Sept 19th Update

What's Happening at Lunik?!

Hello everyone!

School is back in full swing and we are excited to announce our new co-ordinator and chair positions! Thank you to everyone who applied for the positions and we hope to work with everyone interested in being involved with Lunik this year. The final decision for the applications was made by Aaron Doupe (member of our Board of Incoorporators and Manager of Student Affairs). Here are the new staff positions at Lunik :

Co-ordinators: Nazampal Jaswal and Kaela Greenstien

Social Chair: Sarah Yu

Volunteer Chair: Brynn Leger

Environmental Chair: Natalia Jakubek

Financial Chair: Wendi Yuan

We are all super excited to be working at Lunik Co-op this year and to make our second year open our best yet! 😛

Our new staff will be meeting on Friday and we will update you soon with more info about Lunik.

A lot of you are keen to start volunteering and put Lunik to good use! Now that we have established our staff positions, we will be able to start fully accommodating regular opening hours, volunteers, event bookings etc.

Super important info for anyone interested in volunteer at Lunik!

We will be holding two official volunteer info and training meetings on Sept 24th at 12.30pm and Sept 25th at 11am. Both of the meetings will have the same info, you only need to come to one! These two meetings will have all the new info you need for volunteer. Make sure you come out! And remember, volunteers get points and points = free food!

Thank you for everyone’s patience as we work out setting up for our second year on campus! We hope to see everyone soon at Lunik for some ethical coffee and vegan muffins 🙂 !


Opening hours tomorrow, Sept 20th will be 11am until 6pm.

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