Disappointing News


Disappointing News:

We are sad to report our cash box has been stolen.

After debating notifying the public, we realized that as owners of the space, you all deserve to know. Lunik thrives as the result of students like you being generous and giving back what you take from the space, so for that: Thank you!

Lunik currently offers all food either at cost or at a subsidized cost (we pay part on your behalf!), so it is the students that are directly affected in situations like this.

We understand that times may be tough, but please be honest! If you have it, or any details surrounding its disappearance, please let us know or just drop it by Lunik, no questions asked. There are other options for your financial needs, and taking from your fellow students should not be among them. We want to make sure that Lunik stays a place where we feel safe and can enjoy the benefits of having a student co-operative honestly and without worry.

Thank you again for ensuring situations like these are rare issues! Lunik appreciates all your amazing support so far!

If you have any details surrounding this issue, please e-mail us at: lunik.cooperative@gmail.com

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