Spotlight: The Big Carrot

Let’s look at some more successful Toronto co-ops shall we? The Big Carrot has been an established part of the Toronto co-op community since 1983, as well as a front-runner as a provider of sustainable food products (near and dear to Lunik’s mandate!) and community outreach.

So what makes the Big Carrots so special? Well, they are a worker owned co-op, which means that each full time worker owns a share of the business. This diffusion of ownership gives each worker a say in how the business operates, as well as entitlement to the profits (read: they don’t all line the pockets of some CEO). 70% of profits goes straight to the workers, allocated based on hours worked and years with the business, so it fosters a genuine community within its workers, rather than a revolving door system of part-time wage labour.

Photo property of the Big Carrot
Photo property of the Big Carrot

In addition to a more equitable labour system, the Big Carrot strives to develop a transparent network between local suppliers and consumers. That means buying local produce and ensuring that consumers know that they are getting the best. They also strive to support other local co-ops and community agricultural initiatives directly through the remainder of profits.

Check out more on the Big Carrot, and keep your eyes open for more healthy co-ops in this great big city of ours!

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