Meeting Minutes – November 7, 2013

1. Late Night Lunik
– partner with other groups (e.g. History night, Cafe Chantant)
– we get licence, they bring people
– live music(Caroline)
– volunteers stay until six, coordinators as bartenders
– min. 1 coordinator with SmartServe present when someone without SmartServe is bartending for the first time
– next date: November 19th (Naz to get licence)

2. Final Pay Record S1
– fill in document by end of weekend up until now

3. Liquor Permits/ Special Occasion Permits
– ask Kaela about proof of non-profit status (could get Public Special Occasion Permit) (Naz)
– can keep getting Private Special Occasion Permits (can advertise, social media, but not publicly)

4. Ticketing for Halloween Harvest Dinner
– got signatures, have stubs and $$ in separate envelope
– write policy for SCLD (Brynn) on Event Procedures
– make spreadsheet to record totals for events (Meghan)

5. Speakeasy Event
– groups charging cover for event? case by case?
– ending times for events? 11 pm unless coordinator or board member present at event
– advertising? Lunik approval? send PDF of poster to Lunik email before posting
– Vicky: send email about specific concerns: cover, liquor, Thursday, time, posters, title, perception as pub night – see response

6. Clothing Swap
– try to bring clothing before the day of – one ticket per item of clothing
– Wed-Thurs (Nov 13-14) – 12-7
– if no clothing, pay $2.50/item or donate time to Lunik/LMAG (1/2 hr per item)
– leftover clothing donated to fashion show where people make clothing – half there and half to women’s centre/clothing donation bin
– bring 3 red tables in – do another coat on two outdoor tables (Naz and Brynn)

7. Anti O training dates
– Naz put dates in conversation
– $900 total ($225 per session)
– partner with other groups
– send email out to other groups (Brynn)
– Caroline and Vicky promote to volunteers
– Naz send blurb about Oppression Awareness

8. GWTC and Ekklesia Scheduling Conflict
– resolved

9. Weekly Meetings
– table

10. Womyn’s Nite
– does anyone else want to take it on? Think about it!

11. Tablet computers
– table

12. Bookkeeping
– We have bookkeeper can start!!
– invoices should be organized by end of this weekend
– needs to get trained, concerned about new process – can do training $75 (one hour) with woman who works for bookkeeping services
– need computer for bookkeeping software – look for open source version
– follow up with ITS about computer (Brynn)
– will meet next Friday (Naz, Meghan, Brynn, Ro)

13. Milk
– no order this week – can’t do under $200 (under $400 = $20 delivery charge)
– Jocelyne bought milk
– Shoppers is what we need
– Look at what you want in catalogue – make note by Tuesday!

14. Pay

Next meeting: Saturday, November 16th at 6:00 pm at CSI Coffee Pub

Chair: Brynn
Secretary: Naz

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