We want to buy some cups!

Hey y’all. Last year we had a lot of requests for to-go cups so we’ve been looking into compostable eco-friendly options. There’s a number of good options out there so now it’s time for you to tell us what you think! Here are some links to options we are looking at but if you have another brand/source, let us know! As these cups add an extra expense, we are strongly considering offering coffee to-go at a set price and ‘for here’ cups as “pay-what-you-can”. What do you think?

Leave you comments bellow or email us at lunik.cooperative@gmail.com.


“Tired of high maintenance regular hot cups? Just say no to double cups, excess foam insulation and extra waste. Check out our cleverly designed insulated hot cups that don’t need sleeves, extra cups, or winter gloves to handle. Best of all, the polylactic acid (PLA) lining in these cups is made from corn, not oil. So you can compost these babies when you are done. Easy, right?!”


Plain White, compostable. Option of custom logo.



Brown insulated cups from Inigo


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