Late Night Tuesdays

First late night: MARCH 6th : 6PM – 11PM

Every Tuesday night until the end of the semester!

Spend your Tuesdays hanging out at your favourite spot on campus, the Lunik co-op!

Join us every Tuesday night for all your favourite Lunik snacks : vegan cupcakes and muffins (that taste better than a regular ones!), DIY PB+J sandwiches, NUTELLA (!!!), chocolate (like the really good dark stuff), brownies and cake (cake cake cake! ), tea and coffee to keep you up all night!

Want something more to do? We’ll have table set-up with all the crayons, felts, paint and paper your inner child could desire. Bring out your hidden inner artist and create your grand masterpiece… or just colour between the lines of a colouring book! We’ll also have a few extra games out (Jenga anyone?) and our projector up!

***Want to help out with late nights? Come to our meeting March 6th at 2pm to discus what you can do! If your busy at that time, feel free to come by anytime on Tuesday and ask for Kaela or leave us a comment. We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions Late Night Lunik!***

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