Meeting Minutes – September 13, 2013

Present: Jocelyne, Brynn, Meghan, Vicky, Naz, Pavan
Sept 13, 2013, 3:30

1. Check-Ins (5 min)

2. Tasks Update (10 min) -Questions on policies bylaws etc?
– Meghan– Met with auditor, did bio
-Brynn– read policies, did bio, didn’t talk to IT yet because Giles was on vacation didn’t send email about board meeting yet.
-Caroline: Wondering about council, clarification about constitution and by-laws, did website stuff, did bio stuff, created email tags, social media stuff, active with GCSU and Radio Glendon,
– Vicky: Volunteer manual, how the coffee machine works
-Jocelyne: Talked to Natalia, worked on the garden, forgot to read policies and procedures
-Naz: Got lock for fridge, looked into finding divider for the kitchen, talked to UNICEF, got promo stuff, maintenance stuff, got the saris fixed, did little things around the space

3. Group Use Policy Update (5 min)
-Discuss policy or keep current one?
Come into the space at 5:30/6:00 set up but don’t let the event itself start until 7pm. Unless they don’t need a microphone
Meghan– Girl who asked about personal booking. Last year we were approached to do a birthday party– response was no based on the fact that it wasn’t contributing to the community as per policy. Answer is no.
UNICEF– Vicky to email them to confirm details. If UNICEF wants to book in the future, we will have to specify the group use policy and that is has been just decided.

4. Oppression Awareness Training and consensus training – Naz (5 min)
-3 hour workshop. We were sent questions to answer.
What does the organization hope to accomplish with this workshop? Abstract to concrete
This year the fee is $300 (up from $100 last year). Maybe we can negotiate  $150/session.
-training opens our minds to what oppression really is.
-Caroline suggests splitting the cost with another organization within Glendon (excellent idea!)
-All volunteers must attend anti-O training (mandatory or only marked as such to get the majority of volunteers trained)
Available the weekend of the 23rd. Needs a 3-hr timeslot.
Friday 27th– 1/2hr meeting and replace meeting with training.
Are we interested in consensus training?
-we’ll ask Naz’s roommate Thom about consensus training for free.

5. Policy on Work Vs. Volunteer Work (15 min)
brainstorming session:
Vicky– solicited vs unsolicited work?
-Volunteers have expectations and know that they’re going into the position as a volunteer; if they want to take on something extra, they should expect not to be compensated for it
Deciding on a project and whether there is something beyond our own skill set that we can compensate for is a 2-step process that takes place at our weekly meeting
-special skills/projects that we solicit is paid and agreed upon prior to soliciting that project

6. Language Day, Clothing Swap, Fire place Reno – Jocelyne (10 min)
Break – 10 min

7. Green Clubs Initiative / Green Officer position (7 min)
-Green clubs exist– workshops for getting green club status
-Green officer– Jocelyne? Caroline? Attend meeting once/month

8. GWTC joint project (5 min)
-Tabled for next week (Jillian not here).
-Get pads, tampons for Lunik
-First Aid kits should be visible and well stocked

9. Inventory System (15 min)
Meghan will work on inventory

10. Signage in Lunik (5 min)
Meghan and Jocelyne will work together on signage
font is courier new

11. Weekly Clean-ups, open and close and meeting schedule (5 min)
-break down clean-up into tasks; tasks will rotate, Brynn and Naz will make schedule and it will be cute

Future Meetings:
We’ll have meetings every Friday at 3:30 unless one person can’t make it– in that case, we’ll arrange a time that best suits everyone

12. Finance Policy/Meeting Results
We have all the funding we can get right now (one full year plus 25% of the second year). We have four more milestones that we need to meet (fairly simple) to get the other 25% from 2011-2012

office hours

closing clean up

Next chair: Jocelyne
Next meeting: Friday, September 19, 9:30 AM


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