Meet Our Coffee Farmer: Gus at Lunik Tuesday Oct. 9th 6pm

Hey! Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend and sunny Monday in Toronto! We are super excited to be hosting our coffee farmer, Gus Santos, tomorrow October 9th at 6pm for a special presentation. We’ve had relatively short notice to plan and advertise our event so we decided to document the process to share online.  We’ve already posted three videos you can check out here :

Part I

Part II:

Part III:

We will be filming the event tomorrow evening and posting more videos soon!

So remember! Tomorrow Oct.9th, 6pm with beer and wine for 19+ served until 11.30pm @ Lunik Co-op!

There will be our coffee farmer, Gus. There will be free coffee. There will be free food. There will be drinks for purchase. There will be conversations about coffee. There will be Glendon Alumni and Ethical Coffee Co-op founders Yoani Kuiper and Adam King. There will be fun. There will be learning. THE END.

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