Meeting minutes March 8, 2013


1. Organization of fridge/counter area (10min)

– Back area, fridge and kitchen area has been reorganized; they should stay neat

– Are we gonna do any renovations to the back area of the kitchen? How do we make it flow more?

– We should clean out the clothes; use the other counter side

– We need to start thinking about summer, shelfs are needed, and spaces need to be filled in

– If we clean out the counter area, then we can put up bilingual signs and enforce weekly French days next year

– Make a list of summer to-do things

2. Review of Wednesday meeting – how did we think it went? Continue this? (10min)

– We should make goal lists, then Wednesday meetings will be a checkup of how far we are

– We should have one this upcoming week

– It went well, we should really keep it to 20 minutes

3. AGM (15min)

– Couldn’t contact the auditor again

– Will contact her after this meeting to finalize things

4. Lunik events – potluck – end of year party? (15min)

– Light menu;

– Wendi will make event page

– March 21st, 6:30, $5 recommended ticket price

– We will need volunteers to help set up

– Budget: approx. $150

– Have to make tickets; Naz will make

– Live music would be nice; Brynn, Esther or other Glendon musicians

5. Upcoming events

– Womyn’s Night 28th, 7 – 10 PM

– Upcoming Tuesday: Weather Station; Kaela will make poster for the event
6. Goals for next week and rest of semester (20min)

– Next year’s positions, same model/Glendon integrator  and become more connected to the Glendon/city community

– We’ve become more isolated and cut off from the rest of the campus

– Have a position/representative who reaches out

– There needs to be more communication with other student groups

– Building a community that makes Lunik really become a part of Glendon

– By the end of this month and post next year’s position requirements

7. Pay

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