Meeting 14, 2012

0. Secret Santa

Mood Check in:

Sarah: seeing peeps, saw Hobbit
Natalia: Saw senior Councillor, got paper extensions, feeling better, next term one course, job hunting. Can take on physical work for the space 
Naz: cool
Wendi: finished third exam, no magical blessing re: snow white question. Meeting next week with Aaron and kaela re: research at york grant. Meeting with Sarah to fiiiilm cuz wendi is a youtube starrrrr. One year
brynn: caroling,

1. Reflection
Womyn’s Night:

really like it, well attended. kept going (10-12)
-very conversational
Next one end of january

December Opening
-people took care of the services
-people aren’t expecting it to be open
-sparse but good

-good overall
-Next semester: we need to be careful about events

2. Over the Break Tasks:

-send naz reflection: Google Drive
Physical stuff (natalia): round table on counter top, get shelves for tea (storage), flora stuff; epoxy tables, Sarah and Wendi general clean up
-Wendi is framing stuff
-Naz: Group Proposal form

3. January Opening:
Advertise during break for opening
Jan 15: late night tuesdays” Plan over the break

4. Volunteer Appreciation Alternatives
– E-Card sent out by Brynn
– Thank you candy things

5. Fridge issues
-nothing wrong with it?
-when kaela and natalia are here they will call him

5. Pay

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