Meeting Minutes November 9, 2012

Date: November 9, 2012
Time: 1:10 pm
Attendance: Kaela, Naz, Wendi, Brynn, Sarah

Chair: Naz
Secretary: Sarah


– Wendi’s making a video to put up on the Lunik YouTube channel to show what our general meetings are like

Space maintenance
– Plumber came in and put in solution into the drain – DO NOT USE SINK OVER THE WEEKEND
– Garbage: we can leave the garbage out at the bottom of the stairs (right outside the cafe door) and it will be picked up – Do this WHENEVER IT GETS FULL
– In January, we can put in a service request to get the garbage from the back room cleared

– Don’t touch the breakers or your face might melt off

The outreach campaign
– out-reach through ProTem – something for next month!
– everyone take some stamped post-its today!
– the guerrilla marketing blitz early next week
– Tuesday mega-poster advertisement night

December opening hours
– the cafe will be open as a social/study space
– food will be sold on honour system with an obvious price list
– if Lunik volunteers want to keep the cafe open past regular hours to study they can be the designated closer


– More promo for our next Late-night Lunik because the band TROUBLE AND DAUGHTER IS COMING
– post their music online

– Selling whole tea boxes: once we find out how much we can sell them for we can sell them like our bags of coffee 😀

– Door to the back room – get the drill in to put on the hinges and attach the door

– More advertising and raising awareness about the volunteer opportunity

Key access system for volunteers opening the cafe
– Make a list of volunteers to give to the office upstairs so they can access it when a coordinator is unable to open the cafe in the morning.

Weekly clean up
– Checklist doc online – Brynn doing this week


Chair – Sarah
Secretary – Wendi

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