Proposed Agenda and Minutes – Meeting November 16, 2012 (12:30PM)

Chair: Sarah
Secretary: Wendi

  1. Mood check & updates


  • doing well;
  • keeping the regular training routine;
  • people said good things about post-it


  • doing pretty well;
  • group use email has been sent to Aaron and he will send it to people telling them how the space will be lent out;
  • met with Sarah to frame notes and policies on the walls to let people read and also act as art, will continue doing that;
  • did the post-it campaign, which went well;
  • contract has been finalized


  • doing alright;
  • the sink seems ok;
  • we should make signs saying absolutely no food in the sink;
  • did an ad for Lunik on protem;
  • talked about leave blowing on the terrance;
  • posted about indoor plant drive


  • really annoyed with the suppliers;
  • we need to go over our invoices because they didn’t keep track;
  • more diligence when receiving because we trusted them too much;
  • know how much is in the order and figure out how to pay;
  • have to figure our delivery and receiving;
  • Trouble and Daughter event was awesome, would like to have them here again;
  • no liquor permit for next week;


  • family issues are exhausting;
  • took out the anger by working on Lunik stuff;
  • really grateful to have support from the Lunik team;
  • liquor pickup was fun;
  • all invoices and inventories are up to date;
  • made deposit;


  • things are picking up;
  • talked to Courtney about volunteers for Fall Campus Day;
  • we should have “connections” as incentives instead of just food, shift the incentives a bit;
  • we should have photos of events on the walls to have people connect with this community

2. Monthly Summaries

  • by Dec 31, everyone should write a 250-word summary of their position and what they gained

3. Cheque payments for our deliveries

  • They want to pay every time;
  • they treat us like we’re not trustworthy;
  • won’t accept a term or bi-weekly payment;
  • for now we’ll leave blank cheques signed for the shipment;
  • should we consider other supplier options?;
  • we should have drink and soup options;

4. Review of post-it notes campaign & next campaign idea: COME TO THE BASEMENT

  • Next campaign: we should have flyers around the school saying “meet me in the basement”;
  • should get it started this coming week;
  • get people talking – hashtags on Twitter and Facebook promotions;

5. Riot girl Lunik night

  • Keep it on a Tuesday – Nov. 27
  • huge playlist of feminist punk bands;
  • have a screen playing their music videos;
  • we will have a liquor permit;
  • we should start promotion starting next week;

6. Women’s night at Lunik

  • collaborate with women and trans centre;
  • maybe we organize and they promote;
  • on a Thursday night before the end of this semester;
  • we should strive to have this once a month;
  • proposed day: Dec. 6;
  • free coffee and tea;
  • minimum donation of a dollar;

7. Lunik opening dates in December

  • We should open until the 21th;
  • just having open and close by volunteers;
  • have to add names to the list of people who can have the key from the principle’s office

8. Framing Lunik Educational Things (submit from each department)

  • each department should submit something to get them framed;
  • ie) framing why we should volunteer and bank statements;
  • get them submitted to Naz in the next 2 weeks

9. To-do list

  • Brynn; Frame volunteer stuff; look at draft; make doodle and send
  • Naz: promote riot girl night and women’s night
  • Sarah: another blog post (band night);
  • Wendi: print out stuff on Google doc; do blog on post-it;
  • Kaela: make videos for both events
  • Volunteer appreciation Lunik family dinner for the end of the semester
  • somehow get them involved in this.. set up a meeting to organize this with volunteers
  • need an SOP for it to share liquor
  • Trouble and Daughter late night for Dec 4

10. Clean-up schedule

  • This week: Issa’s (from recruitment) getting the floor mopped on Saturday;
  • the bands playing today will be cleaning up;
  • so Sarah and Wendi will clean up next week;
  • check draft in G-Doc regarding cleanup;

11. Pay

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