Agenda March 1st


Ant-o cheque + prep: do we have q’s

1. Consensus and Meeting Structure Discussion (20 Min) – Wendi

– meetings run too long sometimes, don’t stay on topic

– make sure whoever is talking gets to finish what they’re saying (listening exercise) – to be regulated by the Chair

– we can be open and comfortable to have discussions, don’t make decisions based on votes – consensus building

– more concrete role of the Chair (Lunik’s policies on chairing meetings – helpful for future years too) – OPIRG Facilitation Workshop (Naz to bring details)

– Web meetings sometimes? – for supplementary meetings

– Mid-week web-based check-in (To update on goals/tasks for the week) – Wednesdays at 4:00 pm (20-25 min)

– Stick to time limits listed on agenda

– Active listening

2. Sarah Reflection on leadershape for Lunik (15 min)

– American institute that does leadership conferences to build leaders within communities (e.g. York chapter)

– First focus on yourself (leadership personality: Dominant, Inspiring, Steady, Conscientious)

– Vision: what will the future look like after your goals have been realized?

– Manageable goals (completed within 5 years), Stretch goals (may take a lifetime)

– Safe Space: place and status within the community is not placed first, people are open to be vulnerable (important for getting things done)

– Find personality test online for Lunik coordinators (each post one link on fb conversation by end of weekend)

3. Summer positions, structures and plans (10 min)

– Retreat this summer? – August, two weeks before school, sleepover in Lunik

– Set-up for September – someone to be around in August

– Events in Summer

– One person to come in to maintain space – honorarium for summer or hourly?

– Garden: plant and start seeds, water and come in once in a while

– Make list of what we want done in the summer – contract-based working

– Applications for positions next year – start before end of school year?

– Training for new positions in summer

– Make list of summer goals and projects

4. Lunik Lunch Table/Board Game Night (15 min)

– Slow cooker for Lunik?

– Pilot day in March? (Talk to Adrienne)

– Late Night Game Night – next week

5. Womyn’s Nite Proposal (2 min)

– Next Womyn’s Nite: March 28th

– Self-defense next time, move to GAC – start with self-defense and then come back to Lunik for discussion

– Continue with potluck

6. Events this month (5 Min)

– ResLife: Eco Game Night tonight 6:30 – 8:00 pm

– York International Socialists Meeting March 11 3:30 – 5:00 pm

– Late Nite with The Weather Station (Tamara Lindeman): March 12th (regular late night with entertainment)

– Next week Late Night: Board Game Night

– Wednesday March 13th: Cafe Chantant (want liquor licence – ask about changing to Tuesday?)

– Yoga on Thursdays (Emma as back-up?) – on for this Thursday

– Thursday March 14th, V-day, 7:30 – 9:30 pm (closed from 7:00 for setup)

– Sexual Assault Survivor Support Line – Event in Recognition of International Women’s Day (artistic performances): March 15th 7:00 – 11:00 pm

7. AGM (15 Min)


– Qualified audit: dealing with cash, not doing things wrong

– No estimated date

What is happening?

– Potluck on Tuesday, 6:00 pm

– Approach new faculty members for incorporation on board


– Third/fourth week of March (26th)

Tabling for membership?

8. March Solstice Event! (15 min)

– To discuss at Wednesday meeting

9. Lunik Food Expiry Policy (5 min)

– Expiry dates need to be enforced, even if frozen

– If questionable, double check and don’t assume someone else will do it

– If close to expiry date, give them away!

– Naz: make sign for fridge for expiry date

– Soy/Almond/Dairy milk must be marked with date opening (not good within 7 to 10 days)


naz has a self-interested proposition

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