Minutes: Jan 18 2013

1. Mood check/updates
2. Events
a. review of open mic late night Tuesday
-More with the GCSU? Once a month – collaborations on Late Night Tues
Tuesday 22nd: Disco Night
b. review of Glendon Bazaar
-Sold 2 items yesterday: 2hours; talked to people and gave out pins – good job Brynn
-Friday: didn’t happen
c. upcoming events updates:
Casino Night: Jan 25th 9pm-1am
Bar tending:
d. Womyn’s Night
Good to go! Jan 26, 2013 6.15-10.00
e. Valentines Day event with Trouble & Daughter?
Need Confirmation: Feb 12
Open: Brynn and Max
3. French Days at Lunik
-Promote french in Lunik and create a welcoming environment to speak french
-French Only day
-Aaron can try to volunteer and send out newsletter
-Project french movies
-Have signs with keywords in french
Aim for Jan. 24th
4. Lunik Outreach
GOAL: Each of us talk to 5 strangers about Lunik. Late Night and Womyn’s Nite
Make T-Shirt: Ask Michael the artist to do screening, buy shirts at Good Will
a. Lunik My Time
Wendi – will send photos to Kaela
Send a
b. future campaign ideas/schedule
c. Using Glendon Annonce
Separate network for admin and faculty – we need to take advt.
Must be billingual
Kaela will do the message

6. Food orders from ONFC:
Natalia and Kaela will work on this
Will be order today

Sprouts! – Natalia has started this, once grown they will be on the counter

Appliances: Ready! Just need to wait for supplies

March Equinox Dinner!!

7. Cleaning schedule for next week: Kaela and Wendi

Card kept on campus

Next week: Naz will work on group proposal; Switch roles for a week.

website: Sarah will take this on

Next meeting: Friday
Chair: Naz

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