June 29th meeting notes

Present: Peter, Naz + Kaela


pay structure

how should we make the pay system work?

Must input hours into the system within 72hours most desireable is enter them directly after work is completed.

Have an open call to pay near the end of each meeting

Present the hours group, vote on whether to pass the pay and the quorum will %50 + 1 person

Discus the dispute in the meeting to see if we can resolve it

If unresolved, contact impartial mediator (Aaron Duppe)

Kaela: via Natalia, should we put up personal bios on website?

Are you involved with Lunik in any way? We need your bio!

-directly message volunteers to put up personal descriptions

Peter: Should we have hookahs?

Yes! Peter has one, and lets ask Tristan about getting some from Palestine.

Does anyone have a hookah they want to share with Lunik for the warm months? 


Bylaws- set up a subgroup to discus the bylaws.

Set up a structured document of how co-ops work and how specifically Lunik’s co-operative works.

We should have a retreat to have a concrete mission statement and bylaws solidification possibly at Brickworks?

Propose 21+22, 26+27, 28+29, and have a BBQ sleepover at Lunik.

Name of this retreat: Retreat for the vision of Lunik.

Step 1: Doodle poll for the dates – Kaela will email this today and ask if Saturday is good for the next meeting, official date to be announced at next meeting.

Goals for the retreat:

-Inform everyone on how the co-op works and have a comprehensive document for how Lunik works already prepared to use as a teaching aid

-Concrete vision and mission statement

2012/2013 vision for that specific school, the limitations, and what is available to us during this school year

Working out a complete and new volunteer model system

Work on these platforms and each present our information for these two topics for our next meeting.

Look into having Darryl as a presenter.


-Kaela will go to the library, to check if we have any table bases available. We will use 7 of the bases we already have. Peter will borrow a screw drill.

We need large measuring cups for the resin

Lets do the bases and reisin on Thursday

CHANGE OPENING: Let’s make it open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 11.30-5.30

Closing up: We need a document for closing up **Kaela**

Should we change the bank account? Look into credit union options **Kaela**(Alterna at Keele?)





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