Spotlight: The Media Co-op

Lunik is a part of a larger community of thriving co-ops in Canada, and we wanted to spotlight one that we think is a great representation of this unique business model.

Property of Toronto Media Co-op

The Media Co-op is a Canada-wide organization, which happens to have a branch right here in Toronto. Relying on a dedicated membership base, and freelance contributors reporting on local, national, and global events, the Media Co-op provides grassroots reporting both online and in print to a wide readership. By diffusing the responsibilities of writing, and encouraging ownership in the co-op, they reduce the costs of upkeep for what is a rapidly diminishing field.

On top of all this, the non-hierarchical structure of a co-op allows the organization to avoid many of the biases that come with larger media outlets. With so many people contributing, the Media Co-op strives to offer equitable and diverse points of view on a variety of issues. What you end up with is a democratic reporting process, that looks quite different from the same regurgitated lines we are used to seeing in mainstream news.

Check out more on the Media Co-op, and perhaps even consider getting involved with the local branch. What a great model for other cooperatives!



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