Meeting Minutes – October 25, 2013

Attending: Brynn, Jocelyn, Vicky, Caroline


Status of facilities in Lunik
– just fixed the last pipe, need Monday to put in new floor.
– so closed for all next week
– Task: Vicky will call LCBO to see if liquor licence date change possible
– Brynn asked about insurance: covered on expenses over $5000
– liability insurance?
– aim to open Monday November 4th, after co-curricular days
– Task: Caroline will post updates about opening and such, pictures, etc.
– Task: Vicky will ask Aaron about selling food in the Breezeway, 12-5 Monday and Tuesday

Rescheduling Harvest dinner
– Thursday? Conflict with Pub Nights
– Task: Caroline will update facebook with date change
– Task: Someone will make Facebook event
– Decided: Thursday November 7
– selling tickets in Breezeway while selling food
– Task: Jocelyn will make new tickets

First Late night Lunik
– Tuesday after co-curricular
– Caroline will borrow car to pick up alcohol and bring to Lunik. Vicky probably needs to come because her name on licence. Will try for Sunday beforehand.
– who is in charge of this, Vicky or Naz? Brynn says probably Naz because Vicky is more external events
– what to do with extras? Can’t keep it at Lunik, can you return them? Ask Naz.
– Task: Vicky will ask Naz about numbers, products, what to do with extras
– Task: Caroline will promote on Facebook

Silk Screening
– Brynn talked to Gilles, he says it is totally fine to use dark room in basement.
– look at dates so Brynn can clear it with Gilles in writing
– Task: Brynn will contact Xavier, how long he needs space, can we do a “Lunikifying” event, when is he available?

Lunik during Co-curricular
– will be closed but working on setting space up to reopen after break

Consensus and Anti-O
– shift to next meeting

Next Meeting
– Megan will chair and Brynn act as secretary
– decide date over facebook, first week of November

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