Coordinators meeting – April 26th, 2013. 2pm

Chair: Kaela
Secretary: Natalia  
Attending: the above, naz, sarah, wendi, brynn    


Garden planting party
Potentially dates (watching weather), june 1 or may 18th
Treat bags haha
Allie Macdonald
Bluegrass band !
Brynn bringing her guitar
We want: Chocosol, Jacob morely kearland  

Policy review review
Went over meeting policy, safe space, membership, contract for summer, environmental, few changes made and in the google docs.
Contract for groups to be looked over and need to make a hiring policy – Brynn
Brynn will also translate the policies and website into french over the summer 🙂  

Lunik positions for next year:
Last day to apply is april 30 Lots of people applying and inquiring 🙂 What to do if no one applies for the financial coordinator position?
Auditor suggested hiring someone from the outside, ask darryl reed, if this occurs. Would prefer a student. Will consider if no one applies.

Dont say goodbye, say so long.

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