Blog: Trouble & Daughter and Late-night Tuesdays at Lunik

Recently, the amazing acoustic trio Trouble & Daughter were at Lunik!

Less is more: our flyers for the event – from my Instagram

They played at our recent Late-night Tuesdays at Lunik event, where we’re open until 11:30 pm with local and organic beer and wine ($4).

When Naz and I went around campus to hand out our flyers for the event, most people gave us a polite but doubtful “okay, thanks!” An hour later, the cafe was crowded and it looked as though our face to face promotions were effective.

Awesome vibes in the cafe… – taken by Natalia

The show was filmed, and we’re working on getting that up some time… in the meanwhile you should check out their website, YouTube, and bandcamp.

Late-night Tuesdays at Lunik are our versions of pub nights, a chill cafe atmosphere much like what it’s like during the day except with dimmer lights and local wine and beer. Sometimes we have a main event and sometimes we don’t. They’re decided on a week to week basis so check back on our website and follow our Twitter to keep up with what we’re planning!

Local and organic beer and wine at our Late-night Tuesdays | from my Instagram
A Late-night Tuesday on the night of the US elections – we streamed it live in the cafe!

– Sarah

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