Welcome back Glendon!

Hello and welcome back to school!

Since our co-ordinator positions will not be decided on until next Friday we will not be opening up officially until September 17th. We will keep you updated on our website, Facebook and twitter about opening hours! Make sure you check out our post about co-ordinator positions if you are interested in Lunik and have the time for a part-time job this year.

Just a note to all clubs or students hoping to host events at Lunik in September:

If your group/club would like to use Lunik for a meeting anytime after September 17th, contact us at lunik.cooperative@gmail.com to book our new group meeting tables.

At the moment however, we do not have the capacity for anymore special event intakes because of all the tasks we need to get in order for a solid relaunch of Lunik and smooth sailing for second year. We will not be doing anymore event intakes for September [unless your club had approached us prior to this decision].

As we are using September to complete projects in the physical space, planning a semi-annual where we need to pass all aspects of the framework for Lunik which we see as incredibley important before we move into doing any events, finish our hiring process for coordinator positions, and set up a new council and volunteer model, we will hold off on hosting anymore events until October. Around this is time is also when we will officially relaunch the space.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

Also if you wish to host an event in the future, please go to our website and view the Group Use Policy as well as the Safe Space Policy to be familiar with our event guidelines.

Thanks everyone and we look forward to seeing you all soon!!

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