1. Organization of fridge/counter area (10min)

– Back area, fridge and kitchen area has been reorganized; they should stay neat

– Are we gonna do any renovations to the back area of the kitchen? How do we make it flow more?

– We should clean out the clothes; use the other counter side

– We need to start thinking about summer, shelfs are needed, and spaces need to be filled in

– If we clean out the counter area, then we can put up bilingual signs and enforce weekly French days next year

– Make a list of summer to-do things

2. Review of Wednesday meeting – how did we think it went? Continue this? (10min)

– We should make goal lists, then Wednesday meetings will be a checkup of how far we are

– We should have one this upcoming week

– It went well, we should really keep it to 20 minutes

3. AGM (15min)

– Couldn’t contact the auditor again

– Will contact her after this meeting to finalize things

4. Lunik events – potluck – end of year party? (15min)

– Light menu;

– Wendi will make event page

– March 21st, 6:30, $5 recommended ticket price

– We will need volunteers to help set up

– Budget: approx. $150

– Have to make tickets; Naz will make

– Live music would be nice; Brynn, Esther or other Glendon musicians

5. Upcoming events

– Womyn’s Night 28th, 7 – 10 PM

– Upcoming Tuesday: Weather Station; Kaela will make poster for the event
6. Goals for next week and rest of semester (20min)

– Next year’s positions, same model/Glendon integrator  and become more connected to the Glendon/city community

– We’ve become more isolated and cut off from the rest of the campus

– Have a position/representative who reaches out

– There needs to be more communication with other student groups

– Building a community that makes Lunik really become a part of Glendon

– By the end of this month and post next year’s position requirements

7. Pay

Meeting Minutes

Agenda March 1st

Meeting Minutes


Ant-o cheque + prep: do we have q’s

1. Consensus and Meeting Structure Discussion (20 Min) – Wendi

– meetings run too long sometimes, don’t stay on topic

– make sure whoever is talking gets to finish what they’re saying (listening exercise) – to be regulated by the Chair

– we can be open and comfortable to have discussions, don’t make decisions based on votes – consensus building

– more concrete role of the Chair (Lunik’s policies on chairing meetings – helpful for future years too) – OPIRG Facilitation Workshop (Naz to bring details)

– Web meetings sometimes? – for supplementary meetings

– Mid-week web-based check-in (To update on goals/tasks for the week) – Wednesdays at 4:00 pm (20-25 min)

– Stick to time limits listed on agenda

– Active listening

2. Sarah Reflection on leadershape for Lunik (15 min)

– American institute that does leadership conferences to build leaders within communities (e.g. York chapter)

– First focus on yourself (leadership personality: Dominant, Inspiring, Steady, Conscientious)

– Vision: what will the future look like after your goals have been realized?

– Manageable goals (completed within 5 years), Stretch goals (may take a lifetime)

– Safe Space: place and status within the community is not placed first, people are open to be vulnerable (important for getting things done)

– Find personality test online for Lunik coordinators (each post one link on fb conversation by end of weekend)

3. Summer positions, structures and plans (10 min)

– Retreat this summer? – August, two weeks before school, sleepover in Lunik

– Set-up for September – someone to be around in August

– Events in Summer

– One person to come in to maintain space – honorarium for summer or hourly?

– Garden: plant and start seeds, water and come in once in a while

– Make list of what we want done in the summer – contract-based working

– Applications for positions next year – start before end of school year?

– Training for new positions in summer

– Make list of summer goals and projects

4. Lunik Lunch Table/Board Game Night (15 min)

– Slow cooker for Lunik?

– Pilot day in March? (Talk to Adrienne)

– Late Night Game Night – next week

5. Womyn’s Nite Proposal (2 min)

– Next Womyn’s Nite: March 28th

– Self-defense next time, move to GAC – start with self-defense and then come back to Lunik for discussion

– Continue with potluck

6. Events this month (5 Min)

– ResLife: Eco Game Night tonight 6:30 – 8:00 pm

– York International Socialists Meeting March 11 3:30 – 5:00 pm

– Late Nite with The Weather Station (Tamara Lindeman): March 12th (regular late night with entertainment)

– Next week Late Night: Board Game Night

– Wednesday March 13th: Cafe Chantant (want liquor licence – ask about changing to Tuesday?)

– Yoga on Thursdays (Emma as back-up?) – on for this Thursday

– Thursday March 14th, V-day, 7:30 – 9:30 pm (closed from 7:00 for setup)

– Sexual Assault Survivor Support Line – Event in Recognition of International Women’s Day (artistic performances): March 15th 7:00 – 11:00 pm

7. AGM (15 Min)


– Qualified audit: dealing with cash, not doing things wrong

– No estimated date

What is happening?

– Potluck on Tuesday, 6:00 pm

– Approach new faculty members for incorporation on board


– Third/fourth week of March (26th)

Tabling for membership?

8. March Solstice Event! (15 min)

– To discuss at Wednesday meeting

9. Lunik Food Expiry Policy (5 min)

– Expiry dates need to be enforced, even if frozen

– If questionable, double check and don’t assume someone else will do it

– If close to expiry date, give them away!

– Naz: make sign for fridge for expiry date

– Soy/Almond/Dairy milk must be marked with date opening (not good within 7 to 10 days)


naz has a self-interested proposition

Meeting Feb. 15, 2013

Meeting Minutes

1. Mood Check – 10 min
-Espresso machine:
  -need weekly clean up, maintenance

2. Follow from last week:

a) unfinished tasks – 5 min

Inventory needs to go online
Kambucha: Aparna will bring in the mother
Discusson on Idle no More: Brynn planning on Tuesday

b) review of events: Tabling; Trouble & Daughter; Raw & Organic – 10 min
T&D – Was amazing, lots of people, great music
Late Night Tuesdays:
Each month: 1 Live Music Night & 1 Open Mic Night

NEXT MEETING: End of the year party

Raw and Organic: Went really well, Megan did excellent facilitation, talks about two workshops – gender specific workshops.

3. Update of accounts – 3 min
Deposit happened
Waiting on Audit

4. Upcoming events? – 10min
Tabling Mon 25th – Breeze Way Table (Info Sheets, Flyers, Muffins, pins, membership sign up, bring the sony thing out play some musaq)
12-2: Wendi
12-3: Brynn
12-3- Steph
2-4 – Naz
3-4 – Sarah

Anti-O: March 1st, 2pm – 7-10 people; Naz will ask a GCSU member to attend

Eco-Game Show Wednesday 27th, 2013

Womyn’s Night: Thursday 28th, 2013

4. AGM (Feb. 26) planning – 25min
By-Laws need to printed out
5% of membership or 10 people
Robert’s Rule write up – Natalia
Set-up at 5: Naz
Projector: Sarah
Posters and Flyers:  Naz
Music Booking: Kaela
Recruiting Professors: Kaela

Introduction, Opening Remarks (Kaela)
1.Constitution: Naz
2.ByLaws and voting in: natalia
3. Chair and Elections: Kaela
4. Report of Auditor and appoint auditor
5. Director’s report
5. Meeting Structure
Open Meeting on Tuesday

Be more concise meetings
Meetings outside: volunteer and events stuff happen in the week
Facebook Chat: Good at keeping people up to date; can be overwhelming, not obligated to check it,

6. Pay – 5min

Clean up of front space and clean up of back space – 1 hour

total meeting time 1hr 10 min + clean up

Proposed Meeting Agenda :: February 15, 2013 – 11am

Meeting Minutes

Chair >> Natalia

1. Mood Check – 10 min

2. Follow from last week:

a) unfinished tasks – 5 min

b) review of events: Tabling; Trouble & Daughter; Raw & Organic – 10 min

3. Update of accounts – 3 min

4. Upcoming events? – 10min

4. AGM (Feb. 26) planning – 25min

5. Pay – 5min

Clean up of front space and clean up of back space – 1 hour


minutes – meeting on February 8, 2013

Meeting Minutes

present >> naz, kaela, brynn, wendi, sarah, natalia

start time >> 12:00pm, chair >> wendi, secretary >> natalia

1. mood checks

kaela – send out list of prices for new food items and post to facebook group

wendi – make inventory of new products

safe space policy should also be on facebook group pages

2. upcoming events

Trouble & Daughter -feb. 12 6-11pm

  • each of us should post a song or link for promo everyday
  • brynn – brings extra mics and patch chords, will do a soundcheck on the day of
  • kaela, anya, natalia run the bar
  • ask bahman and emma for hummus, natalia and audrey make heart and skull? cookies
  • look into lights/lighting. borrow audreys spinning colourful light. more disco balls in back room?
  • set up stage/risers (naz? GME has them, get them back for the show)
  • wendi – pick up more liquor on tuesday
  • kaela – send notices to aaron doupe, protem, GCSU on fb

Raw and Organic : Valentines sex talk

  • 6pm -tea, 6:15 – yoga, 6:30 – discussion
  • food, hummus, pitas need to be acquired
  • we all need to talk about it and promote it
  • selective video, photos and blog post after the event – kaela/naz

Womyn’s night – 6-10:30pm

  • mini flyers by naz on Why the Y to put around campus
  • sarah – 5min presentation on masculine/feminine/androgynous body image
  • we all have to fill in the google doc on why a separate space for womyn!
  • naz is tabling on monday the 25th to promot womyns night and the AGM. booking table for 12-3 and wendi is able to book in.
  • potluck with naz brining lentils and rice, candy, mac n cheese
  • main topic: rejection/acceptance. movie clip from the movie Pariah. other topics include: slut shaming, dangers of internet, motherhood, coping with mental health

Clean up next week

2 people clean the front of house, 4 of us will take on the back room agian.

Anti-Oppression trainings

  • 2 sessions @2hours each for up to 20 people catered to luniks mandate > how to ensforce safe space policy, anti-o vs. political correctness, leadership within the context of anti-o
  • general promotion plus personal invitation for lunik leaders and to GCSU
  • tentative date is March 1st, the earlier the better
  • attendees must RSVP
  • brynn to send out in general email and naz emails ray, the facilitator, our specific needs, questions

AGM – Feb 26 – 6-8pm

  • agenda items: 1. elections (kaela), 2. pass constitution (naz), 3. pass by-laws (natalia). also required: report of directors, financial statements, report of auditors, appointing auditor for next year
  • need 5% of all membership or 10 people
  • must provide 10 days notice for AGM and for people to decide to run for board
  • need Robert’s Rules of Order sheets for attendees
  • need to elect a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer
  • need to determine who is up for re-election and the stages of future elections
  • will need to borrow a projector
  • naz – setting up facebook page
  • follow-up meeting will be next friday
  • it will be a potluck and party after. thinking of asking alex’s band to play for the late night tuesdays

3. Audit progress

No contact from the auditor, everything on our end is complete and still waiting on official report.

4. Kombucha

Dana, has SCOBI kombucha mother and we can start reproducing it and selling it at PWYC. Will need a person to lead and facilitate this project. Dana? Brynn will talk to her.

5. Reading week schedule

There will be no volunteer schedule, no late night tuesday and no meeting that week.

6. Misc.

naz to decalcify the espresso and coffee machines this weekend

brynn and adrienne/adrian to organize an #idlenomore discussion event with indigenous studies professor. topics of discussion could include recent flag ‘defacing’/adjusting at yorku.

>>meeting adjourned at 1:45pm. natalia to set schedule and minutes for next week’s meeting on friday, feb 15.

Meeting Minutes – November 23, 2012

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Wendi

Secretary: Brynn

1. Mood and work updates

– Sarah (Social): facilities (garbage must be taken out, ask Natalia to speak again about having facilities pick up), Radio Glendon launch party (will send proposal)

– Wendi (Finance): issue with lack of volunteers, Transgender Remembrance Day (good), getting volunteers involved (use project board)

– Brynn (Volunteer): Volunteer Appreciation Night meeting, Sweets from the Earth (weekly payments on Mondays, blank cheques will be left), Zara’s (cheque will be left as well)

– Naz (General): facilities e-mail sent, Riot Grrrl and Womyn’s night promotion and “Meet me in the Basement”, Staff Report Doc (due December 31st), Anti-O training (pick date), clubs have received Group Use email, Pro-Tem article done (Natalia made ad) to be sent over weekend, Riot Grrrl playlist (Wendi), Womyn’s Night (project board is effective in promotion, GWTC emailed), we need ink!
Reminders: Next week is pay so fill in tasks, email Wendi stuff that can be framed from our departments (to personal email)

2. Review of new payment system

– Weekly payment

– Blank cheque left

3. December opening days

– Keep kitchen open until everything runs out, and then just tea and coffee

– Next week will be last shipment

– Volunteers opening and closing (leave key in Principal’s office)

– Coordinator schedule opening and closing on Gmail

– Send out three Doodle polls this week (for three exam weeks) – Brynn

4. Riot Grrrl

– liquor: have permit for this week and next (Yonge & Dundas) – Kaela to bring here on Monday (see if it will be available on the weekend)

– some people confused about Riot Grrrl (live music? Tuesday night thing?) – separate facebook page makes it more confusing? (combine with Lunik Late Night page)

– playlist will be made, videos to be projected onto wall

– group painting (art table – Kaela) – set up regularly at Tuesday nights (check stock of brown paper – Kaela to get more)

5. Womyn’s Nights

– emailed GWTC for promotion for event

– Google Doc for planning

– post about the word “womyn” (Kaela and Michelle) with multiple photos of multiple womyn (look! these are all women!)

– Dec. 6, 6:00 pm: start with icebreaker, have suggestion box of topics they want to bring up, keep in one group (start off with big group, and then have a chill session)

– free coffee and tea, set aside extra Zara’s food (big bowl of Pakoras?), set budget ($50.00 – Kaela will buy food) and get finger food (hummus from Bahman!)

– art table (paper and supplies left out – big collage with paint and magazines)

– Naz to work on playlist

6. Anti-O Schedules

– OPIRG replied, can’t come on Fridays, would prefer Monday – Wednesday

– Monday, December 10th (AM, about an hour)

7. Promotion results?

– “Meet me in the basement” very successful

– Next semester: volunteer pictures (like York’s advertising)

– “What is Lunik?” (different answers around the school, mini versions here for those to fill in, those to be posted week after) #whatislunik (twitter responses) – everyone submit answer to Naz to put on posters

8. Volunteer appreciation night

– Wednesday, December 12th evening

– dinner and hangout

– post on facebook, send in email in case anyone has ideas

9. Last meeting?

– Next week is board meeting at 12:30 pm! Natalia should be taking minutes, Kaela is chair.

– Our meeting at 10:30 am (Brynn to chair)

– Each present to board what we have been doing (3-5 minutes) – our roles, how the semester has been

10. To-do lists and progress/updates

– add signing authorities to bank account (audit must be done before changing bank account – should be by the end of the semester)

– fill in Staff Report Doc by December 31st

– buy black ink (Wendi after meeting)

– send point form description of position (or something related to your position) to Wendi by next week

– log pay for next week


Friday, November 30, 2012 at 10:30 am

BOARD MEETING to follow:

Friday, November 30, 2012 at 12:30 pm

Proposed Agenda and Minutes – Meeting November 16, 2012 (12:30PM)

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Sarah
Secretary: Wendi

  1. Mood check & updates


  • doing well;
  • keeping the regular training routine;
  • people said good things about post-it


  • doing pretty well;
  • group use email has been sent to Aaron and he will send it to people telling them how the space will be lent out;
  • met with Sarah to frame notes and policies on the walls to let people read and also act as art, will continue doing that;
  • did the post-it campaign, which went well;
  • contract has been finalized


  • doing alright;
  • the sink seems ok;
  • we should make signs saying absolutely no food in the sink;
  • did an ad for Lunik on protem;
  • talked about leave blowing on the terrance;
  • posted about indoor plant drive


  • really annoyed with the suppliers;
  • we need to go over our invoices because they didn’t keep track;
  • more diligence when receiving because we trusted them too much;
  • know how much is in the order and figure out how to pay;
  • have to figure our delivery and receiving;
  • Trouble and Daughter event was awesome, would like to have them here again;
  • no liquor permit for next week;


  • family issues are exhausting;
  • took out the anger by working on Lunik stuff;
  • really grateful to have support from the Lunik team;
  • liquor pickup was fun;
  • all invoices and inventories are up to date;
  • made deposit;


  • things are picking up;
  • talked to Courtney about volunteers for Fall Campus Day;
  • we should have “connections” as incentives instead of just food, shift the incentives a bit;
  • we should have photos of events on the walls to have people connect with this community

2. Monthly Summaries

  • by Dec 31, everyone should write a 250-word summary of their position and what they gained

3. Cheque payments for our deliveries

  • They want to pay every time;
  • they treat us like we’re not trustworthy;
  • won’t accept a term or bi-weekly payment;
  • for now we’ll leave blank cheques signed for the shipment;
  • should we consider other supplier options?;
  • we should have drink and soup options;

4. Review of post-it notes campaign & next campaign idea: COME TO THE BASEMENT

  • Next campaign: we should have flyers around the school saying “meet me in the basement”;
  • should get it started this coming week;
  • get people talking – hashtags on Twitter and Facebook promotions;

5. Riot girl Lunik night

  • Keep it on a Tuesday – Nov. 27
  • huge playlist of feminist punk bands;
  • have a screen playing their music videos;
  • we will have a liquor permit;
  • we should start promotion starting next week;

6. Women’s night at Lunik

  • collaborate with women and trans centre;
  • maybe we organize and they promote;
  • on a Thursday night before the end of this semester;
  • we should strive to have this once a month;
  • proposed day: Dec. 6;
  • free coffee and tea;
  • minimum donation of a dollar;

7. Lunik opening dates in December

  • We should open until the 21th;
  • just having open and close by volunteers;
  • have to add names to the list of people who can have the key from the principle’s office

8. Framing Lunik Educational Things (submit from each department)

  • each department should submit something to get them framed;
  • ie) framing why we should volunteer and bank statements;
  • get them submitted to Naz in the next 2 weeks

9. To-do list

  • Brynn; Frame volunteer stuff; look at draft; make doodle and send
  • Naz: promote riot girl night and women’s night
  • Sarah: another blog post (band night);
  • Wendi: print out stuff on Google doc; do blog on post-it;
  • Kaela: make videos for both events
  • Volunteer appreciation Lunik family dinner for the end of the semester
  • somehow get them involved in this.. set up a meeting to organize this with volunteers
  • need an SOP for it to share liquor
  • Trouble and Daughter late night for Dec 4

10. Clean-up schedule

  • This week: Issa’s (from recruitment) getting the floor mopped on Saturday;
  • the bands playing today will be cleaning up;
  • so Sarah and Wendi will clean up next week;
  • check draft in G-Doc regarding cleanup;

11. Pay

Meeting Minutes November 9, 2012

Meeting Minutes

Date: November 9, 2012
Time: 1:10 pm
Attendance: Kaela, Naz, Wendi, Brynn, Sarah

Chair: Naz
Secretary: Sarah


– Wendi’s making a video to put up on the Lunik YouTube channel to show what our general meetings are like

Space maintenance
– Plumber came in and put in solution into the drain – DO NOT USE SINK OVER THE WEEKEND
– Garbage: we can leave the garbage out at the bottom of the stairs (right outside the cafe door) and it will be picked up – Do this WHENEVER IT GETS FULL
– In January, we can put in a service request to get the garbage from the back room cleared

– Don’t touch the breakers or your face might melt off

The outreach campaign
– out-reach through ProTem – something for next month!
– everyone take some stamped post-its today!
– the guerrilla marketing blitz early next week
– Tuesday mega-poster advertisement night

December opening hours
– the cafe will be open as a social/study space
– food will be sold on honour system with an obvious price list
– if Lunik volunteers want to keep the cafe open past regular hours to study they can be the designated closer


– More promo for our next Late-night Lunik because the band TROUBLE AND DAUGHTER IS COMING
– post their music online

– Selling whole tea boxes: once we find out how much we can sell them for we can sell them like our bags of coffee 😀

– Door to the back room – get the drill in to put on the hinges and attach the door

– More advertising and raising awareness about the volunteer opportunity

Key access system for volunteers opening the cafe
– Make a list of volunteers to give to the office upstairs so they can access it when a coordinator is unable to open the cafe in the morning.

Weekly clean up
– Checklist doc online – Brynn doing this week


Chair – Sarah
Secretary – Wendi

Meeting November 1st Meeting @ 11am

Meeting Minutes, Uncategorized

Chair: Kaela

Secretary : Nazampal

Updates from each chair:

-Health better, feeling better
-Tasks done, just work on community outreach

-Not a lot of Lunik work done, mood okay
-Next will be better
-Late night Lunik was good
Wendi: did deposit money
20 people
Post-poned band for the week after
More liquor for next week
Permit for Nov 13th
-Dad will be here at Lunik on Tuesday!!!

-Kitchen closed, will send out next week’s call out

-Chemical for drain here on Tuesday
-Party went well
-Likes doing a clean-up on Tuesdays

-Last two week more requests for space usage
-sign. less # than october
-diligent about contracts, closing procedures
-Big to-do list, how to deal with people and requests
-angry at everything

-Did get work done
-LCBO long drive
-a lot of time for inventory, reciept to Brian Morgan
-will find a an invoice maker
-Last week was tense, and this week was the end of the tension, chopped hair off no tension
-Epic hair story inserted here

Outreach brainstorming:

Definition of goals short term and long term