A little about Lunik

The Lunik Co-op is made by students, for students.

Notice how cheap our coffee and teas are? Lunik is made by students and always has students in mind. Rather than forcing everyone to pay the same marked up price, we let you choose how much you are able and willing to contribute back to your student café. All we ask is that you cover the basic costs ($.50 for tea/coffee) and after that, it’s pay-what-you-can.

As a Glendon student, you are automatically a member of the Lunik Co-operative. What is a co-op….?

“[Co-operatives] are community-based organizations that care not only about the bottom lines of their businesses, but about the needs of their members and the quality of life in their communities. The primary purpose of co-operatives and credit unions is to meet the common needs of their members, whereas the primary purpose of most investor-owned businesses is to maximize profit for shareholders….”  Canadian Co-operatives Association

We are run by student volunteers. Get involved with the Glendon community, have your voice heard and make a difference! Check out the “volunteer info” part of our website!

Lunik is your home on campus- we even ask you to wash your own dishes!

        www.lunikcoop.com   @Lunikcoop         FB: Lunik Co-op

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