Bienvenue from Lunik!

The new school year is upon us! With it comes a wave of new Glendonites (welcome!), a bundle of fresh courses, and the re-opening of our favourite student-run café!

Nous à Lunik sommes drôlement prête à commencer l’année. Et nous avons une nouvelle équipe des coordinateurs pour accueillir-vous à l’année. On behalf of the Coordinator Team, I want to say how excited I am to work with you, the Glendon community, to make this year at Lunik truly amazing. Meet the whole team, here!

Quels d’autres sont nouveaux à Lunik? Well if you are reading this, that means you are on our brand new blog. The Lunik Blog is all a part of our News Centre, where we hope to put the concept of a student space up online. Everything from events going on in the space to photos taken by students can make it onto our News Centre. And the most important part is that YOU can get involved, and get your stuff up in front of the Lunik community.

Comment pouvons-nous faire ça? Easy, just contact me! My name is Caroline, and I am the External Communcations Coordinator. I speak for Lunik when it comes to things like our Facebook page, Twitter profile, and this right here. I don’t want anyone to think of Lunik as being some anonymous group of people. This space belongs to every member of the Glendon community, and as a coordinator it is my job to be here for you to talk to about it.

If you have a great recipe you want to share, an opinion about the food on campus, wrote a poem about Lunik, or anything else worth sharing, let us know. Email your entries to me, Caroline, at, or come up to me anytime to chat about your ideas. And don’t forget to keep following the Lunik New Centre for more on what’s going on in our little café.


Caroline – External Communications Coordinator

That’s me wavin’…
So come say hi! I am happy to talk about most anything

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