Annual General Meeting 2014 – Meeting Minutes

1. Introduction
– Coordinators introduce themselves, go over roles

2. A Look back… Legitimacy and Collaboration
– what we did this year: facilities, events, audit, financial, presence on campus

3. Election of Board of Directors
– what the board does
– 2 non-student, 4 students up for election

4. Audit and Finance Update
– got a book keeper, still doing audit
– we are levy funded and what that means

5. Summer Projects
– some suggestions from members:
– possible to get solar panels?
– new fridge and freezer out front
– towels, dirty vs clean making sure they don’t get gross
– lighting, getting more light back near the kitchen
– Retreat; garden party;
– will send out an email with info about this
-clarification of liquor in Lunik – only temporary licenses

6. Policy and Constitution Updates
– breakdown of what each one means
Constitution governs student space
By-Laws govern the board
– talk about SOP Policy and bi-weekly Tuesday liquor events

7. Open up to suggestions:
-music hours – designate
-make involvement more accessible

Board election results
Andie 16
Emily 14
Michelle 12
Kritika 12
Sarah – 11
Colvin – 4
Nicole – 11

Nazampal 18, Joanna 17



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