First Coordinators’ Meeting

September 21, 2012

Brynn : Volunteer Chair
Sarah : Social CHair
Wendi: Financial Chair
Natalia: Environment & Facilities Chair
Kaela: Co-Coordinator
Nazampal: Co-Coordinator

1. Introductions – ok we all sort of know each other! How about doing a group photo/individual photos and spending 10 minutes to work in pairs and write brief descriptions of ourselves for the website?

Pair Bios: on website

2. Review General Expectations and Agreements for the positions
Notes on google docs:
-Basic Expectations on Google docs

-Coordinators: look into conflict resolution training – talk to David

General Agreement – sign off on next meeting
-drafted by kaela and edited by all

3. Discuss/Brainstorm how we want to co-ordinate everyone’s positions working together and weekly/biweekly meetings
-organize volunteers/committees
-credit system on case by case

Financial – 6hrs
-Update weekly
-Use a cash register
-have students make a deposit to use Lunik appliances
-Fundraising for community projects
ie. sale from disposable cups; selling old clothes

Short term for Next Week
-Update spreadsheets
-Work on a system of keeping track
-Work in inventory

-Changes to bank account and signing authority (the following week)

Volunteer Chair – 6hrs
-Network with students and recruit
-Consist volunteers
-Have people understand the space

Short Term:
-Volunteer Training
-Restock kitchen
-Volunteer sign up system
-Establish openers/closing
-Keys cut
-Get the names and faces of coordinators out
-FLyers around the school
-Create a volunteer doc
-Print of Volunteer Handbook (naz can do this on saturday and leave it behind the counter)
-dealing with influx of people who want to volunteer
-Opening Hours 10am-8pm as a space. 11-3pm- kitchen open
-Kaela will do posters; We can put it up (Naz on Saturday)
-Advertsie volunteer training and opening hours.

Social Space 6hrs
-Following the job description
-System for event intakes: contract, email AND meeting personally
-Online all the time- social media promotion
-connect with GCSU on alternative-to-pub events
-Put up calendar for clubs meetings
-Dealing with requests already
-Plan a coordinator’s night

-Organize backroom and create a office space

4. Presentation of each person’s goals for 2012/13

5. Work out to-do lists

6. Tuesday Night Pub Nights
Are we still keeping/continuing this?
Yes we are still continuing

This Tuesday: Nat and Kaela on bar, facebook promote

Next Meeting:
Chaired by Naz, Sept. 27th; 6.30pm

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