Meeting Minutes – July 22

Meeting Minutes

1) Frosh Kit
– let Ines know by August 4, in kit August 22
– ideas: notebook (Specter and Co), wildflower papers
– 400 items
– ask YFS about funding, talk to Naz
– try for $1000 for frosh budget
– Brynn gone 31-August 7

1.2) Frosh Carnival – 2nd of September
– instead of clubs day, talk to Ines about what she has in mind for us
– could maybe open terrace, or gardening (fall garden)

1.3) Pro Tem article
– back to school article in Frosh kits, check date

2) Reno
– tearing down the bar today!
– electric is actually happening
– new fridge and freezer will fit next to dishwasher, getting bunch of outlets along side wall, another one above dishwasher
– fixing side kitchen track light, LED in kitchen
– fine for money, will be better when audit is done (just need to submit at Keele)
– coffee maker has special outlet which takes twice as much voltage, we need a new one. Make sure we get one that works for regular outlet.
– Kritika could price things out
– also look into new caraphs, with heater and such
– fridge people will give estimate for delivery and picking up old fridge
– service request put in for bin, should be in by the end of the week for clearing things out.
– hiring someone to help out with reno, help build table and shelves. Brynn’s friend Noah will help
– Gilles and Brynn looked at red shelf, very sturdy and attached directly to wall by hinge. If we made the new ones like that it should work fairly well. Put appliances and things on that, have other side as food prep and such
– going to wait to build table until Brynn is back and she will look at cottage for barn board (100 budget for that)

3) Retreat
– August 16-17, whoever can’t come can deal
– make sure all of the manuals are on the drive
– Make it all day Saturday instead of doing overnight (Saturday 16)

4) Pay
– Cheques are signed

5) Volunteer compensation
– Money lost on food: about 50% of what we spend
– $13,000 spent on food, total revenue about 6800, projected revenue was more like 1300
– events revenue wasn’t deposited (cash)
– audit wants to know what is events and what is food
– volunteer compensation was budgeted at 5000, if you take that out then we only lose 20%
– volunteer compensation should be revamped, probably giving them too much particularly since they will be doing less
– inventory in the new system will need to be rethought as well. Inventory at the beginning and end of day and right that down. Even weekly or biweekly, should be more of coordinator responsibility
– sidebar: draft a key policy
– volunteer accountability with food, new volunteer coordinator should definitely hear about all of the new policies (food, money, signage, etc.)

6) Bulk food
– snack foods, things like granola or trail mix. Sell by case or individually

7) New signage
– Meghan is working on it, Brynn can ask about it this weekend
– need to figure out new volunteer expectations before new signage

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