July 06, 2012

Present: Dani-Emma, Kaela, Peter, Naz

Pay Structure
-Need to differentiate clearly between people., maybe thicker line or separate sheets

Have rotating chair of meetings, who should be next week. Do you feel we are properly advertising the meetings?
-eliminate hierarchy!
Next week Peter is chair

Buying the wine off Lunik.
-We will sell wine in bottles, $5.00 a bottle

Bar countertop options, $500 barn wood, collaging etc
Need to figure out how to mount wood/frame on to glass
-Will use barn wood for bar top

More details for the retreat. Discus.
Thursday 26 to Friday 27

Tasks for 7 principles of a co-operative
We’ve allocated the principles to each of the directors
-find an artistic way to display principles

Deadline for bio’s
Photo; program; brief and short description of what Lunik means to you
Deadline: July 30st.

YU Connect
-Lunik should be connected on this network as well.

Kitchen Update:
-figuring out plumbing first

Let’s make lights!
-Kitchen tracks should be replaced and require bright, enough lights
Look at what materials we have and begin organizing stuff.
-approx. $10.00 per light.

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