Meeting Minutes – September 7, 2013

Present: Jocelyne, Brynn, Meghan, Vicy, Caroline, Nazampal

1. Outside Commitments:

-naz: LSAT Oct 5th, Zine, radio
-Vicky: PT Job

-Brynn: PT Job

-Meghan: all course on Keele Campus

-Jocelyne: PT job, evening classes

2. email Caroline content for newsletter one week before

3. Decision to open kitchen from 11pm-3pm the week of Sept 16th. based on this week, hours will for the year will be decided in the following meeting.

4. Meghan on signing authority list.
Coordinators unanimously decide for a credit card with Alterna. Brynn will ask the board to draft a letter.

5. Board: Require new coordinators to be on the board.

6. Club’s Day Monday, 11-1pm. Brynn will be there. Naz to order from Sweets from the Earth



All: Review policies, constitution and by-laws; submit first person bio to Caroline; post class schedule on google docs; open and close schedule

Brynn: next student org roundtable info; following up on computer from IT; call Board Meetin

Vicky: condense policies into a volunteer handbook; meet with Brynn;

Naz: buttons, fridge lock, meet with Meghan, dividers, upload promo materials, call 1-800 Junk for the back room

Caroline: email labels, update web

Meghan: review last year’s budget; meet with Charmaine on Thursday.

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