Disappointing News

Disappointing News:

We are sad to report our cash box has been stolen.

After debating notifying the public, we realized that as owners of the space, you all deserve to know. Lunik thrives as the result of students like you being generous and giving back what you take from the space, so for that: Thank you!

Lunik currently offers all food either at cost or at a subsidized cost (we pay part on your behalf!), so it is the students that are directly affected in situations like this.

We understand that times may be tough, but please be honest! If you have it, or any details surrounding its disappearance, please let us know or just drop it by Lunik, no questions asked. There are other options for your financial needs, and taking from your fellow students should not be among them. We want to make sure that Lunik stays a place where we feel safe and can enjoy the benefits of having a student co-operative honestly and without worry.

Thank you again for ensuring situations like these are rare issues! Lunik appreciates all your amazing support so far!

If you have any details surrounding this issue, please e-mail us at: lunik.cooperative@gmail.com

Language Days at Lunik!


Une nouvelle méthode de vivre bilingue (ou multilingue), une nouvelle journée à Lunik !

Language lovers come to Glendon because they want to learn, and live, in another language. Here’s the thing though, we as a campus could be doing a much better job of that. Lunik lovers have found a place where they feel welcome at any time, and we’re ready to extend that welcome to an opportunity that is a little lacking on campus.

Starting next week, Lunik will be hosting language days every Tuesday. Nous aurions deux chaque mardi, 11h à  13h et 17h à fermeture. Le but et d’apprendre entre nous, dehors la classe et par des discussions détendus. Découvrir une langue doit être passionnant, pas stressant, et par se ressembler nous espérons que vous pouvez rester calmes et apprendre au même temps !

Alors, qu’est-ce qu’il marche? Anyone is welcome, we’ll provide resources like newspapers and dictionaries, but we hope you’ll bring some of your own. But if you just show up with a pen and paper, you’re good to go!  Each session will involve chatting about the resources provided, as well as anything you feel like bringing to the table.

And Language Days aren’t limited to French! If there’s another language you want to practice, post on our Language Day Facebook page (coming soon!) which language you speak, so folks know that they can practice it if they like. Nous écrivions en haut la table aussi que vos langues sont dispensable pour pratiquer et nous espérons que quelqu’un va joindre. Plus nous serons, meilleur ce sera !

These lovely little journeys into bilingual or multilingual life are only possible if folks get involved. So come out and help us create a Glendon dialogue. Venez-vous et commencer à parler !



Thank you for your interest in joining the Lunik Co-op team! We aim to create an  alternative student space on campus through a co-operative model. Below are details for the 2013-2014 positions. Please read all the details carefully.

Lunik Co-operative is looking for dedicated and self-motivated Glendon students to fill 6 part-time positions to operate Lunik Co-operative for the 2013-2014 school year. These positions require a time commitment, belief in co-operative values and dedication to Lunik’s mission to create a safe and sustainable space for students. Coordinators are not typical employees, they are leaders in a passionate community.


Lunik is open from 10am to 8pm, Monday to Friday as a social space on Glendon Campus, with tea and coffee available by donation. We will have new kitchen hours from 10am to 2pm everyday with vegan/vegetarian food items sold at cost. Kitchen volunteers will be available to manage the kitchen, stock and money. We aim to have more student events like discussions, movie nights, cook-ins throughout each week.

Our mandate:

The Lunik Co-operative strives to increase food options for the Glendon College community by providing environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable alternatives. Lunik is an equitable and inclusive common space that is democratically governed by its members in accordance with its Safe Space Policy.


The six positions include: Two General Co-ordinators, External Communications Coordinator, Financial Chair, Environment and Facilities Coordinator and Volunteer & Events Coordinator.


Although each position has very specific tasks, each staff works in cooperation with one another to further the overall mandate of Lunik and principles of cooperation. Through regular meetings, the positions are encouraged to maintain transparency through invoicing hours, sharing management documents and expanding each others’ skill sets. Each position requires the ability to work independently as well as in a team.


Each position requires a commitment of 2 hours of meeting time per week. Coordinators must also be available for summer training and retreat.


These positions require serious time commitment to Lunik events and programming. We are looking for passionate individuals who are passionate, willing and available to organize and attend events. Lunik Coordinators are required to attend events organized by the Lunik Co-operative team (ie. Womyn’s Nite, Potluck, Live Music events).


Honorariums are paid after detailed inventory of work done is presented at an open biweekly meeting between co-ordinators and any other Lunik members interested in attending. Honorarium is contingent on this inventory being filled out and passed by coordinators in the meetings. Co-ordinator positions may have a small variance in pay based on slow months and busier months (ex. Co-ordinators at the beginning of the 2013/14 school year will be busier, garden/maintenance busier in fall/spring than during winter months). Major variances must be explained.


Please see each post for a description of tasks, hours and compensation.
To Apply:
i. You must be a Glendon Student; Please put your student number beside your name in the questionnaire.
ii. You must demonstrate involvement with Lunik Co-operative within the last two years.

iii. Please answer the following questions (cover letters will not reviewed for the hiring process):

For each question, please give us short answers (150-250 words). You may copy and paste the questions into your application.    


a). What has been your involvement/experiences with Lunik Co-op so far?


b). What makes you qualified for the position you are applying for? Please indicate specific skills you can contribute and what you hope to learn.(please carefully review all coordinator responsibilities, including responsibilities outlined for the position for which you are applying.)


c). A large part of being a coordinator at Lunik Co-op means being self-motivated and initiating innovative projects. This means going beyond the duties in your position and contributing in a meaningful way. What are some projects you envision and would organize in the space, and what changes would you make?


d). Please go our website, http://www.lunikcoop.com and review our mission statement and the principles of a co-operative. Please summarize what you think the most important elements are.


e). Lunik Co-op is an alternative space on campus. What does alternative mean to you?


f). What other time commitments are in your schedule for next year? (courses, jobs, clubs, etc.)

Please submit a resume and this questionnaire to  Lunik.Cooperative@gmail.com with the subject line: Lunik Co-op Coordinator Applicant

A hiring committee of Glendon administrative staff will look over the applications and make the appointments of Lunik coordinator positions by Mid-May. All applicant’s names are concealed to ensure a fair evaluation process.


Application deadline: April 30, 2013



Lunik Co-Ordinator
(Two Positions: General Coordinator Space, General Coordinator Logistics)
Honorarium/Hours a Week: $640/Monthly; 10hrs per week

Lunik Coordinators must have strong knowledge of co-operative models and co-operative principles. Must be able to commit to at least 10 hours a week and have a flexible schedule to respond to and be available for irregular situations. Must completely understand and commit to the principles of Lunik Co-op as included in the Mission Statement, Constitution, By-Laws and Policies. Must have a strong command of all of Lunik’s organizational procedures as included in the Constitution, Bylaws, Mission Statement, and Policies.

Below will outline general responsibilities of both coordinators. Following these duties will outline specific duties of General Space and General Logistics. Please specify which position you are applying for.

Coordinators play a facilitation and organizational role to ensure that all committees may carry out their duties efficiently and effectively and all operations of Lunik run smoothly. Tasks include jointly working with the Financial coordinator for ordering food and general inventory purchases; ensuring bi-weekly meetings with rotating chairs; ensuring meeting minutes from all committees and joint-committee meetings are posted to the website; ensuring all social media communication is properly maintained and accessible; bottom-lining all significant projects and tasks in conjunction with respective committees; sending one Lunik update email per week. The Coordinators have a significant supporting role to play for the committees. They act as the “go-to” person for committee organizers, facilitate communication between committees, work closely with committee organizers on policy, events, management, and keep track of all committee projects. Coordinators also play a role in conflict management as the first people contacted for conflicts/concerns and work towards resolution for any major conflicts. Coordinators may be expected to meet individually with other coordinators.

There are specific responsibilities of each Coordinator:

General Space

Along with general responsibilities, General Space is responsible for assessing all event applications in accordance with the Group Use Policy and working with groups to meet the criteria required; ensuring all events and activities comply with Safe Space Policy; and managing Membership Drive(maintaining the membership roll and email list). Because of the nature of the tasks, General Coordinator Space must fully understand and work within the Safe Space Policy and Group Use Policy. They must work closely with Volunteer and Events Coordinator and meet once per week, at least.

General Logistics

Along with general responsibilities, General Logistics is responsible with working with Financial on audit and food stock; exploring new or different products or possible networking with other organizations to cater to Lunik members. General Logistics is responsible for picking up needed supplies; organizing Late Night Tuesdays.

External Communications Coordinator (One Position)
Honorarium/Hours a Week: $384/Monthly; 6hrs per week

Must be able to commit to at least 6 hours a week. Must completely understand and fully commit to principles of Lunik Co-op as included in the Mission Statement, Constitution, By-Laws and Policies. Must have a strong command of all of Lunik’s organizational procedures as included in the Constitution, Bylaws, Mission Statement, and Policies, especially the Safe Space Policy and Group Use Policy.

External Communications Coordinator is responsible for carrying out social media outreach (blog, twitter, facebook, etc); outreach through Protem; maintaining Lunik Co-op on YU Connect; organizing promotional Lunik posters; organizing and executing promotional and educational campaigns; organizing membership drives and sending weekly emails. They are to work with other coordinators to organize promotion as needed (Lunik Co-op events, volunteer drives, tabling). This coordinator is responsible for checking the Lunik email account and labelling emails accordingly.


This coordinator is also responsible for acting as a liaison with other student groups and organizations on campus and building strong relationships with the Glendon, the wider York community and the co-operative network.

Environment and Facilities Coordinator
Honorarium/Hours a Week: $256/Monthly; 4hrs per week

Must be able to commit to at least 4 hours a week. Must completely understand and fully commit to principles of Lunik Co-op as included in the Mission Statement, Constitution, By-Laws and Policies. Must have a strong command of all of Lunik’s organizational procedures as included in the Constitution, Bylaws, Mission Statement, and Policies, especially Safe Space Policy and Environmental Policy. Must show interest in sustainable spaces.

The Environment and Facilities Coordinator is responsible for the management of the physical space, gardening and harvesting, regular space maintenance, management of compost and garbage (at least once per week), acting as contact person with Glendon Facilities staff, organizing a rotating student art exhibit and organizing programming to promote the Lunik garden, food security, and environmental sustainability. Finally this coordinator is responsible for bottom-lining 2 potluck dinners in the year.

Financial Coordinator
Honorarium/Hours a Week: $384/Monthly; 6hrs per week

Must be able to commit to at least 6 hours a week. Must completely understand and fully commit to principles of Lunik Co-op as included in the Mission Statement, Constitution, By-Laws and Policies. Must have a strong command of all of Lunik’s organizational procedures as included in the Constitution, Bylaws, Mission Statement, and Policies. Should have basic understanding of co-operative business model.

Financial Coordinator is responsible for a weekly cash count, weekly inventory management, biweekly deposit of cash, filling in daily Excel Sheet of items sold/used, find and remedy any discrepancies for cash, maintain a bi-weekly update of invoices and receipts into database, manage monthly account settlement, maintain and establish a working budget, work with Auditor and Student Community and Leadership Development to comply with levy fund review guidelines, ensure all books are accessible and transparent to members, work with committees for specific project budgets and manage finances for Lunik events. The Financial Coordinator is also responsible for weekly ordering of food and keeping a budget for weekly food order. Finally Fianncial Coordinator must keep an organized binder of all physical documents of finances.

Because of travel for bank deposits and meetings, the Financial Coordinator should feel comfortable for making these trips.

Volunteer & Events Coordinator
Honorarium/Hours a Week: $384/Monthly; 6hrs per week
Must be able to commit to at least 6 hours a week. Must completely understand and fully commit to principles of Lunik Co-op as included in the Mission Statement, Constitution, By-Laws and Policies. Must have a strong command of all of Lunik’s organizational procedures as included in the Constitution, Bylaws, Mission Statement, and Policies

The Volunteer and Events Coordinator oversees volunteer recruitment, training, scheduling, volunteer communication, completion of volunteer tasks, and weekly/bi weekly email update. In terms of recruitment, this chair is responsible for social media and campus outreach including Club’s Day and Frosh Week, with the help of External Communications. The Chair manages incoming emails about volunteering and writes volunteer updates for weekly emails. Managing training includes establishing “trainers” and a training ‘package.’ The Volunteer Chair is responsible for bringing concerns from volunteers to meetings and maintaining the Volunteer Compensation system. They are to bring attention to and find solutions to improvements in the kitchen volunteer model. This coordinator is also responsible for approving volunteer hours on YU Connect.

This coordinator is also responsible for volunteer project management and recruiting volunteers for special programming. This means creating programming that other volunteers can take on and lead, and providing resources to members who wish to organized approved events or projects at Lunik Co-op.

This coordinator is also responsible for volunteer recognition projects.

The event management for this position is carried out in conjunction with the General Space Coordinator. Volunteer and Events Coordinator manages email intakes for events and booking of events. Events that require further discussion and interpretation of the Group Use and Safe Space policies, are discussed with General Space.

Lunik Spring Equinox Dinner


Back by popular demand, Lunik hosts another equinox dinner!

Last fall we made some warming, heady comfort foods to keep our bellies full. Now, spring is upon us and its time to quicken our metabolisms, cleanse our livers, kidneys and pack in as much vitamin C as nutritionally possible after a long winter. Come out to volunteer cooking and prepping from 3-6pm. Or, please feel welcome to chow at the PYWC (suggested $5) dinner at 6pm.


[ Spring tonic greens ]
Dandelion greens, lamb’s quarters, parsley, violets with oranges, grapefruit & candied almonds. Maple dijon vinaigrette

[ Fiddlehead and potato soup ]

[ Mildly glazed carrots, sunchokes & rhubarb with wild chives and maple syrup ]

[ Wild leek pesto with gluten-free penne, asparagus, sesame seeds ]

Refreshing [ rosehip syrup & sparkling water ]



Oppression Awareness Workshop


Oppression Awareness Workshop: Ray Garcia
March 1, 2013

HERE are some notes from our oppression awareness training with Ray Garcia!
Lunik co-op is an anti-oppressive safe space for students. The workshop gave us a better understanding of oppression and strategies to move forward and keep lunik a safe, alternative space on campus.Image


Why Oppression Awareness?

-Resistance is one component of fighting oppression. Anti-oppression implies a constant struggles rather than moving away from a model of oppression

-Oppression awareness also includes a healing process and self-care. Move beyond a constant fight.

What do we need in this space to make it safe:
-mutual respect
-active listening
-eye contact
-share the air
-multiple truths
-”claim” model – if you say so
-center on what was said
-listen to both sides
-acknowledge where they are coming from
-move towards resolution

The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence, just because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist”

-respecting different experiences

What is Privilege?

who has it?
Examples:“beautiful, white, men, thin, tall, eurocentric features, extroverts, monogomy, citizenship, education, heteronormative, christianity, police, military, government, able bodied, english language speaking,economics, rational thinking, self-made”

All the systems of power collectively play into how we express power

What forms of privilege can you identify having?

-we all have forms of privilege. Layers of oppression. This change and influences our experience in the world, how we interact with our environment and move through space.


Everyone can discriminate but only some types fit into a larger system of power. This depends on who is privileged and in what ways.

4 Parts of Oppression (ALL must apply):
(example used: $ and class)
1. Social/Cultural: beliefs and stereotype – ideas of success, hard work=successful person, low income people are lazy.
2. Institutional: ivy league education, university, welfare systems, TV shows and media representations of low income people (or lack of)
3. Personal: emulate ideas of success, internalize false beliefs and stereotypes, false expectations based on classist ideas.
4. Impersonal: envy, respect/idolization of rich, personal views of other people.

strategies for inclusiveness
-Identify oppressive situations: discomfort, apprehension, intimidation

-Create safe spaces for marginalized groups

-Connect with other organizations on campus that work on inclusiveness.

-Constant dialogue on inclusiveness and oppression awareness in our space.


Cool Blogs to Check Out:












On Lunik and our AGM


It’s likely that by now you’ve realized Lunik is not run like anywhere else you’ve likely experienced. Lunik is a space open to and shared by all Glendon students and community members. We offer things like ethically traded coffee, tea and vegan/vegetarian/gluten free/organic food items (prepared off-campus in certified kitchens), at cost. That means what Lunik purchased it for, you pay. Pretty different that what you would expect at any other sort of café. But our model is different. Lunik is based on co-operative model of governance where any Glendon community member can become a member of Lunik.

Co-operatives are organizations owned and managed by members who are residents, customers or workers at a business. For example, Karma Co-op in Toronto is a grocery store owned and run by its customers. As such, the grocery store is always trying to do exactly what its customers would like to see since they are also the owners! This means things like broader selection, lower prices and a quality working experience are priorities unlike a traditional grocery store who’s sole purpose (by law) is to maximize shareholder profits (regardless of what customers or employees would like).

We want to get as many members directly involved with Lunik in order to shape the space and gain valuable experience with a co-operative. A big part of this is attending meetings. And the most important meeting of the year is our AGM (annual general meeting). Lunik is ultimately overseen by a board of directors. At the moment, that board is made up of students Natalia Jakubek, Kaela Greenstien and admin/faculty, Darryl Reed, Aaron Doupe, Rossana Furgiuele and Gilles Fortin.

It is time for ⅔ of our board to run for re-election. A lot of you familiar with Lunik might not be familiar with some of these names. The board of directors meets only a few times per year and is in place to ensure the student group that handles the daily operations of Lunik is working in accordance with its constitution, bylaws, audit procedures etc. Our student group co-ordinators Sarah Yu (social), Brynn Leger (volunteers) and Nazampal Jaswal will be running for positions on the board while Kaela Greenstien and Natalia Jakubek will run for alumni positions.

All Lunik members are invited to run for board positions. That means you! Look for our next post to learn more about our constitution.

Minutes: Jan 18 2013

1. Mood check/updates
2. Events
a. review of open mic late night Tuesday
-More with the GCSU? Once a month – collaborations on Late Night Tues
Tuesday 22nd: Disco Night
b. review of Glendon Bazaar
-Sold 2 items yesterday: 2hours; talked to people and gave out pins – good job Brynn
-Friday: didn’t happen
c. upcoming events updates:
Casino Night: Jan 25th 9pm-1am
Bar tending:
d. Womyn’s Night
Good to go! Jan 26, 2013 6.15-10.00
e. Valentines Day event with Trouble & Daughter?
Need Confirmation: Feb 12
Open: Brynn and Max
3. French Days at Lunik
-Promote french in Lunik and create a welcoming environment to speak french
-French Only day
-Aaron can try to volunteer and send out newsletter
-Project french movies
-Have signs with keywords in french
Aim for Jan. 24th
4. Lunik Outreach
GOAL: Each of us talk to 5 strangers about Lunik. Late Night and Womyn’s Nite
Make T-Shirt: Ask Michael the artist to do screening, buy shirts at Good Will
a. Lunik My Time
Wendi – will send photos to Kaela
Send a
b. future campaign ideas/schedule
c. Using Glendon Annonce
Separate network for admin and faculty – we need to take advt.
Must be billingual
Kaela will do the message

6. Food orders from ONFC:
Natalia and Kaela will work on this
Will be order today

Sprouts! – Natalia has started this, once grown they will be on the counter

Appliances: Ready! Just need to wait for supplies

March Equinox Dinner!!

7. Cleaning schedule for next week: Kaela and Wendi

Card kept on campus

Next week: Naz will work on group proposal; Switch roles for a week.

website: Sarah will take this on

Next meeting: Friday
Chair: Naz

Meeting Minutes Jan 11, 2013

CHAIR: Kaela
Attendence: Natalia skyped in because she was sick 😦

-Everyone’s cool cool

– more of us want to learn about: budgeting and general finances; time management, outreach tactics
– proposal: spend a week in another coordinator’s position to actually experience what we’re doing

– Natalia to draw up plans for installing shelving units
– We need new caraffes and food displays; purchase this weekend and bring to campus next Tuesday
– Kaela has a clothing rack that we can have until the spring; also to be brought to campus next Tuesday
– Get small appliances and ingredient foods so we can cook in the kitchen
– We still have electrical problems so we can’t run more than two appliances at a time
– Shelving units will help with organizing this
– Natalia to draw up a plan for this over the weekend

> GCSU x Lunik open mic late-night Tuesday next Tuesday (15th)
– open mic from 7-9pm, Lunik open with drinks until 11:30pm
– Let’s get more Lunik x GCSU events in the future!
> GCSU casino night at Lunik
– is it still next Friday?
>Womyn’s Night
– Friday, January 25th
>Yoga lessons
– Weekly yoga lessons by Kaela’s yoga instructor friend (Megan Gates)
– Proposed Thursday nights 6-7pm, then transition into an event like a movie night, etc

> Outreach campaign
– “My Lunik” campaign: take headshots at Lunik next Tuesday after 3
– Photoshop posters and try to get them up by the next Monday (21st)
– cheap poster printing places downtown we can print at because our printer can’t really handle posters
> New Years Resolutions
– Space maintenance (stick to the weekly cleaning schedule)
– Stick to an opening schedule
Mon: Wendi
Tues: Sarah
Wed: Brynn
Thurs: Kaela
Fri: Naz
– Closing schedule: ask GoSafe to close the doors at 8:30 if the cafe hasn’t been closed
– Outreach and membership

Date: Friday, February 1 (11AM)

Next week cleaning schedule: Brynn + Sarah

Meeting 14, 2012

0. Secret Santa

Mood Check in:

Sarah: seeing peeps, saw Hobbit
Natalia: Saw senior Councillor, got paper extensions, feeling better, next term one course, job hunting. Can take on physical work for the space 
Naz: cool
Wendi: finished third exam, no magical blessing re: snow white question. Meeting next week with Aaron and kaela re: research at york grant. Meeting with Sarah to fiiiilm cuz wendi is a youtube starrrrr. One year
brynn: caroling,

1. Reflection
Womyn’s Night:

really like it, well attended. kept going (10-12)
-very conversational
Next one end of january

December Opening
-people took care of the services
-people aren’t expecting it to be open
-sparse but good

-good overall
-Next semester: we need to be careful about events

2. Over the Break Tasks:

-send naz reflection: Google Drive
Physical stuff (natalia): round table on counter top, get shelves for tea (storage), flora stuff; epoxy tables, Sarah and Wendi general clean up
-Wendi is framing stuff
-Naz: Group Proposal form

3. January Opening:
Advertise during break for opening
Jan 15: late night tuesdays” Plan over the break

4. Volunteer Appreciation Alternatives
– E-Card sent out by Brynn
– Thank you candy things

5. Fridge issues
-nothing wrong with it?
-when kaela and natalia are here they will call him

5. Pay