Meeting Minutes – November 23, 2012

Chair: Wendi

Secretary: Brynn

1. Mood and work updates

– Sarah (Social): facilities (garbage must be taken out, ask Natalia to speak again about having facilities pick up), Radio Glendon launch party (will send proposal)

– Wendi (Finance): issue with lack of volunteers, Transgender Remembrance Day (good), getting volunteers involved (use project board)

– Brynn (Volunteer): Volunteer Appreciation Night meeting, Sweets from the Earth (weekly payments on Mondays, blank cheques will be left), Zara’s (cheque will be left as well)

– Naz (General): facilities e-mail sent, Riot Grrrl and Womyn’s night promotion and “Meet me in the Basement”, Staff Report Doc (due December 31st), Anti-O training (pick date), clubs have received Group Use email, Pro-Tem article done (Natalia made ad) to be sent over weekend, Riot Grrrl playlist (Wendi), Womyn’s Night (project board is effective in promotion, GWTC emailed), we need ink!
Reminders: Next week is pay so fill in tasks, email Wendi stuff that can be framed from our departments (to personal email)

2. Review of new payment system

– Weekly payment

– Blank cheque left

3. December opening days

– Keep kitchen open until everything runs out, and then just tea and coffee

– Next week will be last shipment

– Volunteers opening and closing (leave key in Principal’s office)

– Coordinator schedule opening and closing on Gmail

– Send out three Doodle polls this week (for three exam weeks) – Brynn

4. Riot Grrrl

– liquor: have permit for this week and next (Yonge & Dundas) – Kaela to bring here on Monday (see if it will be available on the weekend)

– some people confused about Riot Grrrl (live music? Tuesday night thing?) – separate facebook page makes it more confusing? (combine with Lunik Late Night page)

– playlist will be made, videos to be projected onto wall

– group painting (art table – Kaela) – set up regularly at Tuesday nights (check stock of brown paper – Kaela to get more)

5. Womyn’s Nights

– emailed GWTC for promotion for event

– Google Doc for planning

– post about the word “womyn” (Kaela and Michelle) with multiple photos of multiple womyn (look! these are all women!)

– Dec. 6, 6:00 pm: start with icebreaker, have suggestion box of topics they want to bring up, keep in one group (start off with big group, and then have a chill session)

– free coffee and tea, set aside extra Zara’s food (big bowl of Pakoras?), set budget ($50.00 – Kaela will buy food) and get finger food (hummus from Bahman!)

– art table (paper and supplies left out – big collage with paint and magazines)

– Naz to work on playlist

6. Anti-O Schedules

– OPIRG replied, can’t come on Fridays, would prefer Monday – Wednesday

– Monday, December 10th (AM, about an hour)

7. Promotion results?

– “Meet me in the basement” very successful

– Next semester: volunteer pictures (like York’s advertising)

– “What is Lunik?” (different answers around the school, mini versions here for those to fill in, those to be posted week after) #whatislunik (twitter responses) – everyone submit answer to Naz to put on posters

8. Volunteer appreciation night

– Wednesday, December 12th evening

– dinner and hangout

– post on facebook, send in email in case anyone has ideas

9. Last meeting?

– Next week is board meeting at 12:30 pm! Natalia should be taking minutes, Kaela is chair.

– Our meeting at 10:30 am (Brynn to chair)

– Each present to board what we have been doing (3-5 minutes) – our roles, how the semester has been

10. To-do lists and progress/updates

– add signing authorities to bank account (audit must be done before changing bank account – should be by the end of the semester)

– fill in Staff Report Doc by December 31st

– buy black ink (Wendi after meeting)

– send point form description of position (or something related to your position) to Wendi by next week

– log pay for next week


Friday, November 30, 2012 at 10:30 am

BOARD MEETING to follow:

Friday, November 30, 2012 at 12:30 pm

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