What we see in co-operative ownership

About, What's Happening at Lunik?!

If you’ve been keeping up with Lunik this summer, you’ve probably seen our exciting new renovations to the cafe. It’s definitely still a work in progress, but so far we have completely ripped out the bar in the back kitchen! Pretty crazy right? But apart from the pure aesthetics, what’s the deal with the drastic reno?

The idea to tear out the bar is based on co-operative ownership. This year, we really want to encourage the idea that Lunik is first and foremost a student space, and that everyone has equal access to and responsibility for it. We are all partial owners of Lunik, that is what makes it a true co-operative. But being an owner of the space means more than just paying into it through student fees. It is up to each of us to play an active role in caring for the space and maintaining its mission on campus.

The bar in the kitchen created a very specific type of feel in the cafe, one which isn’t inherently bad, but which a lot of us felt didn’t fit in with this idea of cooperative ownership. The space itself was divided in two – on the one side you had the student space and then behind the bar you had the cafe. Volunteers at the cafe were essentially separated from the rest of Lunik, as if there was a particular distinction between volunteers and other students in the space. Ultimately, this is not the feeling that we should be going for.

no bar

While we will still have volunteers to help out in the kitchen, everyone should feel welcome in the cafe at all times. The kitchen is a free and open space for all to use, and a large construction sitting in the way of that simply makes people feel otherwise. We hope that by removing the bar everyone will feel comfortable using the kitchen, and consequently feel more comfortable taking ownership of the space. By creating an environment that welcomes everyone to use it, we hope that we can also encourage a community that plays an equally large part in caring for the space.

You are a partial owner of Lunik – the way that the space looks and the way that you use it should reflect that. We hope that this year everyone will truly feel comfortable taking ownership of our little co-op, through increased freedom and responsibility in the space. For so many of us Lunik has become a home on campus, and we want to ensure that this will continue for years of Glendonites to come.

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