Meeting Minutes – March 14

Chair: Nazampal
Secretary: Jocelyne


Tasks Updates
Jocelyne: Spring thaw dinner stuff
Caroline: late night lunik stuff, scheduling
Meghan: Posters for degel printanier, bartended, emails for people applying for events
Vicky: bartended,
Brynn: SOR meeting, going over event stuff, SOP, planning with dinner, helped out with dinner, coming in (mornings) to arrange furniture, dealing with fridge fluckery, scheduled board meeting
Naz: alcohol pick up, papers for audit to rogue, helped with dinner, editing the hiring app

1. Review of:
Lunik Late Night (Caroline): went over really well, music was well-received, vibe was great, true appreciation of music. BAnd was so cool (Brynn)! Everything was so smooth, got a lot of feedback from people, got some great pictures. Sath wants to establish himself as a photographer, free picture-taking available
Dinner: Good turnout, everyone was super helpful, closing immaculate, Jocelyne got applause, people were enjoying themselves, dates being shifted worked out really well, everyone paid minimum donation

2. Posters (meghan); Sent files, namely, posters for Lunik, need to choose what to do with them. We need to figure out what kind of posters and frames and then make it happen. Options for frames, card stock, etc. This could be a long-term investment for the space, so extra money spent might be worth it. Paring down visually in the space could be a good idea. Maybe if we get enough prints done, we could get a good deal. Anti-O, principles of a co-op, Lunik’s mission statement, washing the dishes, please volunteer, etc. Garbage sign, list for posters, $300-$400 budget for posters

3. Events Updates: Licquor stuff: cafe chantant tues march 25th (Vicky available, Meghan, ook for volunteers with smart serve), Journalism cocktail March 27th (Brynn and Tashini, Vicky after 9pm) Vicky picking up liquor permit
Philosophy dept: can’t do licensed event (no one could do it) on 20th, Aaron couldn’t approve it, not enough initiative on their end. Negative, uncalled-for response on their part, Mickaela Teach-Abroad even also a no-go (again, no one available), said she would talk to Aaron. Vicky recommends being stricter and having a more concise policy to avoid possible feelings of entitlement.  Next week: 24hr theatre,

4. Hiring Reminder: Due date is this Sunday, tell people to apply and apply

5. Summer Closing and schedule for April

6. AGM….reminder for board meeting (Brynn) meeting on April 4th, talk about incoming board members, rehiring for 50% of members. Better for non-coordinator students to be on it

7. SOR Updates and other stuff from aaron: Told Aaron about alcohol issues, he will talk to security so they can show up after hours. Student leadership awards: nominations are up today, let’s nominate each other? Give out pins and flyers, March 24th Student leadership awards, transition day, Monday April 7th (Student affairs), Participate in event planning, A bientot– goodbye party for Glendon, Reflection of Lunik for Pro-Tem submitted by tomorrow, reflection of Lunik

8. Closing Procedure: At Tues event, security asked to speak to coordinator to say that doors have been left open. We need to establish closers and adhere to this strictly.

9. Bartending Schedule

10. Summer hours: good to have continuity over the summer for social media, reduced hours. Garden (volunteers), financial details need to be maintained and kept in good order to avoid pile up next year
Meghan: Lists for posters
Vicky: pick up SOP for March 25th and 27th, write up draft for licensed events policy to post on website, email Express Yourself group to tell them that cleanup was not sufficient and that we’re billing for the cleanup, talk to GoSafe re closing,
Brynn: go through bi-laws, go through election rules, send doodle-poll for spring exam hours

Next Meeting: Friday, March 21
Chair: Jocelyn

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