Meeting Friday, April 5


Chair: Natalia
Secretary: TBD

1. Mood checks – 5 min

2. Post-AGM review and follow ups – 10 min
-Separate meeting for vacancies filling- approve new board members in fall meeting
-Meeting will be in Sept
-Print out by-laws and sign,

3. Events from last week follow ups and upcoming events prep – 10min
Student Recruitment for
Transition Day: Incoming and Outgoing club leaders training day
April 12, 2013, 9am
Lunch in Lunik Co-op.
Get new board members to go and applying coordinators

4. Audit review – 10min
Draft Given: Qualified
New Auditor Needed

5. Pay – 5min

We have had an intense week with the AGM meetings and finals, lets have a short meeting and put non-essentials to next week.
Best of luck on all your end of year exams and assignments!

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