Lunik <3

Lunik is a space open to all students ten(!) hours a day, 10am – 8pm (and 11pm on Tuesday’s). Through the hard work and determination of many Glendonites, Lunik is operating for (only!) it’s second year on campus. Lunik is a co-op, a type of business model completely different then a “typical” model. Rather than being run on the premise of aiming to maximize profits by extracting the most amount of money from “customers”, we are run by our members for our members. As a co-operative, running Lunik and providing more services for Glendon is possible only through the involvement and dedication of the community. With more and more people involved, the better and better we function as an alternative space to study and spend time with other community members on campus!


Lunik’s mandate:

The Lunik Co-operative strives to increase food options for the Glendon College community by providing environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable alternatives. Lunik is an equitable and inclusive common space that is democratically governed by its members in accordance with its Safe Space Policy.

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