot strives to develop a transparent network between local suppliers and consumers. That means buying local produce and ensuring that consumers know that they are getting the best. They also strive to support other local co-ops and community agricultural initiatives directly through the remainder of profits.

Check out more on the Big Carrot, and keep your eyes open for more healthy co-ops in this great big city of ours!

Spotlight: The Media Co-op


Lunik is a part of a larger community of thriving co-ops in Canada, and we wanted to spotlight one that we think is a great representation of this unique business model.


Property of Toronto Media Co-op

The Media Co-op is a Canada-wide organization, which happens to have a branch right here in Toronto. Relying on a dedicated membership base, and freelance contributors reporting on local, national, and global events, the Media Co-op provides grassroots reporting both online and in print to a wide readership. By diffusing the responsibilities of writing, and encouraging ownership in the co-op, they reduce the costs of upkeep for what is a rapidly diminishing field.

On top of all this, the non-hierarchical structure of a co-op allows the organization to avoid many of the biases that come with larger media outlets. With so many people contributing, the Media Co-op strives to offer equitable and diverse points of view on a variety of issues. What you end up with is a democratic reporting process, that looks quite different from the same regurgitated lines we are used to seeing in mainstream news.

Check out more on the Media Co-op, and perhaps even consider getting involved with the local branch. What a great model for other cooperatives!



Community Garden– Sharing the responsibility, sharing the bounty

About, Volunteers

It’s spring, which means time to get the garden into full swing. As many of you may know, out back on the terrace Lunik has a lovely plot of land for planting all sorts of nature goodies. Like with the cafe, which relies on volunteers to stay operational, the space back there is a Community Garden. So what exactly does that mean, and how can you get involved?

planting 1

In the same way that Lunik is a student space, the back is maintained by dedicated students. Which means that the responsibilities for tending the garden fall on the community, rather than a single “gardener” in charge of the space. But it also means that anyone can help themselves to the produce that we grow. Hanging around Lunik mid-summer and need something to spice up a salad? Grab some arugula from your Community sprouts 11Garden. Planning a potluck at your house? Grab an eggplant or two and enjoy!

To spread out the responsibilities we rely on the initiative of volunteers. Keeping up a garden requires constant maintenance, so the more folks we have keeping an eye on the garden the better. Fortunately, volunteering in the garden is super flexible, so anytime you want to put in a little outdoor work you can pop over and pull up some weeds. It’s a great way to enjoy the terrace and give back to your campus co-op.

If you are interested in volunteering in the garden this summer, shoot us an email as lunik.cooperative@gmail.com. We want to put together a few working groups to teach people about what we grow and how best to help, so keep your eyes out or let us know when you’re free. Soon enough we’ll all get to enjoy the summer bounty!


Summer Volunteering at Lunik


It’s the summer term and we couldn’t be happier! Finally, a slower pace, some nice weather, and the chance to take care of all the big projects around Lunik. While we’re open as a social space all summer, the cafe is closed, which means no kitchen volunteers. But lucky for you, there are all sorts of ways to stay involved with Lunik throughout the summer. We definitely need help from our lovely community of volunteers, and here are some ways to do it!

Community Garden

Helping out in the community garden is a great way to give back to Lunik, and get some solid skills out of the deal. This summer, we want to put together some working groups to get volunteers acquainted with our garden and more confident in their skills. But we also encourage you to help out on your own time. Want to get outside for a little bit? Pop over and pull some weeds or water the herbs. It’s a big help to have some extra hands out back whenever you get the chance.

If you are interested in volunteering in the garden, keep your eyes out on the volunteer and general Facebook pages for information on working groups. We hope to have our first one soon, as a nice little introduction! You can also shoot us an email to express your interest and get some more info, at lunik.cooperative@gmail.com.

Cleaning the Space

Lunik is a purely social space during the summer, which means that we really rely on all of you to take responsibility for keeping the space tidy. If the dishwasher is clean, unload some dishes. Tables looking kind of dirty? Wipe ’em down! Cleaning up around Lunik is a great way to take ownership of the space, because remember, you are a partial owner of your co-operative!

Painting (soon!)

Lunik could use some freshening up, which means a new coat of paint. At some point this summer we want to get a group together to help repaint the walls, so if you’re interested, keep it in mind! We’ll be posting on the Facebook page with dates once we know a little more.

It’s going to be a great summer, and we would love to have you on board! So relax, enjoy some well-deserved downtime, and we hope to see you around Lunik.

window 1

Annual General Meeting 2014 – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

1. Introduction
– Coordinators introduce themselves, go over roles

2. A Look back… Legitimacy and Collaboration
– what we did this year: facilities, events, audit, financial, presence on campus

3. Election of Board of Directors
– what the board does
– 2 non-student, 4 students up for election

4. Audit and Finance Update
– got a book keeper, still doing audit
– we are levy funded and what that means

5. Summer Projects
– some suggestions from members:
– possible to get solar panels?
– new fridge and freezer out front
– towels, dirty vs clean making sure they don’t get gross
– lighting, getting more light back near the kitchen
– Retreat; garden party;
– will send out an email with info about this
-clarification of liquor in Lunik – only temporary licenses

6. Policy and Constitution Updates
– breakdown of what each one means
Constitution governs student space
By-Laws govern the board
– talk about SOP Policy and bi-weekly Tuesday liquor events

7. Open up to suggestions:
-music hours – designate
-make involvement more accessible

Board election results
Andie 16
Emily 14
Michelle 12
Kritika 12
Sarah – 11
Colvin – 4
Nicole – 11

Nazampal 18, Joanna 17



Meeting Minutes – March 14

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Nazampal
Secretary: Jocelyne


Tasks Updates
Jocelyne: Spring thaw dinner stuff
Caroline: late night lunik stuff, scheduling
Meghan: Posters for degel printanier, bartended, emails for people applying for events
Vicky: bartended,
Brynn: SOR meeting, going over event stuff, SOP, planning with dinner, helped out with dinner, coming in (mornings) to arrange furniture, dealing with fridge fluckery, scheduled board meeting
Naz: alcohol pick up, papers for audit to rogue, helped with dinner, editing the hiring app

1. Review of:
Lunik Late Night (Caroline): went over really well, music was well-received, vibe was great, true appreciation of music. BAnd was so cool (Brynn)! Everything was so smooth, got a lot of feedback from people, got some great pictures. Sath wants to establish himself as a photographer, free picture-taking available
Dinner: Good turnout, everyone was super helpful, closing immaculate, Jocelyne got applause, people were enjoying themselves, dates being shifted worked out really well, everyone paid minimum donation

2. Posters (meghan); Sent files, namely, posters for Lunik, need to choose what to do with them. We need to figure out what kind of posters and frames and then make it happen. Options for frames, card stock, etc. This could be a long-term investment for the space, so extra money spent might be worth it. Paring down visually in the space could be a good idea. Maybe if we get enough prints done, we could get a good deal. Anti-O, principles of a co-op, Lunik’s mission statement, washing the dishes, please volunteer, etc. Garbage sign, list for posters, $300-$400 budget for posters

3. Events Updates: Licquor stuff: cafe chantant tues march 25th (Vicky available, Meghan, ook for volunteers with smart serve), Journalism cocktail March 27th (Brynn and Tashini, Vicky after 9pm) Vicky picking up liquor permit
Philosophy dept: can’t do licensed event (no one could do it) on 20th, Aaron couldn’t approve it, not enough initiative on their end. Negative, uncalled-for response on their part, Mickaela Teach-Abroad even also a no-go (again, no one available), said she would talk to Aaron. Vicky recommends being stricter and having a more concise policy to avoid possible feelings of entitlement.  Next week: 24hr theatre,

4. Hiring Reminder: Due date is this Sunday, tell people to apply and apply

5. Summer Closing and schedule for April

6. AGM….reminder for board meeting (Brynn) meeting on April 4th, talk about incoming board members, rehiring for 50% of members. Better for non-coordinator students to be on it

7. SOR Updates and other stuff from aaron: Told Aaron about alcohol issues, he will talk to security so they can show up after hours. Student leadership awards: nominations are up today, let’s nominate each other? Give out pins and flyers, March 24th Student leadership awards, transition day, Monday April 7th (Student affairs), Participate in event planning, A bientot– goodbye party for Glendon, Reflection of Lunik for Pro-Tem submitted by tomorrow, reflection of Lunik

8. Closing Procedure: At Tues event, security asked to speak to coordinator to say that doors have been left open. We need to establish closers and adhere to this strictly.

9. Bartending Schedule

10. Summer hours: good to have continuity over the summer for social media, reduced hours. Garden (volunteers), financial details need to be maintained and kept in good order to avoid pile up next year
Meghan: Lists for posters
Vicky: pick up SOP for March 25th and 27th, write up draft for licensed events policy to post on website, email Express Yourself group to tell them that cleanup was not sufficient and that we’re billing for the cleanup, talk to GoSafe re closing,
Brynn: go through bi-laws, go through election rules, send doodle-poll for spring exam hours

Next Meeting: Friday, March 21
Chair: Jocelyn