Meeting Minutes – January 31, 2014

Chair: Meghan
Secretary: Caroline

Tasks update:
Brynn: talked to Gilles about crumbling hole, he thinks it’s not a problem but will check; talked to him about wall, he said it’s for new plumber and will eventually be gotten rid of; bartending for event
Meghan: met with Ro and Naz about quickbooks, added vendors and coordinators, organization, bartending, added things to board
Caroline: LIVE at Lunik prep, talking to Pro Tem
Vicky: tabling, figured out YU-Connect
Jocelyne: talked to Colvin about Clothing Swap and will follow-through, helped at LIVE at Lunik, planting teapots, repotted little plants

– discussion of dirtiness problem in Lunik. Signs don’t really work because the people who are messy also probably aren’t very observant.
– Jocelyne had idea for origami sign
– how to get across point that it is a social space first and foremost, and then a cafe
– make signage more coherent, too much stuff on walls so people don’t look at any of it

1. Record Sheets- Naz
– New pay record, really important that everyone fills out final pay record
– We have a policy now from the Board that if you exceed hours you have to get them approved by Board
– procedure: go onto general pay sheet and subtract hours with PAID, then go onto final pay S2 in same folder which asks for number of hours

2. Pro Tem Event- Vicky
– Teshini is meeting with Aaron, we want one or two coordinators to be there
– Date set: Thursday, March 27
– need to make sure it fits with event policy, can’t look like particularism. Vicky and a general coordinator will meet with Teshini to talk about it
– if a coordinator is in charge of alcohol then it should be sufficient

3. Film Crew During Reading Week- Vicky
– wanted to a web series but weren’t able to the last time. Wondering if they could do so during Reading Week.
– Caroline will be available, just need to open and walk the through closing process. Leave them number
– they were going to donate a certain amount to Lunik.  How much? We will put in Event policy, maybe $100-200?
– outside Glendon people? promote our mission statement, abide by Safe Space Policy

4. Roots and Shoots Event- Vicky
– Seminar/fundraiser/live music/Birthday Party: what? Main purpose was Roots and Shoots to have a sustainability thing
– entrance fee would be $10, going to 3 different charities.
– in past years it has been, please bring a donation to these charities instead of Birthday present. This is firmer, normally we do PWYC. This makes it less economically accessible to people
– maybe you pay for a plate of dinner and then actual donation is PWYC
– suggest a meeting to make sure no confusion
– concerns about market as public vs. private: okay if individual is putting it on but can’t be private. Must serve for general Glendon public
– make sure Colvin is not taking on too much, seems like it lacks focus
– do they really need to have money going 3 places?

5. Late Night Lunik February 11- Vicky
– Permit has been gotten
– most people seem to be able to bartend

6. Crépot- Brynn
– initiative started by Sarah and Kelly, creative people on Glendon campus that do multimedia and art. Idea is that clubs and people putting on events can find someone to take videos, take photos, etc.
– we can post our needs, maybe get our youtube active

7. Hiring- Naz
– Naz and Brynn have been going over positions for next year, not many changes
– changed External Communications to “Promotions and Communications”
– some changes: external communications: remove YU-Connect and volunteer emails and add to Volunteer. Add networking with clubs
General space: remove membership drive, add to volunteer. Signing authority for logistics. Monitor signage, policy role
Events: Add explicitly a link between general space, remove social media, add membership drive
Finance: distinguish from bookkeeping and logistics, logistics does audit, finance does deposit, books, more training for transition. 5 hours
Environment: 5 hours
– for the application, keep written part but add an interview.
– put a list of characteristics that this position should have
– Naz will type all this out, we can make changes in different font and name stamp for input
– do a better job with promotion, find clever ways of doing it. In space promotion for sure. Facebook posting.

8. Quick Talk of Issue- Naz
– Greg’s harassment case, not connected with Lunik. BUT considering our Safe Space Policy, it is important for us to take into account online discretions
– Brynn and Naz think it’s best to minimize involvement with Greg, at least professionally by contract
– for instance the nursery is his and anyway hasn’t gotten together, we should probably give it back
– Logo concern? It is his intellectual property, but we purchased it so it is actually ours. So we can keep using, not a continued involvement.
– we need to know that the issue exists should concerns come up about the logo
– good to keep in mind with events generally, who we hire for things is a reflection of our mission, make sure that they understand Policies

9. LIVE @ Lunik
– things learned, will put together list and share with Vicky.
– longer sets don’t work as well, mix up type of music, or even spoken word to break up sets.
– in the future open it up so that people can send their music in to perform
– talk to Radio Glendon
– fire capacity: legally 200, in actuality we have no idea. We way we can seat 50 comfortably
– returns: 2 trollies and a suitcase, Naz, Brynn, Vicky will take care of it.
– Jesse’s invoice $45, how to compensate time? $65, he will send bill

10. Social Media Requests
– send requests: pictures, text, etc
– Jocelyne: post about people cleaning up after themselves
– R2D2 sad face next to sad face, shame them, rubbish robot.

Caroline chairing next meeting, pay next week.

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