Meeting Feb. 15, 2013

1. Mood Check – 10 min
-Espresso machine:
  -need weekly clean up, maintenance

2. Follow from last week:

a) unfinished tasks – 5 min

Inventory needs to go online
Kambucha: Aparna will bring in the mother
Discusson on Idle no More: Brynn planning on Tuesday

b) review of events: Tabling; Trouble & Daughter; Raw & Organic – 10 min
T&D – Was amazing, lots of people, great music
Late Night Tuesdays:
Each month: 1 Live Music Night & 1 Open Mic Night

NEXT MEETING: End of the year party

Raw and Organic: Went really well, Megan did excellent facilitation, talks about two workshops – gender specific workshops.

3. Update of accounts – 3 min
Deposit happened
Waiting on Audit

4. Upcoming events? – 10min
Tabling Mon 25th – Breeze Way Table (Info Sheets, Flyers, Muffins, pins, membership sign up, bring the sony thing out play some musaq)
12-2: Wendi
12-3: Brynn
12-3- Steph
2-4 – Naz
3-4 – Sarah

Anti-O: March 1st, 2pm – 7-10 people; Naz will ask a GCSU member to attend

Eco-Game Show Wednesday 27th, 2013

Womyn’s Night: Thursday 28th, 2013

4. AGM (Feb. 26) planning – 25min
By-Laws need to printed out
5% of membership or 10 people
Robert’s Rule write up – Natalia
Set-up at 5: Naz
Projector: Sarah
Posters and Flyers:  Naz
Music Booking: Kaela
Recruiting Professors: Kaela

Introduction, Opening Remarks (Kaela)
1.Constitution: Naz
2.ByLaws and voting in: natalia
3. Chair and Elections: Kaela
4. Report of Auditor and appoint auditor
5. Director’s report
5. Meeting Structure
Open Meeting on Tuesday

Be more concise meetings
Meetings outside: volunteer and events stuff happen in the week
Facebook Chat: Good at keeping people up to date; can be overwhelming, not obligated to check it,

6. Pay – 5min

Clean up of front space and clean up of back space – 1 hour

total meeting time 1hr 10 min + clean up

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