Updates from June 3rd 2012

Hi Lunik’tics,

Hope your summer is going as well as ours over here at Lunik Co-op. We’ve got lots of great plans in the works and want to share them with you! As you know, we held an open application process for summer positions. The hiring decision of the committee is as follows:

Co-director(s) Garden: Natalia Jakubek, Danni Emma

Co-director facilities: Peter Poulos

Co-director Social: Naz Jaswal

Co-director Principle: Kaela Greenstien

We held a meeting yesterday, Sunday June 2nd with all of our co-directors as well as volunteer, Emily.

Here’s what we discussed at our meeting:

Garden – Dani will continue to be the official garden water-er and will be looking into planting trees, work with the garden workshop and finding out about the stone work tripping hazzard.

– Kitchen work! Peter will be researching different options and pricing for work in the kitchen. Hopefully by Friday we will have a few different plans to present for kitchen work. Ideas include, dishwasher (removing old one/selling, bringing in new one), how to use the stainless steel counters, seeing if the fridge motor can get working again, cupboard options, appliance removal options. Will be working with Kaela for researching and plan presentations.

– Naz and Kaela will flyer the school and let students know about summer opening hours. Hours will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11.30am-5.30pm for the month of June. Will be looking into the various options for chairs and tables in Lunik and bringing in artists/students to help us work on various projects. Recruiting student volunteers on campus and working on a structured, volunteers system of training and sign-up.

– Meetings will be held bi-weekly with a check-in email with all of our co-directors on Fridays of non-meeting weeks. An hour tracking system will be established for us to track and post all of our work completed in the past week to be evaluated for compensation and to post to the website.

WHAT YOU CAN DO! If you have any ideas/want to help with any of the following, leave a comment!

-A floor plan idea that could maximize the amount of available seating in Lunik? We want your ideas for lay-outs!

-Kitchen, unique ideas for cupboards and countertops are needed! We want to bring in some interesting, recycled/second hand materials to make our kitchen look all spiffy!

-CONVOCATION! Do you want to help us throw an awesome, laid back convocation Lunik event? We would love to hear your ideas and need your help!


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